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Patient refers to it as stargate-one-oh

A Cajoler.2






—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—Many others!

—Anything else? The towel?




Question-Begging Epithets — Emotionally loaded words, controversial phrases, name calling, dyslogistic language (conveying censure), or eulogistic (complimentary) language invites someone to prejudge the issues simply by our choice of words. Charged-up emotions brought about by prejudicial language can conceal the relevant facts.





[3rd party interference] - Dumb people pretend they know everything. They're afraid to appear to be stupid, to ask simple questions. The smart people are always asking questions.

The Age of Domination, ages 0-3




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"He was a charlatan."

—In solidarity. At its heart!

The secret protects itself ... Earned achievement leads to happiness ... You don't know how much trust matters until it's not there – It's hard to repair ... If you hold a question now, someday you will realize you have lived into the answer.

"You two should have a conversation." [From a "high-maintenance" beauty to two of her suitors]

—Many others!

—I just listen ... It's less trouble, actually ... Nothing forced is ever beautiful.

"What are you thinking?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—You tell me first.

"Thanks for thinking about me." [From one of the school's "mean girls."]

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—Staring at people does not produce food ... It's not how you look at other people – It's how you look at yourself.

"I know what you're thinking."

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—It's just what you're cooking up to torture yourself.

"What do you do, drive around all day thinking?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—What do you want to ruin your life having fun for?


—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—Just one thing leads to another.

"Now you can get back to thinking big thoughts."

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—There's a lot of them – There always have been.

"Who's your daddy?"

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—Very awkward.

"Where did you buy it?"

—Many others!

—You think I was wasting my time? ... An arm and a leg for walking in ... The competition is fierce ... From out of nowhere! ... Out of this world ... The things you own end up owning you.

"Thank you for that lesson."

—Anything else? The towel?

—Harvard men are best at this.

"How come you have so much stuff?"

—Many others!

—It must have been my mother – She has syphilis.

"Are you going to B or to 1?"

—Anything else? The towel?

—I never let anyone push my buttons.

"Nobody wants to see you naked."

—Anything else? The towel?

Sure thing ... How can you dump someone if you can't see them?

"I have never loved you and I want a divorce."

—Many others!

—The movie generation ... If it isn't in a movie, it doesn't exist ... You really are mixed up ... Just don't tell me where you're going ... Don't tell anyone where you're going ... The unpopular side ... Because everything's wrong with me.

"Doesn't it seem as if Chelsea is sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?" (–MSNBC correspondent David Shuster)

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—It's one of the things that'll bring peace to the world.

[Someone trying to make you a laughingstock]

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—Do you feel better?

"I told Ricky to watch the puppy!"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—I just got home from school!

"I told you to watch the puppy, and Jimmy ran over it – It's dead."

—Many others!

—Don't blame me ... You did it! I didn't kill the dog! You did it!

"Earlier in the day, though, he said that his reasons for wanting to extend his term 'should be self-evident.'" [Referring to New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, as reported in The New York Times]

—Many others!

—Everyone's a part of it.

"I would never undermine your authority in front of clients because that would be messing with your masculinity."

—Anything else? The towel?

—You can't, because your shoes are too big.

"I shouldn't have dogs."

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—What kind of life is that?

"You have no idea what you're talking about."

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—You'll see.

"You have no life."

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—You know, if you don't do anything, you get weaker and weaker ... Lebanon means, The Land of Milk and Honey.

"Richard, people are different and they all have their own way – You can't push your way on them or tell them what to do."

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—I'm not going to talk about it anymore – Why should I give away pearls? ... Oh, look at all those colors! ... I'm not taking this seriously ... It's hopeless ... It's a virus talking about an elephant ... People only feel bad when they're not themselves ... A lot of what you feel is not ... It's what you imitated when you were a child ... I know I'm not always right ... Two people with mean mothers are not going to have a very nice time together ... "I'm not a pimple on your ambition and you shouldn't squeeze me." ... We should avoid these ends by avoiding these beginnings ... People incorporate wholesale the entire personality of the one they think is the most powerful ... One Jesus is enough ... If you imitate anyone else, you'll be you ... They have a name for it ... Monkeys is the craziest people! ... In the old days people had a lot of fun calling each other names ... You just have to let yourself ... You're my kind of artist! ... If you're near the sun, you can grow ... Like a thief that comes in the night.

"He's probably too eccentric for the corporate world."

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—We'd know normal if we saw it, wouldn't we?

"He's weird because he only wants one kid."

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—Nobody has any money.

"You're not as patriotic as I am because you're not anti-French."

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—Don't hate the players – Hate the game!

"How much do people pay for rent around here?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—I don't think it matters ... Maybe you don't have to know any of that. [Also see, Boredom]

"How much do YOU pay for rent?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—You can't move in!

"How much rent do you pay?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—You don't even have to be there ... Never buy horses!

"Sam, why do you have a basket on the front of your bike like a little girl?"

—Many others!

—That's what YOU say.

"You should stay away from that stuff! That stuff turns to formaldehyde."

—Many others!

—Oh, at least.

"I don't know who my dad is porking now; he's always porking someone."

—Many others!

—It's like wrestling with a maniac!

["Aaaaa-CHOO!" "Oh, you've got a cold?"] "Just a little dandruff flying by."

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—You can have all the fun you want with it.

"Who isn't flawed?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—You're not.

"Virginia, why don't you get that?" [Rotating European toilet seat]

—Anything else? The towel?

—It would be criminal to waste my life that way.

"Don't you want to buy one?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—You can get away with anything when you're old.

"Did you buy it new?"

—Many others!

—You don't need anything.

"I don't really buy it."

—Many others!

—You don't have to.

"You bought it used?"

—Many others!

—More money to manage, huh?

["They're totally addicted to them." (Their dog treats)] "So, you are feeding an addiction."

—Many others!

—A pain in the ass!

"How much do you pay him, one or two dollars?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—I've decided I'm never going to talk about money, and I'm never going to hear about it – Gee, that's really great.

"That's all right – It's only two dollars."

—Anything else? The towel?

—Like a buried treasure that never loses its luster.

"I'm not accusing you of anything."

—Many others!

—It's taken for granted.

"Are you sure you didn't drop it on the floor?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—It's hard to believe, isn't it?


—Anything else? The towel?

—And if they don't do it right, scold them!

"Why don't you sell your house and buy a house together?"

—Anything else? The towel?

—How could someone live a whole life and only know one thing? – Say no more! – I forbid you to talk about my property.

"Hey, Boris, you're going to die, man!"

—Anything else? The towel?

—Emerging into the sunlight.

"Unhappy with your shortcomings?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—They're nothing!

"Your little white dog is beginning to be a problem."

—Anything else? The towel?

—I do everything people tell me not to do.

"Hey, Daryl, you're holding the newspaper upside down!"

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—I feel this incessant chatter about nothing is worthless.

"You should comb your hair, Peter."

—Anything else? The towel?

—Either way you win.

[Someone giving you a partial view down their blouse]

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—There's no rush.

"Sorry for the spill!"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—It's like perfume to me.

"You should wax your eyebrows."

—Anything else? The towel?

—The next lesson is hair pulling – How to pull hair and scream.

"What are you trying to do to me?"

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—Are you trying to stifle my creativity?

"You assume too much."

—Many others!

—It looks like you walked into a good deal, but you never know!

"Thanks for telling me that."

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—Past a certain point you can't.

"You're not listening to me, lady – I'm telling you what to do!"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—What a relief.

"And by the way, it's going to cost you seventy-five dollars to replace that ticket."

—Anything else? The towel?

—I'll bet you!

"Happy birthday!"

—Anything else? The towel?

—It was so nice when I was little.

"I hope my singing didn't scare you away."

—Many others!

—We lucked out this year!

"Just assume I never said that."

—Many others!

—You're important, too, you know.

"Oh, get over it!"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—Things are disguised.

"You're lucky you weren't disbarred."

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—They can't get your goat if they don't know where it's tied.

"Stop hovering."

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—Any more butterflies of hate fluttering from level to level?

"Why are you so annoying all the time?"

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—Who wants to go and dress like a goat?

"You know what? You're bugging me."

—Anything else? The towel?

—So do you still believe everything your mind tells you?

"We think we might know what you're TRYING to say."

—Many others!

—It changes things sometimes.

"Gun owners are the new niggers of society."

—Many others!

—"Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people." (–P. T. Barnum)

"What do you do about it, in a nutshell?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—Never start fights with rich guys! ... We never do.

"Somebody's taking that cash box! Call the police! Call the police!"

—Many others!

—They've been trained to be told what's right and wrong.

"Ritchie Junior here!" [Asking you to go along with an oblique insult]

—Many others!


"The assholes are winning."

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—How do you like that? – They're full of shit!

"Fucking dickless wonder!"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—So nuts, aren't they?

"I want a divorce."

—Anything else? The towel?

—We should throw a party! We should throw a no diapers party!

"I'm getting a divorce."

—Anything else? The towel?

—You're a very nice person.

"Let's get a divorce."

—Anything else? The towel?

—There's something nice about that, too.

"Why don't you masturbate before you go to work?"

—Anything else? The towel?

—Think of the potential.

"Do Italian women use dried salamis to masturbate?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—It's the last thing you want to think about.

"How dare you owners be so happy!"

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—Some people are chosen.

"What kind of car do you have now?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—I'm in charge of it – You don't have to worry anymore.

"You only have a million."

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—The blues will make you happy, too.

"You don't even have a life."

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—It pays to be an evil genius when you're on the web.

"You can't have it all."

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—It's really not that much, is it?

"Have you read anything you said you read?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—Now I neither fall asleep or put people to sleep.

"Do you have a/c in your taxi there?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—What more could you want?

"Is it expensive? What do you have to pay for an apartment?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—Well, I wouldn't worry about it.

"Where are you headed to?" [The hotel doorman wants to know, so later, he can extort a kickback from the taxi driver if it was a lucrative ride]

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—No place like home.

"Do you have a bag? Do you have a bag? Do you have a bag?"

—Many others!

Do you have a cleanliness disorder?

"If you don't mind my asking, how much do you make in a year from a taxi medallion?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—It all depends how angry you are.

"Whose rude child is that at the end of the table?"

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—Are you the woman I bit at the last full moon?

"Nice way to say curb your dog."

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—I'll get a plastic mirror so they can see themselves ... That's too much to ask, huh? ... It's another world, you know? ... They didn't go to Church, huh? ... I don't even have to ... I usually look.

"What database do you use?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—Hey, I'm a Dartmouth man! – We're beyond all that.

"Who's the head of your Y2K effort?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—Don't knock the Ivy League!

["I've lived in fourteen different states."] "Is your father in the military?"

—Many others!

—Show me a point, and I'll move the Earth.

"We can't go wrong being ourselves, or so I've heard."

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—Just let it play out.

"Do you support freedom and the right to bear arms?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—That's what happens when you get old – If someone bugs you, you just slam the door.

"You're losing us in this last paragraph."

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—I stay awake at night, listening to the wind.

"What the hell?!? If somebody can make some semblance of sense of that last guy's website please post and let me know what I'm missing! I'm quite perplexed by it, actually. And a little worried. I don't understand... .. ... ."

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—It cured me.

"Don't be too quick to judge people now."

—Many others!

—Go ahead and judge 'em! They don't care ... You might as well call a spade a spade, and an asshole an asshole.

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—They judge themselves by what they do, and if they do well, they think they're great.

"I'm lost."

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—You probably have some innate sense of goodness or decency.

"You lost me."

—Many others!

—The whole trick is to have tools and not answers.

"Have you done your taxes?"

—Anything else? The towel?

—Whatever happened to sitting around the fireplace and doing nothing?

"Have you lost your mind?"

—Don't worry. Squeeze play!

—You could learn an awful lot from that.

"You're fired ... 'as a result of disruptive and insubordinate behavior towards your direct supervisor.'"

—Anything else? The towel?

—Well, according to MY attorney, "You have reduced the information and resources which you previously provided."

"You're fired!"

—Anything else? The towel?

—Don't trust your relatives!

"Then you're fired!"

—Anything else? The towel?

—Tell that to a piece of pottery!

"The honeymoon is over."

—Anything else? The towel?

—Who's the master – the machine or the man?

"Get your tongue out of my mouth!"

—Anything else? The towel?

—The secret room in the basement where screams cannot be heard – the ropes that do not leave burn marks.

"Paper or plastic?"

—Anything else? The towel?

—Whatever's closest to you.

"We're making a change."

—Anything else? The towel?

—I'm dying to hear ... Home run! ... That was over the wall ... You win ... That's what happens when you're old.

"You're making my family look bad."

—In solidarity. At its heart!

—A tragic waste.























22-MAY-1999. If you're like most people, you don't remember insults. Even if you hold one in your mind, you'll notice something like a hand reaching up from your unconscious and snatching it away. That's very clever! Just don't read any Freud. (1.) Perhaps ninety percent of your mind's potential is occupied in this way, just sitting there in a trance, poised to snatch unpleasantness from your awareness. It knows what's best for you. Right?

Then we notice a curious thing. The successful people in life seem to exhibit what you might consider cavalier stupidity or peevish immaturity. Remember Kojak, or Perry White on Lois and Clark? (Could those actors stimulate earliest memories of our father?) Or what about some of the Congressmen and women you see on TV? (Could the tensions we feel at them remind us of our mother?) Yet here we continue, trying so hard to be smart, to be grown-up, and to be liked.

One thing we know: The troubles in our lives are finite. We've seen almost everything more than once. As a matter of fact, maybe we can trace each of our problems back to an origin. Then we can brush aside disturbances almost before they begin. With any luck, we can reprogram a small portion of our memory-snatcher to help us. First we have to understand it. But wait a minute. Isn't our unconscious solving our problems already by helping us forget? Like a big goof it does! We need to remember. Unfortunately, the big memory-snatcher buried other things as well. It buried childlike wonder, magical abilities, keen insight, high-resolution perception, and tremendous energy. Along with pain.

Perhaps we can get under the lid of our consciousness and defuse its energy with some honest responses, so it has a chance to come out of its trance, recognize itself, and make our wildest dreams come true.

1. Freud, Sigmund, The Psychopathology of Everyday Life. Trans. Alan Tyson. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 1960.







As follows

CODE WORDS: accusing, addiction, annoying, arms, assume, b, bear, beginning, [blouse], bought, bugging, buy, charlatan, comb, curb, dandruff, database, die, disbarred, divorce, dust, fired, fixed, flawed, floor, formaldehyde, freedom, have, headed, hovering, judge, junior, [laughingstock], lesson, lost, making, masculinity, masturbate, medallion, military, nutshell, ourselves, over, owners, paper, paragraph, patriotic, perplexed, pimped, plastic, police, pompous, porking, probably, puppy, rent, replace, riding, self-evident, shortcomings, singing, spill, taxes, telling, thinking, together, tongue, trying, two, [undeniable], upside down, Virginia, wants, wax, who's, whose, winning, wonder



—Anything else? The towel?