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Patient refers to it as stargate-seven-seven

A Reformer.1






—Extremely useful.

—It's captivating.

More so!

—Next time! I am your teacher.




Esprit Gaulois —
(A Spirit of Mocking Criticism) When dealing with your parents, a boss, or your ex-, don't explain, don't ask questions (because they are provoking), and stay away from interpretations. Just have a good life.





[disdain & fabrication] - "How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?" - A lot of people don't understand, maybe when they hate someone, the other person wants them to hate them - That's the rabbit hole! - If you ever have a job and someone expresses utter contempt for you, don't say a word - Just like in a Church - Keep your mouth shut, and tell the priest. You have to decide what to do and how to act to have a nice life - Just get down on a piece of paper what's good for you.

The Age of Significance, ages 20-23




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.





—It's captivating.

—I'll sleep on it.

"Welcome to the bigger picture."

—It's captivating.

—Don't take shit from anyone.

"Bigger is better, right Boss?" "You got that right." [Conversation in an office for you to overhear]

—It's captivating.

—So it's a temptation.

"Pathetic fucking life!"

—Extremely useful.

—Now I'm ruined.

"That's pathetic."

—Next time! I am your teacher.

—It's a vicious culture – Anyone who is at all different is just smashed.


—Next time! I am your teacher.

Irish waitresses with attitude.

"Pathetic comebacks."

—Extremely useful.

—You could be honest.

"What gives?"

—Next time! I am your teacher.

—Rich guys.

"You can't win 'em all."

—It's captivating.

—The deserving poor.

"Define single." [On a provocative T-shirt]

—It's captivating.

—Punish the monkey; let the organ grinder go.

"How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?"

—Next time! I am your teacher.

—It's what everyone's falling for.

["I forgot you're not supposed to talk to people about religion."] "Why would you?"

—Extremely useful.

—Totally different expectations from people.

["They have spumoni ice-cream!"] "Is it homemade, or do they get it from Italy?"

More so!

—It really doesn't matter.

"Because you're a moron."

—Extremely useful.

—Don't go to Notre Dame ... You won't like that either ... Don't be getting any ideas ... When you get your Master's Degree ... You know, that's the sign of the Vampire.

"How would you know?"

—Extremely useful.

—Because I was the right person at the right place at the right time.

"Juda, you're turning into a moron before my eyes!"

—It's captivating.

—Living from a tiny crushed baby, or from people's expectations?

"Everybody lies."

—It's captivating.

—Choose your friends wisely! ... A small circle of friends ... The glass key of friendship.

"You have a supercilious [disdainful, haughty or proud] manner – Has any woman ever said that to you before?"

—Extremely useful.

—One of my best friends is a tree.

"You're a strange man, Richard."

More so!

—Dogs, too ... Strange means new ... After new comes original ... After original comes superb ... After superb comes smashing!

"It's empowering."

More so!

—Just don't hit me!

"Whether I'm in a bad mood is none of your concern."

More so!

—I've always wanted a secret closet.

"For some of us."

—It's captivating.

—Everyone has to have their own lives or they hate each other.

"A single guy! You're all alone."

—It's captivating.

—You supply the misery, and I'll supply the money.

"You probably would have found another pretty girl to dance with."

—It's captivating.

—People are dangerous when they get happy – I feel exploited!

"I know this is going to sound strange, but people grow unusually attached to me."

—It's captivating.

—High and dry.

"Maybe she's a computer program."

More so!

—That's a good way to get rid of someone.

"Stop blinking!" [From a supervisor, an incorrigible bully]

—It's captivating.

—The Burnt Toast of Broadway! ... What a ghoul, huh?

"'It's really simple,' Mr. Anderson said in a telephone interview. 'Mea culpa.' He said that he originally had put the Wikipedia material in quotations, but that he and his publisher had not been able to agree on a format for citations. When he took the passages out of quotations, he failed to attribute Wikipedia or rewrite the material in his own words. 'That's my screw-up,' he said." [Apologizing to Motoko Rich, at The New York Times, for copying parts of his forthcoming book, "Free: The Future of a Radical Price," from Wikipedia without attribution]

—It's captivating.

—All others pay cash.

"There's a metering station up there ... or down there." [Having just written you a thirty dollar parking ticket because you didn't know you had to walk half a block to buy something to put on your dashboard – This is a wonderful opportunity to SCREAM SOMETHING!]

—It's captivating.

—Did your parents talk out of both sides of their mouth? ... HEY! ... REAL GO-GETTERS! ... Oh! I'm so stupid! I'm so not-with-it! ... Out on a ship they make illegal sex dolls that kill! ... They say the wrong thing to a cop ... You're better off seeing what's going on ... Down the path of total conviction you end up in the pack!

"All right, I feel as if I've learned something today."

—It's captivating.

—I'll record my farewell speech: "Don't inhale!"

«Comebacks for Verbal Self Defense against people arguing with you»

—Extremely useful.

—Words are one thing, seeing it is another.

«Verbal self defence against mother»

—Next time! I am your teacher.

—(1.) I don't know anything about it; (2.) I'd stay away from it; (3.) It's very scary to some people, even thinking about it; (4.) They're always defending their parents and not themselves.

"It's an inexhaustible subject."

—Next time! I am your teacher.

—Dreams express wishes and deep wishes that can't be expressed in emotions.

"What's the difference between graffiti and art?"

—Extremely useful.

—You're not supposed to mess around with anyone else's property.

["You can tell a man's from New York, but you can't tell him much."] "I think that would be good for an asshole: 'You can tell a man's an asshole, but you can't tell him much.'"

—Next time! I am your teacher.

—Isn't that called working blue?

"Everybody's going to the parade."

—It's captivating.

—Beats sealing envelopes.

"Why not? It would be interesting." [A plague]

—It's captivating.

—You can't explain things like that to people until it happens.

"Where would you go to catch a cab?"

—Extremely useful.

—What's ever the hot spot ... Follow cabs that are full; when someone gets out, you get in.

"Did you see the scene after the credits?"

—Next time! I am your teacher.


"Why don't you introduce me to this lovely young lady?"

—Next time! I am your teacher.

—I told you he was a troublemaker.

"Is it against the law for me to talk to your wife?"

—Next time! I am your teacher.

—Don't take candy from strangers!

"Is this the scenic route?"

—Next time! I am your teacher.

—Unless you're unlucky.

"I come up here a lot, so I don't need any scenery."

—Next time! I am your teacher.

—Back to the future.

"Thanks, Richard! You cost us twenty dollars. Fuck you!"

—It's captivating.

—Do you feel worse? ... Okay! Let's continue.

"Glad you could be with us today."

—It's captivating.

—Employee of the Minute!

"What are their names?"

—Next time! I am your teacher.

—Animal and dog; Culp and Cosby.

"You see, I know all about this just looking at its name." [Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense]

—It's captivating.

—This is definitely the comic book war.

"You're a moron."

—Extremely useful.

—If you say something and someone can prove it's wrong, then you're a criminal.

"You moron!"

—Extremely useful.

—You're slipping.

"You're pretty smart for a moron."

—It's captivating.

—Just like Larry Bird.

"What are you, a moron?"

—Next time! I am your teacher.

—Protect yourself.

"You know, this trip is costing me a fortune." [Parent to child in grocery store]

—It's captivating.

—That's just living.

"The strawberries grown out here are terrible – They're not nearly as good as the ones from Vienna."

More so!

—That's another part of the forest, right?

[Someone viciously condemning a movie they haven't even seen]

More so!

—Why are you telling me this?

"I'd tell you, but then he'd have to kill you."

—It's captivating.

—Life is like money – You can't hold on too tight.

"I don't want to start an argument because I know how easy it is to start an argument with you."

—Next time! I am your teacher.

—You try it, then I'll try it.

"This is warm for you guys, huh?"

—It's captivating.

—I think Bermuda is like this this time of year.


—It's captivating.

—You've got the right clothes.

"How many times have you been hit by a trolley?"

—It's captivating.

—Ready, fire, aim!

"Does she know that the school will be all closed because of Christmas vacation and no one will be there?"

—It's captivating.

—It's hard to imagine, isn't it?

"You know, Americans would find that very strange." [Interrogation of Indian actress on 60 Minutes]

More so!

—I don't like the way you treat people.

"Something strange is going on."

More so!

—Was that a comment?

"Do you have some idea how strange that sounds?"

More so!

—That's a good idea – Hating self-hatred.

"Nice guy ... a little strange."

More so!

—People are always trying to scare you.

"I like strange people."

—It's captivating.

—You've given me many presents.

"Jews teach their children to be smart; Christians teach their children to be good; You're strange, because you escaped from being good."

More so!

—You're much better off with people who aren't big shots.

"Well, I'm sure it'll be strange, because it always is ... and that's a good thing!" [your new website,]

More so!

—It's just another way of looking at it.

"Rebeka, don't you know how to knock?"

—It's captivating.

—I'm going to try it.

"If you can't make it with the big boys, the only alternative is to refocus."

More so!

—There are many ways to look for yourself, there are many ways to find yourself, and there's one way to be yourself.

"The ones that drop on the floor you get to keep?"

More so!

—A new thrill.

"You're an arrogant little piss."

More so!

—When you have to be brave when you're little.

"I'd advise you to mind your manners – You're in the big water now."

More so!

—Now I think school is out.

"Maybe you should reconsider."

More so!

—The human question mark.

["Is today the twenty-fourth?"] "All day."

More so!

—Not right away.

"Is that all the Chinese you know?"

More so!

—You better go to a therapist before you crack.

["Keep the change."] "All of it?"

More so!

—When you're older, you can have fun, and you can support it.

"Are you doing all right?"

—It's captivating.

—It's like getting nibbled to death by ducks.

"Are you telepathic?"

More so!

—Just from being bad.

"You look tired."

—Extremely useful.

—Very often what people think is true, isn't.

"You look like you gained weight."

More so!

—Give me some slack.

"You don't look sick – just tired and bitter."

More so!

—It's a bind – People are nice to you, you're dependent – People are mean to you, you're hurt.

"You don't look that tired."

—It's captivating.

—My star has risen.

"I would do that." [Model a topless bikini]

—It's captivating.

—How economical; how easy; how pleasant.

"I am so curious yet a little confused, ..."

More so!

—Some people are afraid to do anything wrong – It hurts people to be too good.

"... not used to thinking this way but would like to learn more."

—Extremely useful.

—Everyone has a chance to understand everything.

"Would I do that to you?"

More so!

—You know what Gurdjieff says about customers who don't want to pay.

"Have you been out sailing recently?"

—Next time! I am your teacher.

—I don't want to talk about that right now.

"Are you writing a book?"

More so!

—It's a trade secret.

"Fuck you! Are you writing a book?"

—It's captivating.

—The ins and the outs of the Church.

"Did I get in your book?"

More so!

—The subtle way.

"What are you going to call your book?"

—Extremely useful.

—Strike while the iron is hot – Make hay in the sunshine.

"Where did you read that, in a book?"

—It's captivating.

—A very intelligent person told me that – What difference does it make?

"You're such a worry wart!"

More so!

—It's part of the mystique.

"He studies too much! – You're a study wart!"

More so!

—I'll look at it later.

"What are the results of your research so far?"

—Extremely useful.

—You have to be yourself and you have to like what you like.

"We consider ourselves to be reasonably intelligent human beings, but not a single one of these supposed 'rehearsed comebacks' makes any sense whatsoever."

—Extremely useful.

—I'm trying to do it a certain way – the simplest way I can – I say the simplest way is one at a time.

"Single is good."

—It's captivating.

—You can sleep anytime you want.

"Maybe that's why you're single."

More so!

—What do we care, right?

"You need to pick that up by the third ring."

—It's captivating.

—Everything flows.

"Come on, get with the program!"

—It's captivating.

—At least I have a sense of humor about it.

"What was that all about?"

—Extremely useful.

—I can't see five minutes!
























With the Old Folks

A few months before my mom died, when she began to pummel me with who had been nice to me and what I should do, I interrupted her.

"Hey, Mom," I said, "Why don't you like your own children?"

I felt like I had fielded a hard ball heading straight for my chest.

"I do like you," she said, pausing half a heartbeat too long.

"Then why don't you take it for granted that your kids will do the right thing?"

"I don't know," she said, "I just say these things from habit, I guess."

Now my stepfather is another story. He has an instinct for zeroing in on sensitive spots, like whether or not I've been out sailing recently.

"I don't want to talk about that right now," I say adamantly, and begin to tell him about a nefarious Chinese fellow who sold someone an old dog. "But this dog is dead!" cried the unhappy customer. "It's a very interesting dog," began the Chinaman. "Let me explain ...."

When it comes to your parents, don't attack them. That really mystifies them. Anyway, since you attack yourself the same way they attack you, it's a good way to learn how to stop attacking yourself. Remember the rule of parents — "The best answer to a fool is silence."



You should never pride yourself
on your ability to control.

It's just a tool.

People do it all the time,
and think it's just them —
Nothing's fresh —
They're stubborn
and they hold on.

It's like anything else —
Too much, and you're through.







As follows

CODE WORDS: against, all, argument, arrogant, bigger, blinking, book, citations, [condemning], credits, curious, [disparagement], empowering, fortune, gained, gives, graffiti, he'd, homemade, inexhaustible, introduce, [intrusion], Kevin, lies, manners, metering, moron, names, ones, parade, pathetic, program, rabbit, Rebeka, recently, reconsider, refocus, results, ring, scenery, scenic, screw-up, semantics, single, [solicitation], strange, studies, study, supercilious, telepathic, tired, [trivia], trolley, turning, us, warm, wart, whether, wisecracks, would


"Heavenly sextant"

More so!