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Patient refers to it as stargate-five-nine

A Crackpot.3






Up through the cracks.

—Off rhythm.

—It's uncanny.





Denying the Antecedent, Affirming the Consequent — Playing fast and loose with formal logic (simply reversing sides) is not a game for children. Essentially, a sufficient condition is not necessarily a necessary condition.





[royal black waters] - Cultural pretense & role playing - People can get very mixed up - They're continually upstaging you - They switch from acting like their mother to acting like their father at the drop of a hat, which is essentially crazy - Using "good-natured" lies, they confuse having someone under their thumb with liking them - Ask yourself, "What does that have to do with me?" - It's not hard to do well if you just know when to duck - People will lie, cheat & steal to maintain the force of an illusion, in thrall of "their culture," awash in currents of "their family," gripped by undercurrents of "correctness," drowning in overpowering "subtle niceties" - You have to be careful what you say to an unhappy person - People are into provoking because it's free - What you have to figure out is not how to solve things, but how to get out - They're always trying to start something - You have to learn how to throw cold water on it when they're provoking - Let's get off this subject - Don't fight with anyone - That's one of the great tricks in life - It's called, "I don't have any children, but if I did, they'd all listen to me."

The Age of Detachment, ages 16-19




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"I feel like killing myself."


The best way to kill yourself is old age ... Part of you is like a salmon, struggling upstream, for the past; Part of you is like a hummingbird, alighting upon memories, for the present; Part of you is like a spider, spinning a cocoon at night, for the future ... It's such a great advantage to admit what's in you. [See also stargate72, Someone feeling suicidal]

"Good morning!"

Up through the cracks.

—I'd like to see that!

"Sometimes in life you just got to take a chance."

—It's uncanny.

—That's ancient wisdom.

"You never know! – Sometimes life is just full of surprises."

Up through the cracks.

—You haven't been bad yet!

"It is the peyote that imparts knowledge – How will the children learn without peyote?"

Up through the cracks.

—I just got my foot in the door!

"Is it politically correct?"

Up through the cracks.

—I'm a Cherokee, a Chippewa, a Big Shit, too!

"It's too early in the morning."

—Off rhythm.

—I'm sure it's going to destroy someone, but I don't know who.

"We want the dead to rest easy, knowing their obligations are taken care of." [By friends and far relatives, right after they've died] (–Michael Ginsberg of Kaulkin Ginsberg, a consulting company to the debt collection industry)

Up through the cracks.

—They have whole staffs of people to do things for them.

"Hey short stuff!"

Up through the cracks.

—Tell me if you get into trouble.

"Don't sell yourself short."


—Grab every scrap of happiness you can.

"I want to know why we should reward lousy management?"


—You have to realize it wasn't your fault. Scientifically, you just lay it out.

«What they don't want you to know about self defence»

Up through the cracks.

—(1.) replace "fighting" reflex with words; (2.) artfully "misconstrue" the intended meaning; (3.) they think there's something in them that's extremely dangerous; (4.) they start exploding with imitations of their parents; (5.) see them as "holding a stick"; (6.) let go of the stick; (7.) there are people who don't believe anything; (8.) just leave off the fancy footwork; (9.) how can you struggle against something if it's reality? (10.) keep it on the down-low; (11.) just what makes sense; (12) don't you want to live life on your own terms?

«Killing some1 in self defence over verbal abuse»


—If you ever have trouble with a roommate, call the cops.

«What is the sentence for someone who kills for self defence»


—It is slow to understand things, to understand people.

«Self defense isn't room clearing»

—It's uncanny.

—I'm just going to stay with what I have ... Better to live in the shadow of the castle.

"Don't get defensive."

Up through the cracks.

—Don't you agree?

"What time do you go to work in the morning?"

—Off rhythm.

—I am a river.

"What time do you come in in the morning?"

—Off rhythm.

—You must feel left out.

["They're not very friendly."] "How many times did you go there?" [To Chez Panisse Restaurant]

Up through the cracks.

—I consider it a waste of time.

"How many times have I told you to knock it off?"


—That's what counts, isn't it?

"How many times has someone asked about this?"

Up through the cracks.

—You're in the chips.

"How many times did you go running around after that?"


—Do as little as possible.

"How many times have you read it?"

Up through the cracks.

—I don't ... Every morning.

"There are times I feel like killing you."


No violence! We don't want any violence – What did the Godfather say? Hold your enemies close.

"How many times do I have to tell you?"

Up through the cracks.

—What's new? Anything you want to add?

"This is the third time I've asked you to do this."


—It's what you don't do that really helps you.

"Well, do you know how to chase after girls? You seem to always fail."

Up through the cracks.

[See Icarus and the Gutter Snipe]

"Just try to have the nicest life you can."

—Off rhythm.

—I know – You have it down.

"You're so immature."

Up through the cracks.

—I've outgrown that.

"You probably get money from your parents."

Up through the cracks.

—Those days are gone forever.

"I don't care where you come from."

—Off rhythm.

—Everyone talks where I come from.

"Getting down and dirty!"

—Off rhythm.

—Which is one of the things people love to do.

"Yeah, and now you're wearing diapers."

Up through the cracks.

—All over your yard.

"CAN I FINISH PLEASE? CAN I FINISH PLEASE?" [Effectively hijacking the business meeting]

—It's uncanny.

—I've got mine! Here's my note!

"Are you using that?" [The cart]

Up through the cracks.

—It's just free.

"Again with the eating the Hershey bar – It's going to ruin your appetite."

Up through the cracks.

—Dirt cheap.

"I put the PG&E bill on the dining room table – I already paid it."

—It's uncanny.

—This means you will have seven fat years and seven lean years.

"You shouldn't generalize."

Up through the cracks.

—As they say in Trenton, New Jersey, I'm not prejudiced about any stereotypes – Jump up and grab God's toe.

["See how she walks across the street without looking? ... a Californian."] "We're not stereotyping or anything, are we?"


—It's amazing how naïve people are about things.

"So, what's the damage?"

Up through the cracks.

—This way you can downsize.

"What's the damage?"

Up through the cracks.

—No harm done.

"Why do some children keep setting fires?"


—You wish you had a father that likes you – The solution is to like yourself.

"What's your poison?"

Up through the cracks.

—If you only knew.

"The thinker."

—Off rhythm.


"You're early."

—Off rhythm.

—Wherever there are two Jews, there are three opinions.

"You could never be a farmer – Farmers have to wake up early."

—Off rhythm.

—Very few people can make a living from art.

"Well, then, if I just stay inside all day, you mean I won't catch a cold?"

Up through the cracks.

—You know, even I get tired of being good sometimes.

"Well, then, if I just plain get sick, will that mean I've already gone outside without my stupid sweater?"


—A rainbow of mental equipment.

"I'm only laughing 'cause you're my boss."


—Except on rare occasions.

"What's with all these questions? I'm going to start a meter back here and charge you seventeen dollars."

—Off rhythm.

—Are you going to switch one lane to the left? ... Back to your Chinese name? ... W-A-H! ... Wah! ... There's other people ... You're fak-o; I'm real ... Knowledge, talent, and what do they call it? Experience ... ... My two grandfathers, my father, my teacher ... They all help me ... Preparation is everything ... Truth is stranger than fiction ... I'm real ... You don't even know how to spell your own name.

"I'm in charge – If I say do it, just do it!"

Up through the cracks.

—I don't want to discuss tactical issues when we both have the same overall strategy!

"You take charge of it."

—It's uncanny.

—Our due diligence process.

"If you use my joke, I'm going to charge you."


—You boil the chicken until it can talk again!

"I'm negotiating with Richard, here."

Up through the cracks.

—I'm getting married tomorrow.

"Say, 'Cheese!'"

Up through the cracks.


"What kind of cheese?"

—It's uncanny.

—Have it your way, Jack!

"I know what you're feeling."

—Off rhythm.

—I know it's hard – a million things.

"Are you feeling better?"

—It's uncanny.

—A serious drinker is a serious worker.

"How come you didn't marry a witch?"

Up through the cracks.

—It's because Jupiter was lined up with Florida.

"Are you illegitimate?"

Up through the cracks.

—I am a poet.

"Were you outsourced?"

Up through the cracks.

—Another bridge to nowhere.

"Hey, why didn't you get on the freeway there?"


—Don't blame me for being smart! Blame my family!

"Is your arm better?"

—It's uncanny.

—The luck of the Irish.

"I hope you took notes – There'll be a quiz next time."

Up through the cracks.

—That's something to hope for.

























If you think you're better than other people,
then it's hard to like yourself.

You incorporated many of your parents' ideals
and values while you were still a child.

For example, if your parents didn't like thieves,
then you don't like thieves.

Part of you is a thief.


When a "Force of Nature" is Not Logical

Children frequently use switching sides as a fighting tactic in an argument, like a sudden jujitsu move. However, simply reversing sides leads to a whole textbook of informal fallacies. The syllogisms listed here incorrectly take a sufficient condition for a necessary condition. In the expression,

IF "Something is true" THEN "This follows."

"Something is true" is called the ANTECEDENT.

"This follows" is called the CONSEQUENT.

When a mother tells a child, "If you don't wear your sweater outside, you'll catch a terrible cold," you are DENYING the ANTECEDENT if you ask something like, "Well, then, if I just stay inside all day, you mean I won't catch a cold?" (You stupid mother!) In this situation the mother should recognize the child is DENYING the ANTECEDENT and respond ambivalently,

"Up through the cracks."

Alternatively, if the mother repeats, "If you go outside without your nice new sweater on, you really will get sick," you are AFFIRMING the CONSEQUENT if you say something like "Well, then, if I just plain get sick, will that mean I've already gone outside without my stupid sweater?" (You stupid mother!) The mother would be well advised to admonish the child cheerfully with something like,



A rainbow of mental equipment."


The main thing to notice here is that without extraordinary practice, people really don't have a chance to perform lexical analysis on the fly. However, you can begin to notice where this kind of trouble comes from, and from that understanding, make an immediate response.

First, begin to notice that most logical confoundment comes because a person suddenly switched sides exactly the way a child would — They regressed and said something childish (without adult logic).

Perhaps you, or both of you, become a "force of nature" (in discussions of sex or of having a baby). Then if one of you says something like, "I'm not going to talk to you unless you're being logical," and the other says something back, like, "So, you'll never talk to me again?" try to see beyond all this, that you'll both be back on the street again as rational human beings earning an honest living.

Then you can immediately (and poetically) respond, "—Very different."

In sex and in love, two people regress together, have fun, then shimmy into two separate adults again. Try to see this as an enjoyable process rather than as fertile grounds for a fight.

Second, begin to notice that most people do not provide adequate "establishing shots." In cinematography, this is done by first showing a general scene from way back (establishing a context), then moving or cutting in for fast action or for close-ups. In much of modern communication, people are not skilled in establishing a frame of reference. They "just say things."

One day a complete stranger said to me, "Is your arm better?" Seeing this as a logical challenge, I immediately responded, "—It's uncanny" but had no idea what he had been talking about until twenty minutes later. He had forgotten to establish the shared memory we had of me walking my dogs in Berkeley's Aquatic Park, when, whoosh! his Frisbee had sailed close by, and how I had yanked my arm back into my sleeve, like a turtle, as if the disk had sliced it off! He and all his friends had laughed, and we had continued our separate ways.

Now, for one thing, there were four of them, who were behind me, so I hadn't noticed any one of them in particular. Next, they were in the company of their own camaraderie, so they had probably been regressing (into childhood happiness). And finally, I had been walking at a very different speed from them, and in a different direction. Nothing was really wrong with my arm.

So I had nothing, really, to help me remember when two weeks later this stranger said, "Is your arm better?"

Always keep in mind that when communication breaks down, one or many of you are probably regressing, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's just sometimes you have to be an adult.

"Hey, why didn't you get on the freeway there?"




—Don't blame me for being smart! Blame my family!








As follows

CODE WORDS: arm, 'cause, charge, chase, cheese, damage, defensive, diapers, dining, early, feeling, finish, fires, freeway, from, generalize, getting, illegitimate, immature, inside, morning, myself, negotiating, obligations, occasionally, outsourced, peyote, plain, poison, politically, quiz, reward, ruin, seem, self, short, some1, sometimes, stereotyping, surprises, surviving, there'll, thinker, third, times, using, witch


"Serpent holder"

Up through the cracks.