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Patient refers to it as stargate-oh-eight

A Belittler.4






—Switched! The usual suspects.

—My mojo!

—From far across town.

—The backcountry! Peel off!




Solicitous Approval — Integrity & Scolding - First they say you're good, then they say you're bad, then they pull back and ever so slightly change the subject, then they ignore you. What you really are needs nourishment, but it doesn't need approval.





[throwing you a curve] - You don't have to be outer directed - You can be inner directed - You can decide what you want to do with your life and do it - When I told my friend David Daniels about people giving me disapproving looks, he said, "They're losing money, Richard! They're just the same. They thought they were going to be rich!"

The Age of Domination, ages 0-3




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"Two ships passing in the night." [Except we're not at sea, it isn't night, we're not very big, and supposedly we can see each other]

—From far across town.

—Really dark.

"Ships passing in the night."

—The backcountry! Peel off!

—Everyone's cage looks different.

[Thievery confessions or admissions you wish you hadn't heard]

—Switched! The usual suspects.

—The temptation was too great.

"Do you believe in Jesus?"

—My mojo!

—True meaning – I'm the walking wounded ... There's the truth – It's a fairy tale.

"Appreciate your honesty."

—Switched! The usual suspects.

—Not every person can be a Foster Freeze.

"You have the attention span of a gnat!" :: WildCard-8

—From far across town.

—Nat King Cole ... Nat-urally! ... For horses, I guess.

"Non-escalating verbal self defense. Grand Celestial Do. If only so that I can bookmark this thread as a meta-bookmark for delusional websites." [Link from metafilter, "The successor to TimeCube?"]

—From far across town.

—How many legs does a dog have if you call its tail a leg? (Four)

«Verbal judo simple secret»

—From far across town.

—Their whole existence is to prove their parents weren't morons.

"I believe the truth matters." [From Oprah Winfrey]

—From far across town.

—Once you get shit from someone, you'll get it over and over again.

"You mean the entire six months you spent working with Hillary Rodham Clinton, she never once discussed Whitewater with you?"

—My mojo!

—I can't hear you – What did you say?

"I don't believe you went to Dartmouth."

—From far across town.

—Bizarre, huh?

["Where were you born?" "Dodge City."] "I don't believe it."

—From far across town.

—Believe me ... I want you to try harder.

"Well, I find that hard to believe."

—The backcountry! Peel off!

—Because that's the way it was.

"I just wish I could believe you."

—From far across town.

—Those stubborn, stubborn facts.

"It was my job to articulate administration policy." (–John Roberts in confirmation hearings)

—From far across town.

—Green is worse than black ... It's not everyone who can get away with doing what they believe in.

"What do you do for rest, or relaxation? ... go snorkeling?" (–Dick Cavett to Janis Joplin)

—From far across town.

—It's good to see you happy – You don't have to do everything at once.

"Do you believe in God?"

—My mojo!

—When I hear the Bach B Minor Mass, I know there's a God.

"I can't believe you!"

—From far across town.

—When most people have a choice between being safe and having fun, they choose not to have fun.

"Your daddy must be a baker because you sure have nice buns."

—From far across town.

—You're a steady passenger on the banana ship when it leaves for North Africa every winter.

[Disapproving looks]

—The backcountry! Peel off!


"Focus on your own damn family!"

—Switched! The usual suspects.

—Thank God MY mother's dead.

"You're so honest!"

—Switched! The usual suspects.

—Now you know how George Washington got to be great.

"An honest guy."

—Switched! The usual suspects.

—What's better than that?

[A piece of apple strudel shoots from the tip of your tongue across the dining room table into the Chancellor's peach aperitif]

—My mojo!

—A man of the people, right?

"How did you manage to do that?"

—Switched! The usual suspects.

—Always do unto others what your self is doing unto you.

"Mean People Rule."

—My mojo!

—Over what?


—From far across town.

—Even if it's bad for you.

"That is cool!"

—From far across town.

—It's probably an advance in human evolution.

"Taxi1010 is ahead of its time."

—The backcountry! Peel off!

—A hundred kinds of peppers.

["What's your profession?"] "I work in a bank."

—Switched! The usual suspects.

—Don't deny it!

["What's your profession?"] "I work for UCSF."

—Switched! The usual suspects.

—Otherwise you obliterate everything that's you.

"Sounds like a lot of people hate you."

—From far across town.

—Sometimes when people have really severe pain.

"Sounds like your parents."

—From far across town.

—You get a choice – You go to the bathroom or walk through a mirror.

"Sounds like a plan."

—The backcountry! Peel off!

—To a point.

"Sounds like a winner."

—My mojo!

—There's the angel.

"Have you done your homework?"

—My mojo!

—A lot of it is mental.

"You have a book on the table that's a gem; it's a book I happen to know a lot about."

—The backcountry! Peel off!

—Do you want to look at it?

"Where's my homework?"

—From far across town.

—If you can't, don't.

"I want you to wear a condom, because you could have AIDS."

—From far across town.

—That happens a lot, you know?

"If you don't wear a condom, I might give you one of my dangerous diseases."

—My mojo!

—Do it again!

"Another sunny day!" [Total fog]

—From far across town.

—A candle just burns four nights.

"How many days do you drive?"

—My mojo!

—Now we're going to get into money!

"What time did you start today?"

—My mojo!

—Day is night and night is day.
























Axioms for a Science of Experience

(1) It depends on what you bring to it.

(2) A common point of view originates in absolute poverty.

(3) Not concerned with counterfeits of happiness.

(4) A science of the healthy.

(5) Instances of intelligence.

(6) Capability of scouting.


The Right to Defend Yourself

When another person surprises you at the airport and says, "You look familiar to me," you have every right to contact an uncivilized and barbaric part of yourself and shrug it off. "—Switched! The usual suspects." Notice that the other person's introduction is extremely one-sided, and that they're relying on your treating them with unearned respect. No one can completely defend themselves until they can contact their childhood ideals of a wild Indian trusting nothing but the spirit of life.

Narrow truths dwell in a flatness which is really a lie. An unswerving truth teller says something like, "I want you to wear a condom, because you could have AIDS." I try not to sleep with her, and say, "—Controlled mind reading." The devilish liar says, "If you don't wear a condom, I might give you one of my dangerous diseases." Here, I do anything she asks, and watch for her imminent demise.

Great truths dwell in an ambiguity which is really the essence of life. Just as you open your mouth to say something friendly to the German Ambassador's wife, a piece of apple strudel shoots from the tip of your tongue across the dining room table into the Chancellor's peach aperitif. Luckily, people in high places have been coached how to defend themselves. Simultaneously, on another side of the table, an aide to Mrs. Clinton is being unmercifully grilled by a hostile Senator, "You mean the entire six months you spent working with Hillary Rodham Clinton, she never once discussed Whitewater with you?"

—Switched! The usual suspects.

"Well, I find that hard to believe," the Senator shoots back.

—The backcountry! Peel off!







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—The backcountry! Peel off!