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Notes from a Spiritual School, 2033. When you are in a double bind, you want to get along with someone but they are attacking you — for instance, "So you don't come to see me until I'm sick!" — respond immediately with, "Do you like me?" If they say no, then leave!

2334. Remember that a lot of people use meanness and gruffness as a cover-up.

2035. Always treat people as if there is nothing wrong with them. If any part of yourself tells you there is something wrong with you, TELL IT TO SHUT UP. That is the disease, the only thing wrong with you — that you tell yourself there is something wrong with you. Then the only kinds of people who come around you are like your family. They reinforce the wound that you think something is wrong with you.

2037. Even if you are in some condition — say, working through some anger — there is nothing wrong with you. You are human!

2038. Any big person who hits a little person is dogshit.

2039. Anyone who calls someone a name that is not their name is either Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse.

2040. There's no need to get on someone's good side. Be on your own side, If they like you, they like you. If they don't, they don't.


(Dream) I'm not allowed to write down the dream I just had, and instead have more dreams to bury the earlier ones.

I can't believe the friends I have! Every waking minute is scheduled with a movie — an old, old movie, a rare movie, a great movie, an obscure movie. The one they want me to see now must have been made in the 'forties — lots of innuendo.

I have a glimpse of something folded over something I'm not supposed to see. (Fin)

(Whisper voice, as I lay on my bed having visions)

/ /// // // The guy's anxious to get back. // // /// //

(Vision) I look up at the well closing above me. (Fin)

(Vision) I see a car on top of what can only be a gigantic pane of invisible glass. As I watch, it folds up its wheels and becomes a rocket ship which shoots off to the left. (Fin)

(Vision) I see a glass display cabinet filled with gold (on the right) and silver treasure (on the left) (Fin)

(Vision) The glass pane on the right is beginning to fill up with rough, murky water. (Fin)


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