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Patient refers to it as stargate-five-oh

A Usurper.2






Night sky!

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—Many more! The plunge!

It's murder! 




The Fallacy of Accent — When words are spoken ironically, wrongly stressed or taken out of context, their meaning becomes ambiguous.





[narcissistic hostility & fantasy] - In the olden days, if people said certain things, you'd kill them; if you said certain things, they'd kill you. That's the world they come from. They have their own country. They think people live in caves and that's it.

The Age of Insanity, ages 12-15

Unreal Impulses



Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




[Someone being mean, stupid, vicious & phony – all at the same time]

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—"While evil men and impostors ... go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived." (–2 Timothy, 3:13, New International Version, 1984)

"Oh, that's too bad."

Night sky!

—Every once in a while ... It's uncanny.

"That was so funny, I forgot to laugh."

Night sky!

—If I was a Buddhist, I'd say you've arrived.

"You don't think that's relevant?"

—It's murder!

—You don't have to get your shit together – Your shit is together!

"You read the world news, that's why I ask."

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—So, who cares?

"That's shit!" [Under the breath, challenging authority]

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—It's like ten nights in a barroom.

"I think you're a joke at what you do."

—It's murder!

—Stop talking or I'll put you back in the trunk.

"Violently Raping Your Friend Just for Laughs."

—It's murder!

—What's first prize?

"Kicking Your Girlfriend in the Fanny because she won't make you a Sandwich."

Night sky!

—In every dream home, a heartache.

"That's what she said."

—Many more! The plunge!

—The last remaining seats ... Cherchez la femme (Fr: "Look for the woman") ... Almost always behind the misadventures of men.

"How is everything in Room 237?"

—It's murder!

—There ain't nothin' in Room 237. But you ain't got no business goin' in there anyway. So stay out. You understand?

"Nobody ever says that stuff to me."

Night sky!

—Whatever it is.

"There's nobody important on this floor."

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—It takes a long time.

"You asshole – Nobody likes you."

Night sky!

—Don't cry too much about it.

"Think you're so funny?"

—It's murder!

—You probably feel no one has the right to talk to you this way.

"Squirm worm!"

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—Bad monsters! I'm going to scratch your eyes out with my hands.

"You think abortions are funny?"

—It's murder!

—Or the noble art of bull fighting ... That's why they're not popular ... Anyone can get married ... How much did Mary and Joseph's wedding cost? ... We don't know ... Be creative and you get axed! ... You have to be consensive! ... Real butcher boy! ... His aim is to bore people to death ... He's very skilled, too ... It still is warm ... We call them the physical terrorists ... It's good to not believe you're God ... unless you're Catholic ... You see but through a glass darkly ... I warned you against that! ... Wireless is in.

"Come back and you're dead."

—Many more! The plunge!

—I need bars, bars, bars!

["What do you think they're doing outside over there?"] [Stony silence, because it's just your luck to have asked a stranger a question in the most unfriendly town west of the Mississippi]

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—When one schizophrenic gets together, there are a thousand opinions ... It's not the age of conformity, it's the age of burial.

"It's like a graveyard of souls." []

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—How do you know?

"It's hot in here."

Night sky!

—Or it will be.

"Speak of the devil!"

Night sky!

—You rang?

"Next time don't take coins from there." [The customer penny tray next to the cash register]

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—How thieves and scoundrels are taking over the global economy.

[Someone sinking into a silence in the middle of a conversation]

—It's murder!

—Gets you angry, huh?

[Someone dropping the ball, trailing off into a pretentiously absorbed silence]

—Many more! The plunge!

—I'll have to have a talk with myself.

["Hi!"] [The cold shoulder]

—It's murder!

—It's practically killing me!

[Someone hanging up on you]

—It's murder!

It was nothing to speak of ... You see how things build up.

"Oh, you threw it away." [Maliciously]

—Many more! The plunge!

—I don't want to get into it – It's against my better judgment.

"Hey, easy, purple boy!" [Pedestrian baiting driver through open window]

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—Is this the height of your peasant sophistication?

"Don't keep running your fricking mouth!"

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—It served its purpose.

"Now I have to walk all the way around."

—It's murder!

—It's so easy, you won't believe it.

"The walk of shame."

—It's murder!

—"You're worthless, your brother is wonderful."

"What do you want for Christmas?"

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—On earth or in heaven?

"Are you ready for Christmas?"

—Many more! The plunge!

—It's a passion.

"Merry Christmas!" [Insincerely]

—Many more! The plunge!

—Take heart!

"I don't start until after eleven." [Drinking]

—Many more! The plunge!

—If you've had one too many, don't call a taxi – Call a tow truck!

"Got brains?"

—Many more! The plunge!

—You wake up next morning with your car in the driveway.

"She was singing, 'I want to be loved by you.'"

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—That's a very good dream – because it's very clear.

"It's what you would do if you loved me." [No condom]

Night sky!

—Sometimes it pays not to be in a hurry.

"This doesn't make any sense."

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—That's very often the case.

"It doesn't take much to amuse you, does it?"

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—Just give me a chain saw, and I'll hack my way through life.

"It really is hot in here with the door closed."

Night sky!

—I'd like to see a lot more of you.

"You're funny!"

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—I want to see what's underneath everything.

"You're hot!"

Night sky!

—The action mode.

"Hot enough for you?"

—It's murder!

—Don't let me catch you throwing your clothes around tomorrow!

"You don't know how funny that sounds."

—Many more! The plunge!

—A charmed life, huh?

"Then he said, 'I'm going to kick your fucking ass!'"

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—You aim right for the head and then your natural instincts for homicide take over.

"You think that's funny?"

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—Pardon me if my timing is slightly off.

"Now you made me forget what I was going to say . . . and it was very funny."

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—Try to get a sense of humor in these situations.

"I don't think that's very funny."

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—This is life's darkest moment.

"Why is it always a joke?"

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—We'll have to pick it up off the floor.

"I love the sound of laughter."

—Many more! The plunge!

—There's a lot to be said for making people laugh.

"He doesn't."

—It's murder!

—I ate some bad meat.

"Very funny. Very, very funny."

—Many more! The plunge!

—Under the circumstances, that one thing was very funny.

"It takes very little to amuse you, doesn't it?"

—Many more! The plunge!

—People are always giving you an opportunity to attack yourself, so if you don't attack yourself, what can they do?

"Can't you take a joke?"

—Many more! The plunge!

—Now don't you worry – No matter what happens, we'll always take care of you – We're always going to take care of you.

"What is that supposed to be, a joke?"

—Many more! The plunge!

—One's vegetarian, and one's carnivorous.

"Well now Richard, I hope you don't take this the wrong way – He totally disinterests me." [The upstairs neighbor he writes notes to the landlord and police about]

—It's murder!

—Nothing passes his mighty eye.

"He doesn't want to be friends with you?"

—It's murder!

—Representational acting, for when you're not connected to a light sparkly sensation in your chest.

"He uses a live body shield, huh?"

—It's murder!

—Hands of stone.

"The devil from hell."

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—On either side.

"Drop dead."

—Many more! The plunge!

—Yeah, things like that.

"I wish you were dead!"

—Many more! The plunge!

—Okay! You're all right in my book. You're a new dog.

"That doesn't work for me."

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—Maybe you have to go up higher to get away from that.

"That's not your experience."

—It's murder!

—A little presumptuous!

"They stole part of your rigging, huh? Don't you hate it when someone rips off your sailboat?"

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—Can you imagine what they turn out to be?

"It ain't over between you and me."

—It's murder!

—That's what you save money for.

"I hate to burst your bubble, but a 300 gallon koi pond is too small to grow koi big enough to hand feed them."

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—The only thing about me is, I'm a little bit crazy.


—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—What do you want, a gorilla?

"You're getting it for the cartoons, huh? – The New Yorker has more cartoons than all the other magazines combined, I can tell you that."

Night sky!

—A little of everything.

"You're a weirdo."

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—I've talked to many.

"Vain Berkeley weirdo."

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—In a way it's a blessing.

"Good-bye, weirdo."

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—Nothing's good enough.

"What's so funny?"

—It's murder!

—A huge amount, I guess.

"Trying to reinforce your rosy bubble?"

—Many more! The plunge!

—You could add that.

"I've known people that would kick your ass or stab you in response to your comebacks."

—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.

—The heavy hitters, huh?


—Many more! The plunge!

—I would feel very safe with you.

























I own a little white sailboat, named Banana, sitting on a trailer by the San Francisco Bay. This afternoon I noticed someone had swiped one of the pins that hold the mast up. Can you imagine? Now if I told this story to a certain kind of person, he might regard me and the sailboat with the utmost contempt. "They stole part of your rigging, huh? Don't you hate it when someone rips off your sailboat?"



—It's murder!


When someone believes they're missing something, they sometimes repeat your very words, seasoning them with a little menace. They tend to see life in terms of those who have and those who have not, forgetting that everyone's dreams are on the inside. If I told that very same story in terms of a dream I had, of owning a little while sailboat and doing everything I could to make that dream come true, do you think anyone would really want to have MY dream?

Defending yourself is not so much the mastery of arch rejoinders, thereby proving yourself clever. It is rather the illumination of human individuality, and the gestures you make toward furthering your own aims, dreams and ideals. When you honestly remember your own inner experiences, you can connect with other people on a simple commonality: We all have little dreams, big dreams, failed dreams, and dreams come true.


Sexual Tension

People can't let tension build up —
they don't have faith that it will release.

You can't let your mind do a number on you.

I would pay a little more attention to what I like,
and a little less attention to what I don't like.

If you can forestall pleasure for a while,
you'll get even more pleasure.







As follows

CODE WORDS: 237, abortions, ain't, amuse, bubble, cartoons, catching up, Christmas, coins, [cold], dead, devil, disinterests, doesn't, drunk, eleven, fanny, fricking, funny, graveyard, [hanging], hot, joke, kick, kicking, laughs, laughter, locks, loved, math, [mean], merry, nobody, [phony], preposterous, purple, raping, rips, [silence], squirm, [stony], [stupid], tacky, that's, threw, uses, [vicious], violently, walk, weirdo



—Stately. Next to the sappy ones.