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Notes from a Spiritual School, 1285. Sometimes people can trick you into believing that they are more important than you are.

1286. Office. "Whatever it is you want me to do, write it down and sign your name to it."

1287. My parents taught me how to avoid seeing when another person hurt me.

1288. In intimacy many people sacrifice their individuality and become enmeshed in each other's gears.

1289. Rule for getting along: always paint another person against a big sky.

1290. One kind of person can hit you over the head and not mind if you like yourself or not; another person can feel resentment if you like yourself.

1291. Avoiding a fear or the memory of a bad experience can seem the same as giving yourself approval, but they are quite different experiences. Some people stay with other people just to avoid feeling a certain way.

1292. A cartoon in Punch shows a man, all depressed and with a devil on his shoulder, going into therapist's office. On the way out he's all happy, and the little devil is on a bicycle.

1293. Your feelings and sensations carry a lot of beliefs. You believe your feelings and sensations are you. The way out is to verbalize the beliefs to take the burden away from your feelings and sensations. Eventually, your useless shell will fall away by itself.

1294. If you believe you can't live without your fears, hurts and anxieties, you're in big trouble.

1295. Not many people have the courage to go public with their insanity: that they are crazy, mean, spiteful and selfish. But that's the only way out of the shell.

1296. The only thing is, you'll never be President that way, and have to work eighteen hours a day.


(Dream) I know this Black man. I tell him so. "Last time you were in my cab, you came out of that restaurant," I tell him, "and I even took notes." I show him my notebook.

I ask him for further recommendations, because when you meet someone from New Orleans, you better take note.

"There is another restaurant," he tells me, "and it's about six blocks due South."

I decide to take a streetcar, though everything has changed.

My first ride is extraordinarily successful. I swing up onto the upper deck and empty my cartons of frozen French fries in a corner of the brand-new wooden platform.

Things don't go so well my second ride. For one thing, new rules are in place which I haven't figured out yet. Well, if I'm not allowed to bring them through the gate, I'll just climb up the side of the train the way I did last time.

I get all my French fries dumped on a huge pile and then for some reason the train doesn't stop where it's supposed to.

Shit! We're going back!

When we get back to the Northern station, I have to meet with an unhappy White lady official.

"There's nothing against the law about what I did," I tell her. "I'm just trying to transport a little nourishment."

The French fries, I realize, are not in their cartons (Why did I throw them away?) and in the sunshine, they're going to melt.

I finally figure out what this delay is all about. She's waiting for someone form the Department of Public Health.

God, I should have seen it coming! This isn't about money. They're going to pretend the floor, in that particular corner, is dirty. (Fin)


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