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Notes from a Spiritual School, 1278. Very specific incidents are the underlying sources of so-called free-floating anxiety. If you can imagine the content of such a memory, the fear vanishes. What are you afraid of? The proof you are right is that the fear vanishes.

1279. Memories can be laid in in nonobvious ways. For instance, if you say, "Hey, Nigger!" to a black man, he can get angry not just because it's bad to make fun of someone on account of his race — His own parents may have scared him and called him a nigger, so a large part of the anger is towards his own parents.

1280. The buried memories aren't just bad ones. For instance, the black hair of a childhood dog may be very significantly confused with your mother's hair color.

1281. For a therapist to set himself up as a person who "helps" other people is to court certain disaster. A therapist pays attention to another person; a person helps himself.

1282. A person can be no kinder to another person that he is to himself: To be kind to yourself is to be honest; to be kind to another person is to not make them work (by not bringing things up in them).

1283. Scratch a "lonely" person and you will find someone who is following orders, who is doing exactly what his parents trained him to do: an extension of "Don't play with Johnnie down the street," to "Don't play with anyone."

1284. There is nothing wrong in money spent for your own happiness.


Letter to Amoret, 11 September 1999.

Hi Saturday Amoret!

I'm going to take a little nap. I'm working on stargate38 today, especially because I felt a little hurt this morning. Here's the insult I heard, "This guy is great!" [in a mocking tone of voice]. He had asked me how much I had spent at a restaurant last night (treating myself) and when I honestly told him, he said, "This guy is great!"

The responses I'm going to start with are, "—Clean slate!" and "—Don't ever do anything halfway!"

Ciao, Richard

Letter from Amoret, 11 September 1999.

Reading that e-mail kind of made me feel bad. Yuck, hurt, wounded, a little sad.

Did I tell you about my movie idea. It was a movie where someone was actually able to go back in time and respond to comments the way he wished he could have. Almost always, I have these wonderful imaginary conversations of how I say things back, and they really empower me. Anyway in this movie the guy gets to go back and then it is a time laps thing jumping back and forth and showing how the future changes.

Take care bro love Amoret


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