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Patient refers to it as stargate-two-two

A Busybody.2





The Fallacy of Division — Tries to apply what is true of the whole group to parts of the group.





[intimidation, lying] - There's nothing you can say; it's all quicksand - With these people there's a disconnect from reality, and to maintain their allegiance to beatings from their parents, they try to scare you - Under the intense emotional pressure of intimidation, what you do is get back to basics - Don't argue with a nitwit; you can only lose - They're all liars - Latinos are so cruel! They treat natives like dogs! - In third grade they say things because people say it to them, and they want to know how to answer.

The Age of Attention, ages 4-7




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"I hope I'm doing as well as you are when I reach your stage."

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—The place we like it.

"Tell me what number you'd give yourself, from 1 to 10."

—High directions. I wouldn't.

—I'd rather be taken for a wolf than a lamb.

"I think you're a 3."

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—I saw that already ... That's just the kind of guy you are.

"Thanks Richard - I think I see your point. I'm hoping to get into some NLP next year."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—It's effortless.

"Hey! Clear the bicycle way!" [Pounding on your cab] :: WildCard-5

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Good luck! ... It's important!

"Hey, geek!"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

So cruel. [See stargate76]

"Anything would help, Sir! – Anything at all."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—I'm sorry about that.


—Who knows? A pioneer.

—I don't care what you say.

"You're not geek?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—I'm sure a lot of people are complaining.

"In hindsight, would you do anything differently?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—If there's anything to pinch ... You can't be careful and be fast.

[Someone humming, whistling, crumpling bags, slamming doors, and carrying on while you're concentrating on your work]

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—You can't play The Star Spangled Banner without the white keys and the darkies!

"That's something we have in common – Our sisters are our muses."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—You have to stand up to temptations.

"What are your greatest achievements?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

What about you? ... The traits that correlate most powerfully with success are "attention to detail, persistence, efficiency, analytic thoroughness and the ability to work long hours." (–David Brooks, "In Praise of Dullness," The New York Times, 19-May-2009)

"Boomers Hit Another Milestone Of Self-Absorption: Turning 65 ... They are living longer, working longer and, researchers say, nursing some disappointment about how their lives have turned out. The self-aware, or self-absorbed, feel less self-fulfilled, and thus are racked with self-pity." (–Dan Barry, The New York Times, January 1, 2011)

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Corporations serve their purpose – There are certain people you wouldn't want to see dancing on the street ... Act your age, not your shoe size ... "Say It Loud! I'm Black and I'm Proud!" ... How self-absorbed of us!

"I'm like a snake that's shed its skin."

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—If it isn't one thing, it's another.

[Bully in the Hallway]

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—There's a reason for it ... Don't go there!

[Someone having psychological issues, trying to provoke you or start something]

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

Little ghosts.

"He's a geek!" [Geek - noun - 1. an odd or ridiculous person. 2. a carnival performer whose show consists of bizarre acts, such as biting the head off a live chicken. From Middle Low German, geck, fool.]

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—It's not what they say ... They're just egging on your Id, or egging on your Superego. You tell your Id, "You're not going to do that – You're not that stupid." You tell your Superego, "Don't tell me what to do, you stupid asshole!"

[Your head's shoved into a wall locker]

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

Real sharp! ... It's bigger than both of us! ... You mistake kindness for weakness ... Just because I'm nice to you doesn't mean I'll let you push me around.

"You're worthless."

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—They say a person is as big as what makes them angry ... Hey, if you were Jesus, you'd be shit on two sticks! ... if shit was electricity, you'd be a powerhouse!

"Go hang yourself."

—High directions. I wouldn't.

I'm going postal! ... No, I'm not going to swing from a tree painted blue too much, and I'm not going to be a slave working for someone else ... I'm just going to do what I'm doing ... Don't tell me what to do – Stop trying to scare me!

"Kids will be kids; boys will be boys; they're just cruel at this age."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—Stay calm and collect ... There's all levels of intelligence and ability ... Breathe in without breathing out when you're around people ... You stop it before it starts (Holding your breath).... It doesn't matter who they are ... Just deal with your Id, and deal with your Superego.

"I feel kind of nervous going to school 'cause ... I like learning, but I have trouble making friends."

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Sometimes to be kind you have to be forceful – not often, and not for nothing ... Do it yesterday! ... Not often, but do it every once in a while.

"They push me, strangle me, take things from me, sit on me."

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—That's what they call the liberty of the slum – They'll try anything.

"Hey, fuck you! Do you think I'm going to wait all day for you to take your turn?" [An SUV driver attacking your son, who's just learning how to drive]

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—Say, "I do not have a mother. I do not have a father. I am surrounded by assassins!" [Jimmy Durante voice]

"Don't go ahead of me! Wait for me! Wait for me!" [From a furious person in a wheelchair, to the restaurant host, who's slowly leading the way to tables out on the patio]

—High directions. I wouldn't.

Oh, dear!

"Sometimes we need that – You better learn how to deal with people instead of sitting behind a desk!"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—I'm busy! I'm creating The Hulk!

"You're the most helpless person in the world!"

—Location! Ever hopeful.


"Hey, chin up!"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—I ask you!

"I light my face so people can't see my double chin."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—Just because you think something, doesn't mean anyone else thinks it.

"Could we please have at least one of these 'brainiacs' work on something beneficial to humanity? We are being entertained to death." (–Peter Muellner, Washington, 16 March 2010)

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Everyone gets angry ... Outrage in you is the engine .. Feelings are like dents in your fender ... You are the driver ... People think what they feel, what they think, and their hungers are them ... (As an infant, if they feel weak, they eat it – their parents' personality) ... What you are is not what your parents did to you ... What you are born with is you ... Everyone, sooner or later, is faced with a little child in a crib ... That child never grew up ... That's where all the talent is.

"How would you describe that?" [Police officer to two-year-old boy who has just been sodomized at a party, after being repeatedly sandwiched between two adult men, taught how to suckle an erect penis to ejaculation, while being sexualized by hand, and penetrated from behind – "We're going to take him out for the best dinner he's ever had," they would tell my parents – All those people are dead now – Total assholes, including my parents – And to the rest of you, (They wink while they're passing judgment) I love your family values, your buried hostility, your bacchanal parties, your flimsy marriages, your Catholic coat-hanger abortions, your blind people, your patriotism, your sports teams, your churches, your Ivy League colleges, your TV programs, your market economy, your economic slavery, your cubbyholes, your cell phones, your witty sarcasm, your country clubs, your golf courses, your gated communities, and my art, which is eventually going to get around to this, and what's worse, the hushed cover-up that follows: A naked little boy running around at a party, How cute! ... a Scandinavian cherub ... The Sistine Chapel]

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—A lot of things I didn't know about.

"THIS IS OUR BUSINESS! NOT YOURS!" [Some thug beating the crap out of his girlfriend, up on a hillside] (An hour later, in real life, to avenge being sprayed with pepper spray, he and a mate will go on a shooting rampage, killing two)

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Maybe it isn't worth it.

"Did you forget anything?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—It's like flotsam on the surface of the sea.

"You know, you're the one who kept me from inserting a subclavical shunt in your father for two weeks, and now he's dead." [From a vicious, lying physician, as the elevator door closes in your face]

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Very crude.

"A boy named Sue!"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—It's like sticking a stick into me ... Poke's the name, get the point? Is this too hard for you? Am I bo-ring you? Stick around!

"I'll put that in my notebook and never forget it." [Theatrically telling everyone what she's going to do with the sticker I gave her]

—Location! Ever hopeful.

Do your worst!

"There was a video of two really old, infirm men – They were our age."

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—You're not going to die here – I don't think.

"How do you know if it's a gangster?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—The new persuaders ... It's the mental industrial complex.

"How do you know I'm not packing a gun?"

—High directions. I wouldn't.

—I don't ... I'm doing something else ... I'd rather just do creative things.

"Are you a doctor?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—Can I compare thee to a toilet?

"We're a threesome – If you want to be involved, we'd have to ask you."

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—Oh, sorry – I have band practice.

"Do you feel bad about yourself?"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—May your time machine not stop in the dark cave.

"Using NLP style tricks to calm down situations."

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—With stairways to nowhere ... What will today bring? ... Self-remembering is the beginning of consciousness ... When you're present to yourself, you're conscious.

"It's going to be a shitty day."

—Location! Ever hopeful.

The glamour ... The guy gets to you after a while ... He's a recessive anal compulsion – All he's interested in is dark shit ... You're going to love it.

"Shut your hole!"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—You're not bothering me at all, sweetie pie.

"I know you are, but what am I?"

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—No mystery.


—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—It's obvious.

"What am I going to do about you?"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—How can you get out?

"Am I mentioned?"

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—Whatever you do, don't buy a chain saw.

"What's your average monthly electric bill?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—(a.) If it doesn't kill you, don't remember it – (b.) Don't remember anything that doesn't kill you! – (c.) Don't remember anything that doesn't mean anything!

"What did you have to eat?" [From a stranger, sitting down next to you]

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—I'm sure they know.

"Do you talk to yourself?"

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—A tiny little poem ... It's really nice to be rich.

"Because of something in your childhood, or the way you were raised, you feel you always have to win, or know what to say."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—You can't do anything if you can't see what you're doing – See clearly.

"You owe me a kiss."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—A little better ... Don't get your hopes up.

"They never make you feel worthless." [The Brazilians]

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—It's really amazing how far people go.

"Is truth an absolute?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—There's one truth, death and taxes, that's what everyone says ... People set out highlights for other people, because they want big ideas ... What do they mean by truth? ... Your consciousness ... Everything you're aware of and what you're conscious of is your truth ... Truth is beauty, that's the hooker; beauty is truth ... It's very easy to be interested in ideas, especially if you're a Rabbi ... Allah! means breathing, and for some people, that's enough ... On those ships, they had to use it for other things.

"Plant yourself, and your faith will grow."

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—The Gnostics believe there's a spark of light inside people, and if they get in touch with it, they see the truth – When you can afford it, be honest.

"Now you're trying to impose your suffering on me!"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—That's a different way to put it – Let's cut palms with knives and become blood brothers!

"Get over yourself."

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—You could quote Malcolm X: "The future belongs to those who prepare for it today."

"Do you think everyone's as pure as you?"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Down by the old mill ..., across the burning ..., my ....

"Was that cynical laughter, Richard?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—Buried in the Bastille for two hundred years, and now it's coming to light. And you say, don't make so much noise! I'm powdering my nose.

"What are you giggling about?"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Could you tell in any way?

"We've got Justice Kennedy writing decisions based upon international law, not the Constitution of the United States? That's just outrageous. And not only that, but he said in session that he does his own research on the Internet? That is just incredibly outrageous." (–Congressman Tom DeLay)

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Is this Show and Tell? Werewolf of London (1935) ... That's a good one!

"Constitutional entitlements do not ... spring into existence, as the Court seems to believe, because foreign nations decriminalize conduct. ... The Court's discussion of these foreign views (ignoring, of course, the many countries that have retained criminal prohibitions on sodomy) is therefore meaningless dicta. Dangerous dicta, however, since 'this Court ... should not impose foreign moods, fads, or fashions on Americans.'" [Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, June 26, 2003, in a dissenting opinion, LAWRENCE v. TEXAS, referring to recent decisions by the European Court of Human Rights]

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—You can take those to school for Show and Tell.

"Would it be silly for me to wear a mask on my flight to Hawaii?"

—High directions. I wouldn't.

—Sounds like a horror movie.

"Do you think I bug you all the time?"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Whenever anyone is carrying on like that, there's something under it – Fear of abandonment.

"I wouldn't say it's a bug."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—In the middle of nowhere, where no one's ever looked.

"Sounds like a horror movie."

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Regret nothing, because "Life is short; Nature is hostile; and man is ridiculous." (The Narrow Corner, W. Somerset Maugham, 1932)

"You're here for rock bottom, you absolute horror of a human being."

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—You could have a sense of humor about it.

"It doesn't matter – It's meaningless." [Teen-age boy to his father]

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—For someone my age – Come on! – I'm a piker.

"You don't speak English?" [After saying something that made no sense at all]

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—You don't have enough trouble?

"What? For a minute there I thought you understood me." [Link from The E.\/.il Marketer, March 31, 2002]

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—I'll tell you privately sometime.

"Somebody obviously needs the buttcandle." [Link from]

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Citizen Tom Paine.

"I don't 'get' some of the bridges, and I'd like to, are there pages of explanation that I have overlooked?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—It sounds like a rebellion down in the mines.

"The only thing I want you to know is that if my company had won the contract, I'd be YOUR boss."

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—I want you to take responsibility for that.

"Well, at least she's got the body for it." [Bare-chested shoulder riding during a midsummer 2010 "Naked Day" heat wave in New York City]

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—"SideBoob the Poor. Upskirt the Rich."

"I've been told I have a great body."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—Yours is just as good as anyone else's.

"I think a shark just went by."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—It's good to check.

"You know me! It could have been a piece of cardboard, and I've named it a shark!"

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—Just keep in mind you can't fall off the Earth.

"Do you like seeing people just killed by sharks?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—Psychology is wonderful, don't you think?

"Thanks for your concern." [Sarcastically]

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Simple shepherds of the north, Knifing ministers through the throat.

"Eat shit and die!"

—High directions. I wouldn't.

—You can show us where it is, and we'll pass it around.

"Eat up!"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—The more at home people feel, the more delusional they are.

[Someone reading exam aloud]

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—There's a trick. [Talk to the proctor ... or get up and move to another part of the examination room]

"I'm going to get a real gun." [One angry third-grade boy to another]

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—Maybe it'll change your life.

"Oh, neighborhood watch, huh?" [Just because you're writing a note to yourself]

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—I'll mention it to the boys downtown.

"You guys do that yourself? – They don't do it for you?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—Keep a low profile.

"Good luck with your ex!"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Pump it up! Last set.

"Isn't your life miserable enough?"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Well, I'm on a mission.

"Oh, everybody loves me, everybody loves me."

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—The opposite of a vampire.

"Misery loves company."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—Nobody minds Winged Victory.

"You don't have a copy of that?" [Incredulously]

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—That must be a great feeling.

"Kiss off!"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—All that stuff.

"Kiss my butt!"

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—It's grotesque.

"You are way ahead in receiving Dad's generosity."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—I have no bad feeling toward your family.

"Well, this girl is certainly better than the other one. She will not leave you, and she won't control you either. You don't want to be controlled like before, do you?"

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

[See Icarus and the Gutter Snipe]

"They are a snake moving in the desert; they hold no place in Iraq." [Mohammed Saeed Sahaf - Information minister, April 3, 2003]

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—It's because you're not Jewish.

"You know, there's a trash can on either corner." [To a bum who just dropped a candy bar wrapper on the sidewalk]

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—You can be in two places at once; you just have to take your time.

"You know, there's a trash can up your ass." [From the bum]

—Location! Ever hopeful.


"You shut up! I'll beat your ass."

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—Just like yours, right?

"You have a big ass!"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—Who endured the biggest ass in history?

"It's really none of your business."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—Jesus! – He tied his ass to a tree and walked a mile into town.

"How's business?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's easy.

"So, how's the taxi business?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—It died in a bubble.

"How's the cab business?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—Don't feel cheated.

"That's my business."

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—Secret offshore banking.

"Your mother's and my personal life is none of your concern."

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Well, who am I?

["Where are you from?" "I'm from a country." "Which one?"] "That's of no importance to you."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—It's a great advantage to have friends – It really helps.

"Is this yours?"

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—Look at the chart.

"Is it yours?"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—I'm going to get another one.

"Up yours!"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—To be with the rest of your kind.

"Another shitty day in paradise."

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—Two steps forward, one step back.

"Don't rub it in."

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Just sneak it in.

"Eat me!"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—I don't want to be the stooge of a fool.

"Once a Jap, always a Jap."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—Some people like their parents.

"That's what you always say."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—That's all I know about it.

"I'm always in the wrong line."

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—No wonder you look so happy.

"Do you always read other people's phone messages?"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—The life of Demento.

"Oh, my God! Anyone who sees this is going to think I'm shallow!"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—Get a pitchfork.

"Don't denigrate yourself!"

—High directions. I wouldn't.

—It's against my principles.

"What's management think about this?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—They begged me, "Please be a nice guy!"

"Can you take a ten-inch cock?"

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—Why, is there one missing?

"Are you on crack?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—I hope the words, "Who needs you?" aren't engraved on your tombstone.

"We're bigger and on top – If this were prison, you'd be our bitch."

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—Not Sicilians.

"Hey, jerk-off, what do you want?"

—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—To save money.


—Location! Ever hopeful.

—That's as cheap as you can get?

"Blow it out your ass."

—High directions. I wouldn't.

—I don't want to ruin it for you.

"Go fuck yourself!"

—High directions. I wouldn't.

—It's not worth it.

"Why don't you go fuck yourself?"

—High directions. I wouldn't.

—Don't sell yourself short.

"You're not supposed to kiss and tell!"

—High directions. I wouldn't.

—No wonder they think we're barbarians!

"Don't just ignore the fact that I went out of my way to help you."

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—Because I don't want to get in a rut.

"You're not supposed to do that."

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—I'm going to let you talk to Andy ... And 'e walks with me; And 'e talks with me; And 'e holds my hand; And he tells me I'm bad.

[A process server outside your door; don't open the door! It's like a Laurel and Hardy movie; you're just patient, and sooner or later they'll leave you alone] "This is Tim Hutton from the Berkeley Heritage ... I'm writing a story about local writers, poets, and artists ... Are you saying there's no one here who's a writer, poet, or artist? Cheeze!" [Berkeley Heritage doesn't exist; sooner or later liars always trip themselves up]

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—We're busy ... Nobody's here ... Not that I know of ... We have everything here! ... Most people left ... It's kind of a Church, devoted to the memory ... Most people learned and left ... I'm not saying ... I'm not sure I want it ... Come to your senses! ... We live in the land of rugs ... I'm not telling you, and don't you write it down! ... Oh, come on! ... That's just a hoax.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

—Who knows? A pioneer.

—Wide open!

"Okay, DICKIE!"

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—I'd be happy, too.

["You must be a Californian." "No, I'm not."] "I am." [Menacingly, from a third party]

—Location! Ever hopeful.

—This guy has what you call delivery! ... For no reason at all they're very serious about certain things ... When it's over, it's over!


—How 'bout that. Slumming.

—It's hiding under the couch.
























The Intent of Intimidation

They know your soft spot.
They rub your nose in it.
They can just smell it.

And you fall for it.
You just tricked them into
coming out of the woodwork.

They want to get caught.
They want to get punished.
They want to torment you.

I could think of only one thing worse:
Steve Martin could make a movie about it.


The Impact of Intimidation

When a parent or teacher tells a small child to behave itself, or to be good, or to be a little bit more independent, the poor child can enter a paradoxical condition. You see, for the child to do as the authority figure asks, the child has to kiss ass. So how can you be independent and kiss ass at the same time? It's called hypnosis, and almost all attitudes people consider "good" fall under its spell.

A "good" person cannot defend themselves. They flip from being an ass kisser, to being an anti-ass kisser — someone who angrily "questions authority." What they call their "feelings" are actually derived from jealousy, greed, fear (of whippings), hatred, drugs, and food.

A person is a battleground between the intellect (+) and the body (–), in which conflicts are resolved by emotions (Ø). So we have affirming ideas (+) "Get up and go to school!"; denying instincts (–) "I'm too tired!"; and reconciling feelings (Ø) "I can get up and be of use to people, learn something at school which will help people."

This last feeling is similar to what people call "good," but fundamentally different. Real possibilities come from the real feelings, which are faith, hope, love, charity, kindness, and compassion.

If someone ignores you, or doesn't act the way you expect them to, don't get angry. People have real problems. People are cheap.

To people you don't know, or if you're dealing with strangers who don't know you, never say what you really want to say. If you wait, you find out what the reason is.







As follows

CODE WORDS: 3, absolute, achievements, [aloud], always, am, ass, at, beneficial, bicycle, body, boomers, brainiacs, bug, business, butt, buttcandle, [carrying], childhood, chin, colorblind, concern, controlled, copy, crack, [crumpling], cynical, [Death], describe, desk, DICKIE, differently, disappointment, doctor, dumb-ass, eat, either, English, entertained, everyone's, ex, expectant, fact, foreign, forget, gangster, geek, generosity, giggling, gun, [hallway], helpless, heritage, hindsight, hole, horror, humanity, [humming], importance, impose, infirm, involved, [issues], jerk-off, kept, kiss, learning, loves, [lying], management, mask, meaningless, mentioned, miserable, misery, mojo, monthly, muses, named, neighborhood, NLP, outrageous, overlooked, perineum, Picante, [pounding], prison, [process], pure, push, raised, role-playing, rub, sees, self-absorbed, self-absorption, self-pity, [server], shallow, shark, sharks, shitty, [shoved], silly, situations, [slamming], snake, stage, subclavical, suffering, supposed, ten-inch, threesome, top, understood, wait, went, [whistling], worthless, yours, yourself



—Who knows? A pioneer.