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Patient refers to it as stargate-one-one

A Cajoler.3






It comes and it goes. 

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—No supervision!

—Let it go! Disconnect it.




Collective Arrogance  — They're totally directed by the shadow play they see around them - They're not directed by inner illumination - A quick and easy way to get out of an emotional jam: Don't fit in. You have to be able to be a kid in the midst of assholes.





[glib posturing & heartbreak] - They want to live large - If you don't fight back, you end up like a weird, sad parody of your mother and father - Fight back! Otherwise, you end up a parody of two jerks - These people, inventing or misusing the past, care more about their own feelings than anything in reality - What's the meaning? - Keep all the people frightened and they'll do what you say - Brain fog: Being crabby and cranky - They're wipeout specialists - Great people! - "What are you doing? Get a job!" - Tell the little part of you you're going to wipe out the people who are attacking you - Do it yourself; you can't depend on anything else - They're wicked, and it's worse! - They don't even know it.

The Age of Domination, ages 0-3




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"What's your phone number?"

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—It's in the phone book.

"Fancy that."

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—It's too late to change now.

"You are a number three."

—No supervision!

—I guess the other ones, too ... I'll have to check it out.

"Could you call a number for me?"

—No supervision!

—Someone else! ... You need a shirt? You should have brought your own.

"You have a nice name."

—It comes and it goes.

—It's for anyone who likes to have fun.

"What's this pretty girl's name?"

—It comes and it goes.

—I don't want to encourage you.

"Now listen to me, young man!"

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—Infinitely sad! ... Totally unhelpful ... Okay, Kingfish! ... If my dog had a face like yours, I'd shave its ass and walk it backward.

"My baby does not need a public school teacher as a father." [Two young girls]

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—Hiding out in the basement sharing secrets with your best friend ... Sneaky and happy and honest! ... "Isn't Mrs. Klondike weird?" ... Dollars pave the way to hell ... Why should you have one child when you could have six?

"It's nice to see Sue Sarandon young." [Two old guys]

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—What a powerhouse, huh?

"But you can't name the third one?" [Moderator (and unseen TV Producer) following up Governor Rick Perry's unscripted "Commerce, Education and the, uh, what's the third one there, let's see ..." in a CNBC presidential debate] (–John Harwood, "'Oops' Moment Takes On a Life of Its Own," The Caucus – The Politics and Government Blog of The Times, The New York Times, November 13, 2011)

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—It's like the most decrepit National Park on the earth.

"What Is This I Don't Even -- -- Seriously, what is this? Came across this while searching 'creepiest website' and it certainly does give off a creepy vibe ... After reading a bit of it, I can only assume it is one of the three. 1) Website created by non-English speaker. 2) Website created by idiot. or 3) Website created by weirdo with an ulterior motive." [Link from ParanoiaAgent, October 18, 2010]

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—You can run out of rationale, but they'll never run out of crazy.

"Maybe made by a shrink (psychologist) who went insane...."

—No supervision!

—There goes the neighborhood.

"IS everyone so creeped out that they didn't CHECK the site? It seems to be about defending yourself from bullying, actually. Don't know what's so creepy about that."

—It comes and it goes.

—If you don't know what you're going to find, it's adventure! Try to be the opposite of a juicy target.

[Close quizzing about your activities]

—It comes and it goes.

—Just some little thing ... You don't have to be there ... They used to call it the treadmill to oblivion ... I don't know why I have to go to the bathroom right now ... Not every reconstruction leads to a happy Humpty Dumpty ... What's next? ... The expert! ... What's this, Night Court? ... What's next, the French Foreign Legion? ... What's first prize? ... You have to throw cold water on it!

"My suggestion: get another job. This suggestion is not too demanding: unless you are a slave, I assume you have some amount of control over your job selection ... Please, don't drive a school bus blindfolded." (–Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Black Swan, p. 163)

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—Presidents, Kings – They're just trapped ... I just hope it isn't sex education.

"I am a limousine driver – I only drive very upper-end cars." [Lying]

—No supervision!

—I think you could set a limit.

"You betrayed those who had high hopes for you."

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—Do you understand the implications of what they're saying? ... Make limits, that's it!

"Read the actual way it's worded though. It sounds like some brain-controlling cult or something. And there is little to no sense in the words used."

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—Is that the end? Time just flies by. This whole weekend is tricky ... You know, this whole week is tricky ... I like being bad, and then going home and being good.

"Yes?" [Almost colliding with you in a grocery store]

—It comes and it goes.

—Don't be shy – Don't be good.

["Are you in love with someone else?"] "Yes."

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—Every minute, huh? ... It must be beautiful ... That's pretty hard to resist ... Next time! ... Life knows best ... That's where doves come in ... The Imagination of Nature ... Don't go by what someone says, go by what they do ... They can't do certain things ... Above heaven, God says God – Below heaven, he walks in dirt ... Hints of intelligence carry a person farther than an arrogant attitude ... Love is an action ... Ask yourself if they're on your side ... Don't anticipate negatively ... ... Give it a chance ... I think you might be amazed ... It doesn't matter what you say as long as you say something ... Any trouble you make is good, because it brings light on the situation ... Jealousy is an attempt to diminish yourself in comparison to another person; to try to make another person seem bigger than they really are ... The sun is setting on the bad boy boats ... Relax! That's the whole thing ... If you would be at all interested, greet someone with humility, grace and simple dignity ... You know how it is, some people hate each other ... We just think things and they happen ... I'm sworn to secrecy.

"Everyone's nice when they're asleep."

—It comes and it goes.

—Not airline pilots!

"What was her name?"

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—What's your name? ... I'll have my people talk to your people.

"For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you." (–Walt Whitman, "Song of Myself")

—No supervision!

—I guess I'll invest in hydrogen.

"The technology is only second-rate." [Criticizing your new iPad]

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—Killed any good animals today?

"I'll have to give you a rain check."

—It comes and it goes.

—I know, it's hard for me, too.

[Someone tailgating you at a high speed]

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—There are a million ways a baby can react when they don't get milk.

"How does a burrito sound to you?"

—No supervision!

—Hey, we're not on a cruise ship.

"Is that where you take all your first dates?"

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—I can imagine what it costs.

"Run, Toto!" [Mickey Mouse voice]

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—It's just another friend.

[Someone intentionally bumping you]

—It comes and it goes.

—I don't know – Who's on first? ... (It's just testosterone) ... No argument there! [They're always trying to start something; you have to learn to throw cold water on it when they're provoking]

"You bumped me on purpose!" [Out on the street]

—It comes and it goes.

—You need closure here! ... Not cheap! ... It's good when you're taking bows on the concert tour ... Don't tell!

"Well, nice talking to you, darling! Good luck finding another mover."

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—It's the family who does hardly anything.

"This is it? God, this is a tiny apartment." [From one of the new movers]

—It comes and it goes.

—It's nothing, money; it's when you don't have it.

"This toilet is like a gas station toilet."

—No supervision!

—And thank-you notes, that'll be next ... The big thing is to be a fakerola – like the Queen! ... like the Queen of England! ... Handwritten thank-you notes.

"The elephant in the room no one talks about."

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—If you work in an office in LA, you've seen dumbness to its depths.

"What number are you for?" [From a complete stranger coming out of a large apartment building]

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—I'm a high school dropout – I don't do questions.

"You sounded like such a nice girl on the telephone."

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—That's my family's story, and I'm sticking to it.

"Do you want his home phone number?" [Donald Duck voice]

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—So cute! – It all comes back to you – When are you going to learn to talk right? – The front is like fancy, and the rest is a block of ice!

[Someone mimicking you blinking your eyes]

—No supervision!

—You don't have to overdo it ... Just so you saw it.

[Someone mimicking you scratching your chin]

—No supervision!

—Including your own ... They have a new edition of The Great Gatsby out.

"You're cured."

—It comes and it goes.

—Are you bad when you don't know things?

"They say she's lost her looks."

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—I wonder if they're that dumb.

"If you move to Seattle and I move to New York, we can get together if you don't find someone else."

—It comes and it goes.

—I know, I know! That's life!

"Looks like a snake." [Your rawhide bracelet]

—No supervision!

—Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

"Johann Sebastian Bach?"

—It comes and it goes.

—You know there's people like that; they're just good at what they do.

"Butler's a little bulldog, huh? You're better than me, but here we come!"

—It comes and it goes.

—Off to the races.

"He needs a leash and the other one doesn't?"

—It comes and it goes.

—Rufus, you old rascal! While you're at it, bring me a mint julep out on the veranda.

"He's so ugly, bless his heart!"

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—Everything he sees now will be part of his mind.

"U.G.L.Y. – You Ain't Got No Alibi."

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—Even before that.

"Hey, Lindsy, why don't you come and sit on my lap?"

—No supervision!

—I think you ought to get a helmet with horns.

["Why did you ask me to move?"] "I wanted to make a U-turn." [They honk, and even when you move to a nearby parking space away from the driveway you thought you were blocking, they honk again, because all they wanted to do was make a U-turn to grab the parking space – Essentially, no matter what you do, you're in their way]

—No supervision!

—You have a friend?

"You've got ugly you'll never use."

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—If you had shit on your face, you'd be pretty.

"I'm looking for a guy with a job and no hang-ups."

—No supervision!

—I still am very naïve about certain things.

"As long as he doesn't get laid off – His job is at the pleasure of the Governor."

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—That might miss the larger reality.

"The sun's come out ... I wish I'd brought shorts ... although I bet you guys are glad I didn't bring shorts." [Also see Self-attack]

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—Let's not get diagnostic yet ... People don't like to be told how they feel.

"It's better to be dead than ugly."

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—You've been talking to a teenage girl.

"Are we that ugly? – He's hiding."

—It comes and it goes.

—That's not fair – I wouldn't worry about it.

"I look ugly."

—Imposing, huh? Way back!


"You're ugly."

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—From your lips to God's ear.

[Someone mocking or pointing at your spouse, who's overweight]

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—Everything reflects on you.

"Le' poo poo on you Andee. Big globs of poo poo for you you. Mmmm. Poo poo. You like poo poo. Taxi1010!!! Poo poo! Woo hoo!"

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—Just get a scoop.

[Tongue stuck out]

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—I don't think you have to do that.

"How many years young are you?" [Belittling "Elderspeak"]

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

Are you my tormentor? ... When you die, I'm going to expire in a heap on your grave.

"Young lady." [Belittling "Elderspeak"]

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—The clock is ticking, and I'm only getting older.

"We all do stupid things when we're young."

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—You can't be fresh.

"You and I are cuckolds!"

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

What else? ... Kill those Commies! Kill the fucking Commies!

"We've got to all run faster and run smarter."

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—They want a dope, because what can he do?

[Someone pissing on the garage floor]

—No supervision!

—When they do it once, they'll do it again.

"I am what you name me."

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—Look at the little angel.

"What's your name?"

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—Which one?

"What's your first name?"

—No supervision!


"What's your last name?"

—Imposing, huh? Way back!

—Hydrogen. You must be Helium.

"What's your middle name?"

—No supervision!


"What's her name?" [Your daughter's]

—It comes and it goes.

—Same thing.

"Well, what's your name?"

—No supervision!

—That's in the phone book, too.

"I like you best when you're asleep."

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—I have to eat – I'm getting older.

"So what's your name?"

—No supervision!

—I don't even think I had a name – I'll have to look at my birth certificate.

"Well, then, what's your name?"

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—Sorry – I left my identity at home.

"Inevitable drip."

—It comes and it goes.

—It was perfect timing, but backwards.

"Do I have a name, man?"

—It comes and it goes.

—Now what are you going to do?

"You don't know my name."

—Let it go! Disconnect it.

—People don't want anyone to be what they really are.

"Well! She has a name! Maureen."

—It comes and it goes.

—You know, there's people who prey on people who don't.

























Our minds are vast, and the unconscious parts of our bodies can learn and grow. Unfortunately, fragmented muscular tensions host thousands of unresolved insults which persist embedded in the flesh like ticks. As we move though life like trained dogs, we generally don't feel them, but woe to the person who scratches! Anger and confusion and eyes getting a bit blurry? A rose for the sleepy ------<----@


A person can learn precise ways of responding to insults much as children spend the better part of a year mastering the art of "Thank you," "You're welcome," "Excuse me," and "I'm sorry," though good manners lead to a kind of slavery: Staying subservient, remaining cool, or being good. But do mean people deserve our good manners? Let's try to be bad. What will happen? We can lose our job, become generally undesirable, unlikable, and desolate. Not wonderful. Is there another way? Perhaps we can raise just enough tension at the precise moment an insult begins to safely brush it aside. That is, we can defend ourselves. Polite people are afraid to defend themselves because they never learned how to raise tension without magnifying hostilities. There's a lot to be said for avoiding a fight. It reduces stress, conserves energy, and helps calm everybody down. However, it also leads to a nation of stooges who follow orders with no choice.

We have an incomplete education. Our parents, teachers, and older siblings were concerned first with our not being an embarrassment, and maybe not at all with our individuality, happiness, and self-understanding. They didn't want omnipotent one-year-old angels or rampaging two-year-old defenders of honesty, so they helped us bury ourselves alive. That's the horror of the situation.


On Beauty

In old Russia, a beautiful peasant girl picked
wild flowers by a country road.

She heard the hoofbeats of distant horses.

When the Czar's knights rode by,
they saw the ugliest crone they had ever seen,
hunched over a basket of flowers.


As hoofbeats faded,
her coarse beauty transmuted into glory once again.








As follows

CODE WORDS: actual, asleep, atom, Bach, blindfolded, brain-controlling, bulldog, bumped, [bumping], burrito, chum, commentator, Cozumel, creepiest, cuckolds, cured, dates, demanding, elephant, fancy, flame, fling, globs, Governor, hang-ups, hopes, inevitable, laid, lap, limousine, looks, [mimicking], [mocking], Montalbano, motive, mover, name, non-English, number, needs, [pissing], [quizzing], rain check, road tripping, run, searching, Seattle, second-rate, selection, shorts, shrink, sounded, speaker, suggestion, [tailgating], taxi1010, teacher, tiny, toilet, [tongue], U.G.L.Y., ugly, ulterior, U-turn, upper-end, vibe, wide, worded, yes, young



—Let it go! Disconnect it.