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Patient refers to it as stargate-three-four

A Violator.2






Under one. 

—Smarten up!

—That's impressive.

—It's deeper.




Racism &

This is really 13th Century stuff, but it's the only thing some people understand.





[superficiality, racism] - Bad attitudes & Overt racism. You're a very nice person. Don't let racism get you down!

The Age of Self-Expression, ages 8-11




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




«Stop verbal attacks from mate»

Under one.

—You have to think of the other person ... for if it doesn't work out ... Experience is great: Use it! Don't let it use you ... There's too much at stake ... It can go just one way – We can be simple ... For ever so many years.

"You're being a real bitch about all of this."

Under one.

—Throwing stones at the devil!

"Hey, don't get your panties in a bunch."

—Smarten up!

—Everything like that.


—That's impressive.

—Scaring the germs?

"You're a little skinny, aren't you?"

Under one.

—It's not your hatred that did it.

"Turn your skinny white ass around and watch the movie!" [From the troublemaker behind you, to your wife]

—Smarten up!

—Leave that woman alone or you're going to be hanging by your testicles from the balcony.

["I was a year too young for my class in first grade, and beyond that, immature for my age."] "It's good you can admit that."

—It's deeper.

—Too bad more people don't do that.

"Don't let anyone insult your spouse."

—That's impressive.

—It's a very dark house – You have to have a lot of sparkles in a very dark house.

"You talk like a bitch."

—Smarten up!

Who else? – Now what I need is feathers.

"Bitch!" [Under the breath, walking by]

Under one.

—Gone! – Jokes are like that.

"One might also argue that untruthful charges against the commander in chief have an insidious effect on the war effort." (–Vice President Dick Cheney)

—It's deeper.

—We're not talking about aggression – We're talking about dirty tricks – You have to be very specific – All those torn contracts.

"The bottom line is that Senator Obama's words, for all their eloquence and passion, don't mean all that much, and that's the problem with Washington." (–Senator John McCain, July 30, 2008)

—It's deeper.

—Adversity reveals character; understanding builds character ... Part of it is a perception of reality ... People try to scare you ... Is the person who sees the fear, frightened? ... We're all connected ... Lots of people, it's very simple ... They see something to do and they do it. ... Who cares where you've been if you can do things?

"There are other successful songwriters and singers who come from England ... You seem to be more calculatingly Scottish." [To Amy Macdonald, spoken by an interviewer on National Public Radio]

—It's deeper.

—I'm very patriotic – I'm very proud to be from Scotland.

"My brother says you have really good boobs." [Instant message]

—That's impressive.

—Is that the end of your report?

"You mean, if I was to say, 'Beeper-Beeper you!' it would tell me what to say?" []

—It's deeper.

—You know, there's no bottom to the barrel.

"There's no pimples!" [In the photograph]

—That's impressive.

—Spare me the details!

"Are you a big tease?"

—It's deeper.

—Look for the beginning.

"Then is this just spin control?"

—It's deeper.

—A person has to be what they are.

"You have lousy light in here."

—That's impressive.

—Because you're not clairvoyant.

"She'd give you a blowjob like this:" [Followed by bizarre sound effects]

—That's impressive.

—Happy families are all alike.

"So how does it feel to be the blowjob queen of America?" [To Monica Lewinsky]

—That's impressive.

—Oh ... Was that directed at me?

"You bitch! You won't be in tomorrow." [Robot parodying voice]

—Smarten up!

—It's hysterical – Someone should make a movie of that – Very vindictive – So it's getting dumber and dumber, in other words – Even you must understand that that's the limit.

"He's getting to be a real bitch."

—Smarten up!

—At least someone's got a brain in their head – George Carlin says, Think how stupid the average person is, and realize, half of them are stupider than that!

"Why are you such a little bitch?"

Under one.

—For fun!

"You bitch ... Why are you dragging it out?"

—Smarten up!

—It would be very good to remember the primal fear – That's how you get over it – He's frightened of Lawrence Welk's accordion, for all I know  – How many times can you click by Lawrence Welk?

"Crazy bitch."

Under one.

—I'll let you have fun.

"Dumb bitch."

—Smarten up!

—Red is very fugitive ... You have no idea how smart I am.

"Such a bitch."

Under one.

—What a dope; what a jerk.

"Fat bitch!"

Under one.

—You have to take these things lightly.

"Come here, cashier bitch."

Under one.

—I'm trying to think.

"You bitch!"

Under one.

—I don't know what your problem is, but I'd bet it's hard to pronounce.

"You pronounce it like, 'You bitch!'" [Repeating themselves]

—That's impressive.

—I'm glad you told me that, because I'm going to disregard that.

"You bitch."

Under one.

—I like to see someone getting away with murder.

["I won't be in tomorrow."] "Bitch!"

—That's impressive.

—That's it! The bar is closed ... A real heavy-hitter.

"Richard's dog is a little white bitch." [It's a male dog, for one thing – Also, it's smart enough to know when something's a ...]

Under one.

—You heard it here first.

"What a bitch!"

Under one.

—Camel, donkey, star and all!

"LADIES!" [Men's team]

—Smarten up!

—Real subtle.

"Hey, girlie boy!"

—Smarten up!

—So naïve.

"I'm not listening!"

—That's impressive.

—The Japanese mystic.

"Tattletale and liar!"

—Smarten up!

—You know, words cost money.

"The Nigger in the White House."

—That's impressive.

—Give up! – Jesus doesn't even like you ... That's what the screwballs say ... They're so desperate to get people to like them ... People who eat Wonder Bread are millionaires.

"Winging it, huh?"

Under one.

—Whatever anyone gets, believe me, they want it.

"What's happening, Nigger?"

Under one.

—I'm just Black on the outside – You're black on the inside.

"Your great grandmother fucked niggers!"

—Smarten up!

—Get your mother's cock out of your ass.

"I hope no one here is Jewish."

Under one.

—I'm glad we don't own a gas station together – You'd be a terrible partner.

"What's worse, Black or Jewish?"

—Smarten up!

—When you start out, you have to dance on your knees and pretend you're smiling.

"Are you a kike?"

—It's deeper.

—That's how you learn, huh?

"Filthy Jews!"

—It's deeper.

—Am I a Jew? Yes. Is my face dirty? Yes. I'm a dirty Jew.

"Hey, you dirty Jap!"

Under one.

—I'd just as soon be Japanese – I don't want to be like you.

"Running around with the lousy Japs, huh?"

—It's deeper.

—It's a different culture – 2400 years old – Isn't that strange?

"You're in over your head on this."

Under one.

—Under cover of night, no doubt.

"So when does the money start rolling in?"

—That's impressive.

—Every time you talk to me, it lowers my IQ.

"What would you know about working twenty-four hours straight?"

Under one.

—It's not free.

"You're obviously very imaginative, but how realistic is all of this?"

—It's deeper.

—Why call me a nigger? – I'm darker than you are.

"Well, is it just a marketing gimmick?"

—It's deeper.

—You'll have to check it out.

"You've got guts."

Under one.

—It runs in the family.

"Fucking Samoans!"

—Smarten up!

—It's a family weakness – It goes way back.

"Hey, little Black Sambo!"

—Smarten up!

—Africa screams.

"He's very articulate for a Black guy, do you know what I mean?"

—Smarten up!

—Make it easy on yourself.

"Lousy niggers!"

—It's deeper.

—They look out at the world the same way.

"You got a great tan!" [to a Black woman]

—It's deeper.

—Don't let it get you down.

"The obnoxious royalty."

—Smarten up!

—Oy vey! Vhat are you, meshugganeh?

"Canadians have always been uptight – That's been my experience."

—That's impressive.

—And the pig at the end gains the most weight.























28-MAR-1999. Life is the building up and the release of tension. Past a certain point, tension is pain. The longer you can build up tension, the greater the "kick" from releasing it. A grownup can reduce their own and other people's tension. What's worth building tension over?

20-JUN-1999. I SAW THE HONKY, the Nigger, the Jew, and the Jap, and as they approached me, I subtracted my hatred. These people are going to make work for me.

The Sadistic Child approached me first. Probably a heart surgeon or a butcher. I looked at the creased lines of concern etched across the face, the labyrinths of hurry and discipline reminding me of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. As the scowler came to my window, I subtracted my fear.

The Slippery Child approached me second. Probably a sales manager or a health care worker. I watched his lanky grace, the fluidity of transformations crossing his face, reminding me of the frontiers of genetic evolution, just slippery enough to survive the blights of the jungle. As he came to my front door, I subtracted my fear.

The Dirty Child approached me third, paranoia pulling back his sharp features. I am the instance of that paranoia. I am the one who is stealing his secrets. I am the one who is poisoning his food. I noticed how his aquiline nose reminded me of paintings from the Dark Ages. As the Devil came to my taxi, I turned off the projection of my fear.

The Absorbed Child approached me fourth. I spoke his language, though he would never suspect it. Nihongo-o, hanashimasu-ka? I wondered silently. I noticed how he deferred to the others, building his strength from theirs. I saw the centuries of serfdom etched into his uniformity, that his life be spared. I subtracted my fear.

They climbed into my taxi — the big guy beside me; the little guy behind where he couldn't be seen; the other two jockeying for the passenger side window. "So where are you going?" I asked.

"The Hilton," the gentleman in the middle said. "The Hilton," the woman beside him said. "The Hilton," the little boy behind me said. "The Hilton!" the guide beside me said, "Did they tell you that?" — and they all laughed.







As follows

CODE WORDS: admit, articulate, beeper-beeper, bitch, blowjob, boobs, calculatingly, Canadians, eloquence, filthy, gimmick, girlie, grandmother, guts, head, insidious, Jap, Japs, Jewish, kike, ladies, listening, lousy, mate, nigger, obnoxious, panties, pimpleface, pimples, realistic, rolling, royalty, Sambo, Samoans, skinny, spin, spouse, tan, tattletale, tease, twenty-four, untruthful, Washington, winging



—That's impressive.