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Patient refers to it as stargate-seven-three

An Instigator.1






—Nothing to land me in jail.

—Maybe. Both! A feast!

—The sun & the moon.

—How amusing.




Circus! Circus! — You can see a lot of Essential Life Scripts as Vaudeville routines - Other players appear from out of the blue like wind-up toys trying to punish you  - You just wind them up and they do whatever they're doing - It's the Squeeze Play: You're no good, they're good! - They're just pretending to see you, from some sneaky, cruel, inwardly amused narcissistic dream.





[narcissistic setup questions] - This happens to everyone who overworks - Getting manic - Running away from feeling bad - Because there's hell to pay when you run out of energy - So people are constantly demoting other people to office boy & preparing children for a life of slavery by hitting them - And if they didn't hit you, it's harder, because you have to be the captain of your soul, and the master of your fate - "I don't think you get anywhere going outside yourself, because you're running away from what's inside you." (–David Daniels) - "They always think there's something [on the outside] that's going to make them feel good."

The Age of Significance, ages 20-23




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




«new idea that you discovered about verbal responses to students» ... «smart comebacks to adult bullies» ... «what to do when teenage girls verbally attack you» ... «biting comebacks to internet insults» ... «great comebacks when someone is verbally abusing you» ... «THE ART OF DEFENDING ONESELF AGAINST VERBAL ATTACK» ... «how to handle verbal insults and triggers» ... «verbal response trigger» ... «list of words defending self» ... «snappy comebacks to stupid insults» ... «WHAT TO SAY IF YOU JUST SHOT SOMEONE IN SELF DEFENCE» ... «self defense words beginning with l» ... «instances of people getting in trouble for self defense» ... «verbal defense i was only kidding –yankovic» ... «word synonymous with self defense» ... «how to respond to a verbal insult» ... «verbally sticking up for one self» ... «responding to verbal insults»

—Maybe. Both!

—You don't see India complaining ... People, down deep, are murderers ... They're insane ... Kill, kill, kill! ... Not there ... The more you leave them alone, the healthier they get ... They just fight in their silent way ... They don't like these refined things ... They like to rob people of their time ... There are at least fifty field theories that are correct ... It's nothing to worry about ... It's not so simple ... There are certain things you want to know are there, but you don't want to name things ... A person can be present to themselves, and a person can be absent from themselves... They're just trying to feel secure ... They can't see anybody ... People don't know what's important ... Most people are too busy trying to pretend their parents weren't stupid ... Presence to self, Absence to self, They never teach that ... They might teach presence to God ... Big news! That's never happened before ... HEAVEN HELP ME! ... Who knows what they look like? ... PLEASE DON'T BREATHE ON ME! ... Presence ... I've seen people roll their eyes, but I've never seen anyone roll their eyelashes ... That's fancy ... Blinding! ... For high maintenance friends ... (1.) "It's warm in here!" ... One piled upon another ... (2.) "I'll live tomorrow!" ... (3.) "It's too late!" ... (4.) "I'm from the old school! You got it, you spend it!" ... (5.) "I never did!" ... (6.) "I have to think of everything!" ... (7.) "It's very artistic." ... My dog's hopeless, and I know it! ... Some of its aims are bad.

"Are you feeling sociable today, or not?"


—You don't have to change your personality – It's social skills.

«Ideas for a poster board for school all about a person's life»

—The sun & the moon.

—Because it's such an important thing ... Simplicity, playfulness, doing nothing, being a decent person, being yourself, aging well.

"Is this the way to downtown?" [A setup question, with more to follow – They're rats in brackish water]

—The sun & the moon.

—Sugar street police work ... There's more traffic.

"Do you have a cigarette on you?"


Someone must ... That isn't so, but thanks for asking! ... It's all those foreigners sneaking into the country ... It must have been a Mexican.

"I'll give you a quarter if you give me a cigarette."

—How amusing.

—You have to go to Mexico for that.

"Works of art are not required to exist. There is nothing outside of them that requires their existence. If Shakespeare had never existed we would not miss his works, for there would be nothing missing." (–Richard Poirier)

—How amusing.

—Destroys everything ... Take 'em all off! ... This is the time to do it.

"Can I see what you look like down there?"

—The sun & the moon.

—Look how long my shirt is.

"You are the sharpest tool in the drawer today, aren't you?"

—How amusing.

—Wow! It's worth a try ... I'll bet my feathers are hardening already.

"Social networking creates the illusion that the fragmentation and despair that are so characteristic of modern human existence are somehow eliminated with the click of a button." (–Jeremiah D. Braunlin)


Get down! ... People who like to eat are way ahead of other people ... The Song of Moses ... camaraderie, rapport ... What makes you incensed? ... Brothers of the same mind ... It must be frozen food ... They may not get a chance to talk to people who are interesting ... Of course I will tell you ... but you have to wait until my birthday ... Every moment counts ... It's like the Queen Elizabeth grand tour, isn't it? ... A lot of them must be really stupid ... They know one thing, and golf ... Hey! Maybe I should have a nice life ... It's like murder! ... So one light goes out, another goes on ... That's the trick to it ... If all you have is Allah [breath], you're in bad trouble ... It's obvious ... "Give me a hug!" ... —Until how old? ... Doing what comes naturally.

"Unless you know what you're talking about, SHUT UP!"

—How amusing.

—So what if people laugh at you?

"Coming back with fancy retorts is not my style unless I think at that moment that it will benefit beings."

—The sun & the moon.

—That was my interpretation.

"Inner peace brings world peace – God is love and the infinite, right?"

—The sun & the moon.

—Behind that is total slimy kiss-my-ass crap ... In front of that is total ignoring ... Earlier than that is buried childhood traumas and immense suffering ... Over that is a stubborn knot of anger ... Under that is a tangled braid of neglect and desperation ... After that they can't even understand "meaning"; it's the world of gloss ... Avoidance ("God") is what keeps the trauma alive.

"Thank you for this imbroglio of nonsensical jibberish that some Christian on crack is euphemizing as a web site."

—Nothing to land me in jail.

—Not dogs!

"Why is everyone crying about verbal abuse in the game? IT'S A GAME!"

—How amusing.

—That should ease or assuage a lot of pain.

"Total waste of cyberspace, and my time."

—Maybe. Both!

—It's the call of the wild.

"I'd like to learn verbal self defense from someone who is at least coherent."

—The sun & the moon.

—Some people can get very creative when it comes to anger.

"You shouldn't smoke."

—The sun & the moon.

—Don't knock it! You may want to do that one day ... You might ... Are you the one who is effusing foul emotions? ... Don't inhale! ... When you're not attacking innocent people, what are you doing? ... Goodie two-shoes, one; burning ember, nothing ... You must go crazy roasting marshmallows at a campfire ... Let's call it quits ... Put on a whale suit, pour on a bucket of water ... Hang in there ... Okay, is that enough?

"It's bad for your health, man."

—How amusing.

—Look at Joan of Arc – She was smoking until the moment she died.

"Get yourself some help, you apparently need it more than I do."

—How amusing.

—The only bad thing about it is, you feel like a wire coat hanger for about half an hour when you wake up.

"Do you have a quarter, Sir?"

—Nothing to land me in jail.

—What would you do with six of them, lying on the floor?

"Have you got a cigarette?"


—Don't look!

"Do you smoke?"

—Nothing to land me in jail.

—I let mine rise.

"You have a cigarette?"

—Nothing to land me in jail.

—There must be oxygen on Mars from that one.

"I have a question for you – Do you spell loser with one O or two O's?"

—How amusing.

—Find one.

"Is there an accident up ahead?"


—There's nothing you can do.

"Is there another line for people with a higher IQ?"

—How amusing.

—Hate people all you want.

"They just want us out of here – You can't win."

—The sun & the moon.

—Next week it's the whole world.

"You can't win."

—The sun & the moon.

—Ask my assistant.

"When you're perfect, try walking on water."

—How amusing.

—You don't have to be a pond your mother turmoils.

"I know the way to get there." [Irate taxi driver talking to a passenger]


—It's a little removed.

"Would you like fries with your meal?"


—If you come over and feed 'em to me.

"There are no accidents."

—How amusing.

—If you know where the dirt is.

"There are no victims."

—The sun & the moon.

—You know ... in sheep's clothing.

"There are no mistakes."

—How amusing.

—That's what they live by, mistakes.

"Do people want the real or the imaginary?"


—So there!

"Which one do you like better?"


—You can't go wrong.

"Will you take your top off at the beach?"


—With YOU around?

"It's a great place to go topless."

—The sun & the moon.

—Some like it white.

"Don't you take anything seriously?"


—That's when they take it off.

"I need to ask you all something – which one is Mohammed? No, seriously – I mean it. I really can't tell which is which."

—How amusing.

—Everyone's just as bad as everyone else – except for Mimi – she never bit a dog!

"I was just being social."

—The sun & the moon.

—Maybe it's even deeper.

"If this is a social experiment and he's going to submit a formal paper on it, bravo. If not, he should STFU and drive."

—How amusing.

—I don't know why you're telling me these things – I'm just a child.

"Have a good day there."


—I'm not going to ruin it for you.

"No humming!"

—How amusing.

—We'll see what we can do.

"You're an oreo! – Black on the outside, white on the inside."

—How amusing.

—Everyone's the same – the Irish, the Jews.
























A Bed of Roses

I remember one of those cool autumn evenings in Boston. I had just gotten a divorce, and was learning how to cook for myself the way an adult would — you know, green onions, three kinds of lettuce, and just the leaves of Italian parsley, not the stems, thank you — when I encountered a young girl half a block from where I lived as I trudged home with the groceries. She suddenly appeared before me with two puppies in either arm, cuddled to her chest. "Which one do you like better?" she beamed.

I glanced at another girl, who had walked up behind her, and without hesitation, seeing how cute she was, pointed at the friend.

Well, both girls went into shock for about 2.5 seconds, then the second girl giggled, and I turned and walked away. Now, I know, I really should have said something diplomatic like,


but I just couldn't help myself.

I strongly suspect some of my readers will take this material and try to be PERFECT with it, and perfect is DEAD!

The idea is to tumble backwards into a bed of roses, without controlling yourself to death — Lord knows we'll die soon enough. So when that cute little girl at McDonald's demurely asks, "Would you like fries with your meal?" by all means say something wrong, like,


—If you come over and feed 'em to me."







As follows

CODE WORDS: apparently, barbecue, beach, bravo, button, characteristic, cigarette, click, coherent, cyberspace, depends, downtown, eliminated, euphemizing, exist, existed, experiment, fragmentation, fries, health, humming, illusion, imaginary, infinite, O, oreo, poster, quarter, networking, selfie, seriously, sharpest, smoke, social, sociable, STFU, there, topless, unless, verbal, water, which, win



—The sun & the moon.