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Patient refers to it as stargate-three-oh

A Spoiler.2






—What more?

—There's hope. More than one.

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—Who doesn't? Have faith.




The Superego Split — One part of the mind is humane; another part is mathematical. If you're working hard, a part of your mind says, "Why aren't you enjoying yourself?" But if you're out in a meadow picking flowers, a part of your mind says to be serious. Why can't a person do both?





[marginalization & backbiting] - You get the feeling these people are trying to paint you into a weird box. They're cunning - They can't see things three-dimensionally, but they scheme - They can see what's next, and what's after that - Put your attention on wanting that person to have a better life.

The Age of Attention, ages 4-7




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"You want some financial freedom? Go to taxi1010!"

—There's hope. More than one.

—The treasury for the bad people.

"I met you before."

—What more?

—Don't ask me for my phone number!

"If I hadn't moved here, I'd have never met Shamaila."

—What more?

—You never know.

"It's because you're anal retentive."

—What more?

—Over and over again.

"Need something?"

—What more?

Including time ... Abusive lending! ... It's hard to save money.

"What do you need?"

—There's hope. More than one.

—Something fancy.

"Eighty dollars!" [Telling you the price of a ham & cheese deli sandwich]

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—If someone's paying you, they're good.

"You need to pay yourself first – You need to put money in an IRA."

—There's hope. More than one.

—You know what it's called – turning over the Queen of Hearts ... (to reinforce her family's conditioning) ... You know that family ... If it's not one way or another, they get you!

"You need to turn that off now!" [From an extremely ugly flight attendant on a severe toot]

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—Sure! I always do.

"I feel damaged."

—Who doesn't? Have faith.

—Kill a tree for Christmas.

"What time is it?"

—There's hope. More than one.

—It's not the worst ... You can't tell time.

"I need more than two dollars."

—Who doesn't? Have faith.

—That's what everyone in New York says.

"So what are you doing now, writing the great American novel?"

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—This is my latest mystery I'm working on ... They're letting people swing in the wind, slowly.

"That's a novel idea." [You turned on the light]

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—I'm a great believer in that.

"Love is all you need."

—What more?

—How deep is the ocean? ... Monkeys, yeah! ... We need that water!

"I've been having a horrible time." [Facetiously ... on vacation in Hawaii]

—Is that safe? Wrong place.


"Look alive! Look alive!"

—What more?

—What about stealing things? ... The gold standard.

"You can't go straight up Battery to Market and Sutter?"

—There's hope. More than one.

—Know the law, stay in the present, and stay away from policemen! ... Sometimes no matter what you do, Nature knows better.

"No price? It means I don't have to pay! That means it's free!"

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—You're letting down the team.

"How's the price of gas affecting you guys?"

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—It doesn't matter ... Give me a tough question!

"This means I get it for free today!"

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—Then they go out of business ... I would be in trouble ... That's how it starts ... Next you're going to have a baby ... Wait forty years and it'll be free ... The Marine Corps always takes care of its own.

"That's what makes the Internet free."

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—How come I don't have one?

"Why can't you do what you're told?"

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—I wish I'd thought of it.

"You guys don't have leases?"

—There's hope. More than one.

—A friend of mine cheated on a test; what should I do?

"Can you tell me what time it is?"

—What more?

—Don't tell me you're losing money – Would you like me to tell you a story? – It doesn't make that much of a difference to me – I don't care, because I don't need it – Life is so stupid, it's mysterious – The submarine just left for Africa.

"Don't just stand there."

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—Wherever it's cheap – I'm dreaming my mother and father are exerting a vague negative force on me – What's bad is to be dead. As long as you're alive, well ..., prison changes a man, bro'.

"Who has the time?"

—There's hope. More than one.

—It's really good to steal from candy stores.

"It won't work."

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—So just keep going, right? ... You have to set limits ... Give yourself some time ... Try not to jump into anything ... Generate solutions slowly ... Back yourself up ... Just wait five days, that's my advice ... It's the oil, really ... I'm sure we haven't tried everything ... Keep changing the rags ... What's the worse that can happen? ... Don't try to save rags ... Plan for contingencies ... Keep a sense of due perspective ... You just wait a few days.

["I love this kind of weather."] "All the time?"

—What more?

—Yes, but it's happened twice.

"I think if you need that sort of thing, that's fine."

—There's hope. More than one.

—You get a lot from getting hit over the head by life, and then reading something.

["Oh! He didn't tell me he was going on vacation!"] "There's no need for him to check with you."

—There's hope. More than one.

—It's really ... what do they call it? ... character building.

"Do I need to fill this out?"

—There's hope. More than one.

—Never have an ordinary day.

"We really need the rain."

—Who doesn't? Have faith.

—Where are the snows of yesteryear?

"You must really need the money!"

—What more?

—That's my father's theory: If you give kids too much money, they'll want more.

"I forgot all about you!"

—There's hope. More than one.

—It's cheaper.

"That was so funny, I forgot to laugh."

—What more?

—It's not the end of the world, is it?

"We need this space now." [From an Anglican priest to an American visitor]

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—Try to be more like Jesus.

"I have certainty."

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—Aren't you interested in truth?

["Sir, can I help you?" "Can I just stand here a second?"] "No, you can't." [Seeking momentary shelter from the cold inside the reception area of Williams-Sonoma Corporate Headquarters]

—Who doesn't? Have faith.

—It could be a lot nicer than it is.

"You can't take this book out." [At library check-out counter, even though, if you had only known the librarian would hold the book, saying it's too damaged, you could have used an automated check-out machine]

—Who doesn't? Have faith.

—All right – It's yours.

"Can't you do anything right?"

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—You can imagine what the Pope pulls on people.

"You can't bring the dogs."

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—The wrong person might get hold of them.

"If you can't do it, don't do it."

—There's hope. More than one.

—Real friendship does not revolve around favors.

"Do you like to be interrupted when you're nancing around in your garden?"

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—You know, it wasn't a broom in the old days – It was a whole bush they'd rip up.

"Some things never change."

—What more?

—The road to happiness.

"Why did you change my work?"

—There's hope. More than one.

—Whatever it is that's hard to read.


—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—I don't know how to explain it.

"Oh, you don't need to do that!" [Helping them get out of the cab]

—Who doesn't? Have faith.

—What did Lucifer say? – "Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven."

"She probably won't even get it."

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—Screw-ups are as common as breathing.

"I need to rest." [Putting her head on your shoulder]

—Who doesn't? Have faith.

—Don't hold back.

"Got the time?"

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—Plenty of it – Are you free?

"Do you know what time it is?"

—There's hope. More than one.

—My slave bracelet.

"Will you come back and pick up the mess your dog left in my yard?"

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—Take me to Toonville!

"We can't drive around them – We can't go around them." [The mountains]

—There's hope. More than one.

—What kind of life is that, ruining the family's finances?

"Go stand in the corner."

—There's hope. More than one.

—I'm standing in the corner of my smile!

"Hiding in the corner?"

—What more?

—Is that something I should be afraid of?

"This notice is a demand for your 2002 tax return."

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—What do we do when we see Hitler?

"C'mon, a used ashtray ... Look in that drawer ... I'm not kidding you! ... You'll never work in this town again."

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—Talk about being rigged.

"Get back under the manhole cover."

—There's hope. More than one.

—I'm going to miss life when I don't exist.

"There you go – You could write a little utility to recall mail you've already sent over the Internet."

—There's hope. More than one.

—You wouldn't.

"You have to pay your dues."

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—I'll take you seriously if you take me seriously.

"If you really wanted to lose weight, you wouldn't eat so much."

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—Pleasure is good for the soul.

"A person who wanted to pass wouldn't turn in a handwritten paper."

—There's hope. More than one.

—You can see the difference.

"You heard what you wanted to hear."

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—It's the cry of the jungle.

"The dinner's on you? – That's what you said?"

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—Not yours.

"So who gets the tab? – Can you take care of it?"

—Who doesn't? Have faith.

—If you're in a pinch.

"Tell them the other part of that story."

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—You can stop kidding around, right?

"I want to have a major part in my movie."

—There's hope. More than one.

—I'm going to lose no matter how you look at it.

"Oh, I don't have time for this stupid shit!"

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—Now that's a sense of humor.

"If you'd listened to me, you'd be a lot better off today."

—There's hope. More than one.

—Peace of mind and a sense of humor.

"Thank God your father isn't still alive – he was so proud of you."

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—How can you understand the sorrow and the pity if you don't have any?


—Is that safe? Wrong place.


"You're not as good as your mother."

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—How many people just walk out?

"You're never going to amount to anything."

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—You might as well have fun.

"Fuck her! She's unsafe with a gun!"

—Is that safe? Wrong place.

—I don't believe you.

"Your screen is open – I knocked on your door!"

—There's hope. More than one.

—That's the only proof that there's a God.
























Day of Week Algorithm

Explanation of Algorithm Copyright © 1995-2013 Richard Ames Hart

Here's how to calculate the day of the week in your head for any date after September 14, 1752. It's relatively simple once you memorize ten month codes (None needed for April and July).

The aim of this algorithm is to produce a single digit in the range 0 to 6. If it's a 0, it's Saturday; otherwise, 1 through 6 stand for Sunday through Friday. The algorithm takes place in seven steps:































(1) Divide the last two digits of the year by 2, dropping any remainder.

(2) If this result is odd, subtract 3.

(3) If the original year is odd, subtract 1.

(4) This algorithm is normalized for the 1900s. Add 1 if in or beyond 2000 or 2400 AD; add or subtract 2 for other centuries (no earlier than 9-14-1752).

(5) If the result is an even multiple of 7, set it to 0; otherwise, set it to whatever amount is needed to reach the next highest multiple of 7. This final figure is the year-offset, in the range 0 to 6.

(6) Add the year-offset, the month code, and the day of month.

(7) Divide by 7 and keep only the remainder. That's the day of the week. Don't forget, in leap years — (those years divisible by 4 and not divisible by 100 unless divisible by 400) — in leap years, the codes for January and February are 0 and 3; otherwise they are 1 and 4. Here are three examples:



30, 1947


24, 1952, a leap year


1, 2032

(1) 47 / 2 = 23

(1) 52 / 2 = 26

(1) 32 / 2 = 16

(2) 23 - 3 = 20



(3) 20 - 1 = 19





(4) 16 + 1 = 17

(5) 19 up to 21 = 2

(5) 26 up to 28 = 2

(5) 17 up to 21 = 4

(6) 2 +


+ 30 = 37

(6) 2 +


+ 24 = 29

(6) 4 +


+ 1 = 5

(7) 37 down to 35 = 2

(7) 29 down to 28 = 1

(7) 5 down to 0 = 5




2 = Monday

1 = Sunday

5 = Thursday

Good days for a picnic.







As follows

CODE WORDS: affecting, afterlife, agreed, alive, amount, anal, as, ashtray, can't, certainty, change, corner, damaged, demand, dinner's, drawer, dues, eighty, financial, forgot, free, garden, Internet, knocked, leases, left, listened, major, manhole, met, need, novel, part, retentive, return, stand, tab, tax, time, unsafe, wanted, won't


"S cross"

—What more?