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1. Verbal abuse is a form of aggression, pure and simple, and that's why people get along with flowers, trees, horses, dogs, birds and bees so well. Those creatures aren't so tricky.


2. Animals are complicated, but they're not tricky. They're not struggling for upward mobility. They're pretty much in the moment. You nourish them, they nourish you. They teach you about love, listening to yourself, give-and-take, establishing boundaries, and the longtime consequences of treating them with aggression. For instance, you can train them too well, and then they're no longer animals; they're doormats.


3. My name is Richard, and I had a hard time understanding what people were asking when they pummeled me with questions, such as "Hey, buddy, what's up?" or "Taking a break?" I didn't like being treated like a doormat.


4. The jig is up. If I don't know what's going on when people are glib, tricky or downright nasty, there must be a lot of other people who are having trouble with verbal aggression as well. So I looked to the experts.


5. Most experts don't go far enough. They say things like, well, you got your authority figures, your passive-aggressives, your stick-in-the-muds, your slime balls ... deal with it. They're trying to classify difficult people, rather than the aggressive attacks massively parallel people habitually use. You can't deal with it unless you fully understand what's going on.


6. Show me a book that tells you what to say, think or do if someone out on the open road flips you the bird, and I'll buy their damn book and tell everyone I've found an expert.


7. In the meantime, I'm putting what I know up on the web, for free. The cool thing is, people who are struggling for upward mobility can't understand doing something for the sake of doing it, so they'll never catch on, and won't spend a second at They say things like, "WTF!!! I don't understand one word!" and they never tell you that one word!




1. Verbal abuse = human aggression embedded in dirty tricks. Aggressive animals are much more honest. They just bite you.


2. You nourish animals. They nourish you.


3. My name is Richard, I'm just a person. Can an ordinary person ever understand all the tricks people use in verbal aggression?


4. Lots of people are wondering what to do about verbal violence, looking to the experts.


5. Most experts are trying to classify people rather than the attacks people use.


6. For instance, which of their categories tells you what to do when someone flips you the bird?


7. The stuff on taxi1010 is free, which, among other things, drives mean people crazy.


Unifying Idea


(1.) Mean people try to boost their importance by using verbal aggression, so people will talk and think about them all the time. (2.) They use dirty tricks to propagate fear and intimidation, or they simply ignore you. (3.) They are devoted to hatred and abandonment. (4.) If you understand their tricks, and are mindful, you can find real strength in nourishing yourself and other people. (5.) You're better off flying under their radar.


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