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Patient refers to it as stargate-eight-six

A Stooge.2






—Shift change! One step away.

—Fancy. Stick to your plans.

—Back when! Remember that?

—After you!




Office Politics  — (1) It's called Power Sharing; It's done with (a.) praise (by providing key information) and (b.) shame (by actually withholding resources) in schools, churches & offices. (2) Most people have a job description; but what happens when you have to figure something out? (3) They don't want people; they want dwarfs.





[impertinence & sly condemnation] - They're evoking charged-up emotions with vague references and sly innuendo, trying so hard to be normal - People color the world from different personal experiences, some cold, calculating & impersonal, others warm, relaxed & friendly - Go to the root by treating them the way they should have been treated as a child.

The Age of Significance, ages 20-23




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"Are you always this awkward around girls?"

—After you!

—How will anyone know it's me if I wear a mask?

"You smell go-ood!" [Two guys carrying on in front of their dates]

—Fancy. Stick to your plans.

—That's obvious.

"Don't smell it." [The seat cushion]

—Back when! Remember that?

—Who does?

"What is that smell?"

—After you!

—One ugly thing after another.

"Uggh!" [Catching a whiff of a surprising body odor]

—After you!

—It's really shocking how many people are mean and sadistic. [See, "From Someone Who Smells."]

"Yuck!" [Catching a whiff of a psychological secret]

—After you!

—That part of you is alive.

"pleaz don't be mad at me but I can't resist...nice I better not. damnit! Altho' those are really pretty." ["Nice jugs!"] :: WildCard-22

—Fancy. Stick to your plans.

—I hope you don't let it go to your head.

"He's a creep."

—Fancy. Stick to your plans.

—No speed limits.

"I like being a guest in my own house." :: WildCard-9

—After you!

—You are so cute that everyone just wants to give you a kiss.

"It's remarkable that something like that [Google] can have such an influence on my life and it's only been around fourteen years." :: WildCard-21

—Shift change! One step away.

—The cell phone age is even worse.

"Why are you so desperate?"

—Shift change! One step away.

—I see the entire picture.


—Shift change! One step away.

—I'm not trying to win a beauty contest, you know?

"Do I look familiar to you?"

—Shift change! One step away.

—You're not just saying that.

"You look familiar to me."

—Back when! Remember that?

—I know we have good food, but you can't move in!

"I'm so glad to see you!"

—Shift change! One step away.

—Just like old times.

"Long time, no see."

—After you!

—I don't get around much – I like it here or at home.

"Nice to see you."

—Back when! Remember that?

—It seems limited.

"Why didn't go call me? Why didn't you tell me we were staying in the same hotel?"

—Shift change! One step away.

—The bellhop told me he let you know I was here.

"Where did you sneak in?"

—After you!

—I don't remember.

"There's a hotel for you." [In a sleazy part of town]

—Back when! Remember that?

—You don't know life at its worst.

"Is that where you hang out after work?"

—Back when! Remember that?

—It's another slice of life.

"Are you trying to gyp him?"

—Shift change! One step away.

—Boy, did you miss an opportunity.

"What are they gonna do?"

—Fancy. Stick to your plans.

—One thing or another.

"Are they allowed to do that?"

—Fancy. Stick to your plans.

—It's not going to kill us.

"How do you like that? Cleveland is in Ohio."

—Back when! Remember that?

—It just so happens.

"Like watching the Lawrence Welk Show."

—After you!

—Blowing bubbles.

"You're a broken record."

—Fancy. Stick to your plans.

—I hope it isn't a big hit!

"How did you get to be such a creep?"

—Fancy. Stick to your plans.

—Not looking at a painting critically – Looking at a painting to find one thing you didn't know.

"How did you get to be so infuriating?"

—After you!

—People had a lot of fun in the old days.

"How did you get into all of this?"

—After you!

—Milk and cookies every night.

"Come on inside – I'll show you all my secrets."

—Shift change! One step away.

—M is for milk, C is for chocolate.

"Follow that guy in a black hooded sweatshirt and make sure he doesn't get in a cab and drive it out of here."

—Shift change! One step away.

—Another genius of our time.

"Nobody understands themselves."

—Fancy. Stick to your plans.

—Well, let's leave it there.

"It makes me feel horrible."

—Back when! Remember that?

—Maybe you'll have sandboxes all over your yard – Show me in the sandbox how you feel – Well, isn't it time you didn't believe it?

"It's a shitty job, but somebody's got to do it."

—Back when! Remember that?

—It's not a game for children.

"Where did you get that shirt?"

—After you!

—Who can say?

"You could have asked people."

—Shift change! One step away.

—Beyond comprehension.

"I asked you once."

—After you!

—If you think we muck around like this all day, you're right!

["They don't cheat at places like Harvard and Yale – They have an honor code." "I know they cheated at Yale, because when I went to college, there were three hundred people in a class – they didn't even know who you were." "Yeah, and at my college, I used to write papers for other people."] "See that, Richard?"

—Back when! Remember that?

—Why didn't I know that?

"Don't you read the newspapers?"

—Back when! Remember that?

—That's not a crime, you know.

"You don't have copy and paste?"

—Fancy. Stick to your plans.

—That's the coming thing – I might as well learn that.

"Do you ever watch TV?"

—Back when! Remember that?

—How much can you remember?

"If you're wearing those sandals to the club, I'm not going."

—Fancy. Stick to your plans.

—Mind of Buddha: wandering mind – From where does wandering arise?

[Someone spitting on your shirt]

—Back when! Remember that?

Smart! – Go through the wind – As everyone knows, you just leave them alone and they ruin themselves.

"You look retarded."

—Shift change! One step away.

—Don't talk to me – My friends will laugh at me.

"You're like a hockey puck that's kind of slow."

—Shift change! One step away.

—It makes you feel you've been pissing on the wrong tree.

"Look at all those friends sitting around with you – I wonder why."

—Shift change! One step away.

—Ever popular.

"Is that your one and only friend?"

—Shift change! One step away.

—It's the rhythm section.

"Cool taxi psychobabble that only a true cab driver can digest. Awesome! Dredge on, dude ...."

—Back when! Remember that?

—They rent themselves out as frogs, at parties.

"I think you are the only person who defines who you are."

—Fancy. Stick to your plans.

—That means all the gold is ours!

"You picked up a new trick – telling the truth."

—Fancy. Stick to your plans.

—You don't want it to look real, because it isn't real.

"Too bad, I would have loved to see you cry."

—Back when! Remember that?

—You have no idea how cheesy things are.

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. Mark Twain." [Their idea of carrying on a conversation is to swamp you with one important-sounding quotation after another, leaving you with little more than a hollow, empty feeling, leading you to believe you can somehow respond in a suitably clever way to people long dead, and failing to find any simple, sincere or honest resonance inside yourself, you struggle to pony up with phony (or simply mute) acknowledgment of their passable theatrics as you stifle the urge to kill them]

—Back when! Remember that?

—Where are they now?

«Thoughts of suicide»

—After you!

There's nothing that repeats itself – Suicide is not an option here – You know what's in your best interest ... Bliss = mirror ... Hard work = door ... Sexual energy = lamp ... Simple human = way ... Focused energy goes up your spine into your vision, and goes into the center of your chest ... Always keep a little for yourself ... And not in filigreed religious way ... (1.) Piss. (2.) Shit. (3.) Get rid of negative energy ... Just burn some off ... Get out anger! ... (4.) Living off mother's milk ... Everyone's a blood sucker ... It feeds on people's deepest wishes ... Everyone has a little cannibal inside them ... Whatever anyone's afraid of is inside them ... Only smokers like it ... Everyone's hungry ... I don't even try to figure it out ... (5.) Continue feeling bad ... You're supposed to feel bad and realize everyone does ... Feel bad and you'll get over it and realize how silly it is ... Just go through it and you'll see you feel better ... Stick with it and you'll begin to understand what you're sensing ... (6.) That's what you're like ... The other is what was done to you.

"It makes you want to move to Des Moines, doesn't it?"

—Back when! Remember that?

—I am the master of my fate – I am the captain of my soul.

"What's the company? How much do they pay you?"

—Shift change! One step away.

Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven – Every time it rains, it rains one-hundred-dollar bills from heaven!

"How much do they pay you a month for one of those?"

—Shift change! One step away.

—I'll have my money guy call your money guy – Who's your accountant?

"How are sales these days?"

—After you!

—Time will tell.

"You live in San Francisco and you've never seen people standing outside a bar smoking pot?"

—Back when! Remember that?

—Don't get heartbroken.
























Provocateur, or Child?

"There are certain people going around," David told us one evening while we sat in an old-fashioned circle inside a friend's woodshed, "who are fishing for people they can give trouble. If you let them have it, they'll never do it again. If you don't let them have it, they'll never stop." A provocateur will always stop when they can't find someone to pester, annoy or offend.

You can transcend both the intent of a person's words or actions, and the impact of a person's taunts and insults by seeing the other person as a child. Even then, you may have to consciously raise tension just a little to safely brush or steer them aside.

For instance, if a man carries on a conversation with a woman while staring directly at her breasts, his intentions might be unsettling to the woman until she realizes what's in his tent is, well, hard to give up. A person might feel that to be safe is to not have fun, but quite the opposite is true. Don't let anyone trick you into being a sadist. You can create a new frame of reference by talking to him the way a mother would chasten, not castigate, a four-year-old boy. If you just stand up to them, they give up.



Use your intelligence to have a good life.

Whenever anything bad happens, you wait a few weeks.

If you know the name of something, you know what it is.

Awareness is the beginning of consciousness.







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—After you!