"I've Got Moxie's Disease! — Fast Verbal Comebacks — from taxi1010.com"


Under the Celestial Dome

The patients are running the Asylum — What can you do?

In the last fifteen years we've created 88 individual clinics for them ... They don't know they're in separate rooms, much less an Asylum!

We're treating them for classical symptoms, you know, the standard ... guilt, depression, boredom, the cumulative affects of being "slain by the mundane" ... We'd like to teach them how to avoid the discount-revenge cycle altogether, and we're making some progress!

It's best to act like them.

We've prepared a deck of "playing cards" to help ease the tension.

You'll feel a little disoriented at first, though you'll undoubtedly make more progress than that damn taxi driver did!

I don't know how we ever let him in her. Here! I meant to say, "here."