"L'esprit de l'escalier – The Wisdom of the Staircase"


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VerbalTools.com has organic roots. We welcome triangulated feedback. If you offer (1.) a real sensation, such as hurt, anger, or fear; (2.) exactly what words were said; (3.) and the place where they were said, we can make deductions and incorporate your feedback.


If you write, for instance, "(1.) I felt afraid; (2.) a homeless person said, 'I have a flat tire ... Can you give me any money?' (3.) outside a bus station on a cold winter night," we can begin to understand the experience, and may include it here, in the triangulated section. Your specifics will almost certainly make their way into our second main index, for the benefit of everyone else on the planet.


My name is Richard Ames Hart; I drive Yellow Taxi 1010 in San Francisco, California USA, and live in Berkeley across the San Francisco Bay, not far from the railroad tracks. Our painter, Amoret Phillips, (with her hat, animals, daughters and grandchildren,) lives with her teenage son in Boone, North Carolina USA.


Email address: RichardRoe@aol.com (simple text only).
Subject line: "verbal tools triangulation".


Telephone number (for pizza): 1.510.525.0772.
Deliver to: 1474 7th Street, Apartment B in the back, knock twice.


What can we do to make our work better? If you pay a lot, you probably get good service:


Richard Ames Hart,
Amoret Phillips,
1474 7th Street,
Berkeley CA 94710-1432,


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