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Patient refers to it as stargate-three-one

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—Hands off! No hard feelings.

Not yours!

—Not allowed!

—Get away! BACK OFF!




Sticking Up for Yourself in Rapidly Changing Situations — These people have more tension than they can handle — Stick to your plans! These are just superficial things. People try to hit you in the imagination when you're right in the middle of things, and we're trying to see what's motivating all this.





[things you can do nothing about] - Deep inside, (in the pit of the stomach,) people tell themselves they're bad. All someone else has to do is trigger that self-attack - They often work in tag-teams, gangs, or posses (or hecklers from the audience!) - For example, a ringleader, under the guise of "asking for directions," ("—Hands off! No hard feelings.") initially steals your attention. Team members, "acting startled," "correcting you," or quietly "staying out of reach," ("Not yours!") squander your time and energy. They assault your sense of well-being with their facial expressions, body language, and gossipy behavior. Weighing back in, the ringleader pretends they're "lost children," ("—Not allowed!") simultaneously insinuating there's something wrong with you. What you want them all to see is it's impossible for them to steal your happiness. ("—Get away! BACK OFF!")

The Age of Attention, ages 4-7




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"It's impressive."

—Hands off! No hard feelings.

—Rough landing! ... It takes a while to sink in ... The secret protects itself.

"Can I hold it a second?" [Your going-away trophy]

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—I'll give you mine for nothing! ... Like I have for years ... That's another disease ... The Church – It's an insurance company that never pays – They just collect! ... If in the end, everyone dies, what is the wrong thing to say? ... Does globalization mean everyone's going to eat? ... Maybe my coffin ... You can't! ... It's the pennies that count!

"You don't know the first thing about guns."

Not yours!

—You know, you didn't give me any money ... I'm sorry, you're not giving me any money.

"We could go over there and ask him if he has three guns!"

Not yours!

—He realized on his way down that there was really only one thing wrong with his life, and that was, he had just jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.

"Cutting me out of the loop?"

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—Whatever they're up to, they accuse other people of.

"Keep me in the loop."

Not yours!

—Cheer up! – It always breaks.

"Do you have a friend? – Someone you talk to?"

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—I'm on a narrow path. On one side of me is sleep, where a friend awaits. On the other side is the world of commerce, busy, busy, busy! Where the path leads is to my daddy of the past, who wanted to sleep, and my mommy of the past, who was busy, busy, busy!

"You've got writer's block."

Not yours!

Shhh! ... I'm inside it.

"I'd ask you out if you had a more respectable job."

—Get away! BACK OFF!

Fresh carrots! ... Confers privilege ... There's nothing dumber than a professor ... You want a little house.

"What's the opposite of 'sublimation'?"

Not yours!

—What's the opposite of 'funny'?

"We try to be as dumb as you possibly can be." (–Robert Wolfe)

Not yours!

—Normal for a vampire.

"A written response to bullying."

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—If their mind wasn't that way, would they treat other people that way?

"No matter what I say, you say the opposite."

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—Nothing grows.

"Clever little bitch."

Not yours!

—Too many little things.

[Someone switching to another doorway when they see you coming]

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—It's nicer in a way.

"Do you have a pen?" [Meaning the one in your breast pocket]

Not yours!

—You can only give help to someone who doesn't need help.

"Can I borrow your pen a minute there?"

—Not allowed!

—How did it get to that point? – How many people hide their treasure in the outhouse pit?

"Can I borrow it?"

—Hands off! No hard feelings.

—I don't know why.

"Can I just borrow your pen? For just a moment."

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—That's like offering a drink to an alcoholic ... You're lucky I have will power.

"Can I borrow some money?"

—Hands off! No hard feelings.

—You caught me at a bad time.

"Hold still! Now turn around! Hold still!"

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—I meant to do that.

"Hurry up!"

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—Time out, mom! – I'm only a kid.

"Are you guilty of murdering your wife?"

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—Some people can't ... It's impossible.

[Someone giving you a counterfeit bill, which you can't legally accept]

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—Call the FBI.

"I've shown you mine, now let me see yours."

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—You don't know how funny that sounds.

"Going somewhere like pubs and bars again to try a pickup? Why are you going there? These places are not suitable for you. You will be rejected."

Not yours!

[See Icarus and the Gutter Snipe]

"It has pictures of huge stone balls and penises jutting up from ancient statues."

—Hands off! No hard feelings.

—The Christians killed it.

"The law of existence demands uninterrupted killing ... So that the better may live." [–Jeff Weise, Red Lake High School shooter ... his favorite quote, which he attributed to Hitler]

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—You mean don't go to school and kill people is breaking down?

"I'm starting to regret hanging around. I should have taken the razor blade express last time around. Well, whatever, man. Maybe they've got another shuttle comin' around sometime soon." [–Jeff Weise, Red Lake High School shooter]

—Hands off! No hard feelings.

—Just before you go to sleep, curse them all out in your head.

"I am prepared to fight and die for my cause. I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit, disgraces of human race and failures of natural selection." [Finnish high school shooter]

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—Why is it bad to hate the world? Why is it bad to trip people and laugh? There's nothing wrong with being angry. There's nothing wrong with burning up. Try to realize.

"Go light a fart."

—Hands off! No hard feelings.

—They always want you to do something they can talk about.

[The secret finger every time they pass you "away from the office," in the form of a Hitler's mustache]

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—That's what I think!

"You better hurry up and get it written or someone will beat you to the market."

Not yours!

—It's impossible to steal intellectual property because of the maintenance.

"You were too gracious when she said you hit the net."

Not yours!

—It was painful.

"Huh? What'd you say?"

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—All gone!

"I can do anything I want – I could be President."

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—You could do it with a sense of humor, too.

"Someone's going to win the Lottery – Just not you."

—Hands off! No hard feelings.

—NOW you tell me.

[Someone talking to you from the other side of a glass window]

—Hands off! No hard feelings.

—When we're right in the thick of things.

"Did you hear? – USA won the match!" [Someone telling you the score of the game before you've seen your videotape]

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—You've done this before.

"What are you calling me?"

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—Like an unfed baby.

"And who are you calling ignorant?"

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—We don't know – It's all speculation.

"Are you calling me a liar?"

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—The answer's, no!

"Who are you calling stupid?" [A History of Violence, 2005]

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—Bad call, dad. You're wrong, dad.

"Well then, are you calling me a jerk?"

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—If that's so, let me think about it.

[Bureaucrats haphazardly flouting their own rules]

Not yours!

—Who wants to stand in line to spend money?

[Someone with bad breath]

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—I'm getting ready to leave, okay?

[Uproarious cackling]

—Get away! BACK OFF!


"I was talking to my friend here."

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—Thanks for telling me.

["Who's spending the night with you?"] "My friend."

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—One nuttier than the last.

"I couldn't explain to your sister what you were going to do."

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—You have it good – What are you worried about?

"Maybe you can explain what's so important that you have to do."

—Hands off! No hard feelings.

—What would happen if all these people had nothing to do and nowhere to go?

"Explain that one to me."

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—I used to remember.

"Will you please explain what you are trying to teach here?"

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—You'd die laughing.

"You could ALMOST start your own cult."

—Hands off! No hard feelings.

—I'm too young to do that alone.

"That's flattery."

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—Oscar Wilde says, "Lying, the telling of beautiful untrue things, is the proper aim of art."

"Flattery will get you everywhere."

—Get away! BACK OFF!

—When you give someone flowers in an exuberant way, you're making a gesture.
























Poor Planning on Your Part
Does Not Make an Emergency on My Part

People who can follow rules and be the same as other people usually stay out of trouble and keep good jobs. However sometimes, for no outwardly apparent reason, a person has the right to simply make up their minds about a particular course of action, and to hold to that policy no matter what anybody says or thinks. On the simplest terms, you characterize such behavior as an exercise of will power.

One form of will power is the ability to stand up for yourself right in the middle of a rapidly changing situation when someone is telling you you're going the wrong way. Technically, you are always going your way, which is the right way whether anyone likes it or not. If they tell you you should have turned left at the last corner, simply say,

—Hands off!

A more difficult form of will power involves the ability to refuse performing a simple favor simply because you decide not to do it. For instance, if a stranger asks to "borrow your pen ... for just a moment," you can hold your breath and say,

—Hands off!

The world doesn't really change. Nobody dies or anything, and you retain a larger sense of freedom. The real advantage, though, is in fleshing out rats. Ratty people have very few values and almost no insight. They go around copying other people, and resent terribly someone who doesn't. When scratched, they turn on you and curse your decision — proving you right! Aren't you lucky you did nothing for a rat? A decent person likes you or respects you whether you kowtow to their whims or not. Of course, if you exercise your will power from time to time, nobody can ever stick you as a loser.

—Hands off! No hard feelings.


Will Power

At first, learn to like whatever you're doing.

Then make out a schedule as if you're
your own friend — and stick to it!

You have to do it in your mind with a recognition
that you're not at home, but that you think you are.

It's a matter of force expended (—Inside, not outside).







As follows

CODE WORDS: borrow, [breath], [bureaucrats], [cackling], calling, CEO, clever, [counterfeit], cult, disconnect, disgraces, [doorway], eliminate, explain, express, fart, flattery, friend, gracious, guns, hold, hurry, impressive, loop, Lottery, mistaken, murdering, [mustache], opposite, pen, pickup, possibly, President, respectable, [score], [secret], selector, shown, shuttle, suitable, [switching], transmission, unfit, uninterrupted, what'd, [window], won, workers, writer's, written



—Get away! BACK OFF!