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Patient refers to it as stargate-eight-oh

A Reformer.4






Nothing special. 

—Unique is fun!

—I do. I don't trust anyone.

—Of course!




The Authority of Tradition — Uses time-honored customs as a way to avoid relevant issues - People will pay a lot for someone who has talent, a good mind, and ... what do you call it? ... experience.





[deconstruction & distraction] - What they're doing is raising the tension in clever, slight ways - They're trying to trick you out of your playfulness - There's a difference between telling someone you have a working farm, and telling someone you have a pickle store - It's like a con game - They use contrivance and concealment (even "wholehearted agreement") to put a stop to the conversation - There are many, many, many mean people.

The Age of Significance, ages 20-23




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"Now I love being home in this place where Ann and I were raised, where both of us were born. Ann was born in Henry Ford Hospital. I was born in Harper Hospital. No one's ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised." (–Mitt Romney, August 24, 2012)

—I do. I don't trust anyone.

—That's what the mother always says.

"Do you think I'm a mean person?"

—Nothing special.

—This is the Buddhist influence.

"Hello, dog."

—Unique is fun!

Avoid entanglements!

"Do you know what I mean?"

—I do. I don't trust anyone.

—Very slowly.

"You dog! ... wet dog."

—Nothing special.

—A total terror.

"How come this dog is so clean, Richard?"

—Nothing special.

—Is that bad?

"What are you doing with a dog?"

—Nothing special.

—You ain't seen nothing yet.

"Woof! Woof! Meow. Meaow."

—Nothing special.

—Like us.

"When I say no, I really mean yes."

—Unique is fun!


"Mean what you say!"

—Of course!

—They castrated part of your emotions.

"What's a mean person?"

—Unique is fun!

—Walk around with a knife.

"I wasn't mean when I got in the cab, was I?"

—Nothing special.

—You just pretend you're a war canoe.

"You must meet a lot of mean people."

—I do. I don't trust anyone.

—I don't mind.

["Have you ever been there before?"] "What do you mean?"

—Nothing special.

—Your wish is my command.

["Good morning."] "What does that mean?"

—Nothing special.

—Another deep thinker.

"I didn't mean to be talking to you."

—Of course!

—Go back into your grave.

"Is it from your personal experience?" [Erotica you wrote]

—Nothing special.

—I didn't follow up on that.

"I think you're so mean!"

—Nothing special.

—I'm trying to be what I am – not what I'm supposed to be.

"Well, At least you're having fun." [Talking about some pursuit of yours (e.g., music, blog, etc.), after it comes out (usually by their prying) that it doesn't make you any money] (–Daniel)

—I do. I don't trust anyone.

—(1.) It's like saying whale shit is more important than a lightning bolt ... (2.) It's very fine-tuned ... (3.) Both are good ... (4.) Ideas are bulletproof ... (5.) (You attack yourself because people are beating you up. The first step is to stop beating yourself up. Don't look for results. Just keep doing it. The idea is not to feel good – The idea is to fight back) ... (6.) That's a very good sign ... (7.) "Well, you've done it again. Your mother just went in for a gall bladder operation." ... (8.) Really old-school.

"I have to ask ... Soon almost every man in America is going to want to know ... if you have a boyfriend." [Interrogation of Indian actress on 60 Minutes]

—I do. I don't trust anyone.

—Sounds like My Fair Lady.

"At least we have a level playing field here in America – Anyone can make it, you know?"

—Of course!

—It's a beach forest – They have deer, wild boar, and goats, and among other things, they have wild cats ... a spell-breaker.

"It is an interesting statement, but I am wondering if you could clarify what you mean by a 'box.'"

—Nothing special.

—After a while you want to change your life – if you can.

"You're tolerant, aren't you, dude?"

—Of course!

—The reluctantly smart thing to do is nothing.

"Also, could you clarify what you said about enigmatic verbal self defense?"

—Of course!

—It exists on many levels ... They're all these ideas and they're reflective of each other.

"There are people who have worked for years for that job – Don't you think you need more experience?"

—Nothing special.

—I know you probably have someone else picked for the job, but if they have a nervous breakdown, I'll step in.

"It's so good you're going for jobs like that because those people have so much more experience."

—Of course!

—What about intelligence?

["I don't watch the news."] [General hilarity from your friends]

—Nothing special.

—There's always going to be nincompoops.

"Are you non-native speaker of English? This is not a common terminology in US - at least not that I am familiar with."

—Unique is fun!

—You have real teeth! I have fako!

"Who do ya' love?"

—Of course!

—Don't you have a cat you can slap around?

"Only Allah knows, right?"

—Of course!

—Many, many, many people have not heard of her.

"Please keep an eye on her." [Your daughter]

—Of course!

—And Lawrence of Arabia!

"What's happening, bro'?"

—Nothing special.

—One thing after another.

"Perhaps you should check the strength of your antidepressant medication, considering what it did to Dad."

—Unique is fun!

—You know all the angles, right?

"Can you follow that?"

—Of course!

—I read about that in books.

"Those machines won't work with counterfeit bills."

—Nothing special.

—I hope sparks don't fly.

"Well, you saw the red light."

—Of course!

—Especially if you can't see.

"You saw that movie, didn't you?"

—Nothing special.

—And I thought I was crazy.

"I'm retired."

—Unique is fun!

—How do you like it?

"Can you sing, 'Daisy'?"

—Of course!

—She used to be Snow White, but she drifted.

"Yada, yada, yada!"

—Unique is fun!

—The crazier it is, the better.

"I paid six thousand dollars for these seats – I don't have to put up with this."

—Of course!

—Probably in five years it'll be foolproof.

"I'm a businessman."

—I do. I don't trust anyone.

—Look for the silver lining.

"You must be a fan of the 'Whole Language' article in today's Journal."

—Nothing special.

—It fell off a truck, right?

"What do you mean by commitment?"

—Nothing special.

Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, Doctor Zhivago.

"... like Grandma used to make."

—Nothing special.

—All that!

"The institution of marriage is as old as human history and thus must be considered sacred."

—Unique is fun!

—Something magnificent.

"Have fun." [From a pretty girl, this can be a form of rejection]

—Unique is fun!

—We'll see, won't we?

"Are we having fun yet?"

—Nothing special.

—You can't miss.

"You could do some contract programming on the side."

—Nothing special.

—If my nose itches, it must be true.

"Having fun?"

—I do. I don't trust anyone.

—Better than chocolate!

"Do you know UNIX?"

—Of course!

—But the King has a couple more in the harem.

"What do you know about UNIX?"

—Nothing special.

—It's really developed.

"What kind of programming do you do?"

—Unique is fun!

—Whatever's necessary.

"You just haven't had the experience."

—Nothing special.

—There's no way to know.

"Have you had any Windows experience?"

—Of course!

—It's reaching absurd proportions, isn't it?

"You're so scandalous."

—Unique is fun!

—Not half naked, half dressed!

"What a dirty mind! I never would have thought of such a thing."

—Unique is fun!

—It's almost ludicrous, isn't it?

"Can I see your license and registration?"

—Of course!

—I was just going with the traffic.



























If I remember correctly, the top three insults on the hit parade in High School are,

to which the immediate responses are


"You're crazy."



"You're stupid."

—Just imagine.


"You're ugly."

—So foolish.



CRAZINESS has to do with spontaneity and contact with both sides of the mind. Furthermore, many people's sex center gets cut off in the quagmire of their emotions and never finds its way into reason and perception.

STUPIDITY has to do with sharpness and dullness which vary throughout the day.

UGLINESS does not actually exist in the outside physical world. It's really deep tension in one person, and hatred in another.


On Being Fresh

It's very good not to be fresh until you get out of school.

You'll be better off in the long run.

Communication is a wonderful thing.

Be fresh on the inside — Do thought experiments.

Then the power structure changes.



Catch a Falling Star



What do all four of the following examples have in common?

"Hey, I haven't seen you around in a long time. Where have you been?"

"Will you watch my bag for me?"

"Can you use your two-way radio to call me a cab?"

"Tell them the rest of that story."

They're all putting you on the spot in one way or another:

(1) trying to embarrass you into explaining your long absence from a nearly empty restaurant,

(2) asking you to take on an open-ended responsibility,

(3) falsely assuming you can use a two-way dispatching radio to call taxis for people, and

(4) tugging your inner strings for an obligatory show.

Certainly it would be polite to do all those things. Explain your absence from the restaurant (or lie about it), watch the person's bag (even as your train arrives), misuse your emergency two-way radio (and risk losing your job), and dance the little dance that's expected.

That's what nice people do.

But I give people bad lessons. I think ...


People prefer to be honest,


and they don't know how to do it.


"—Not here!" ...

That's what I would say in all four cases, and when pressed, would add in a meaningful manner,

"—You can stop kidding around, right?"

Why shouldn't everyone know how to get off the hook? Children, before they are whacked, know how to do it. So how do you dehypnotize a child under the jurisdiction of a teacher, a parent, a big shot, and a fool? You cry,

"—Not here!"

If any of them keep on your case, you might add,

"—I must be delusional!"

So are these ideas merely word games? Quite the opposite. Most repressed people are into word games, but what about the direct perception of reality? You can see it everywhere. For instance, isn't sticking up for yourself a lot more noble than being terrified of losing your job?

"You're fired!"

—Anything else?

Isn't being honest to yourself a lot less stressful than worrying about being late?

"What happened to you? Why are you late?"

—For what?
—I have other commitments.
—That's the price you pay for freedom.
—This is not that serious.
—I'm not a rat in a cage — I'm a person.

Isn't liking yourself a lot more reliable than anything anybody thinks?

"Peeyoo! Your breath smells!"

—Does that mean I'm sincere?

Isn't wishing to live a lot more enabling than going along with people who are dead? For instance, I happen to like fish. I can go on and on about the sensitivity of fish that can actually smell. Can you imagine smelling things under water? Well, waxing enthusiastic about anything scares dead people so much, they rise up and attack you:

"Whatever turns you on."

—A lot!
—Cheating everyone.

Scoffers can be so unimaginative. More often than not, these are the types who claw their way up corporate hierarchies terrorizing people. When my own job isn't on the line, here's what I do:

"I asked you a direct question.
What happened to you this morning?
Why were you late?"

—A lot!
—Cheating everyone.
—It's a matter of dignity.

"Then you're fired!"

—Anything else?

Anyway, I was talking about word games. I'm not that swift, really, so when people aim barbs and darts over my head, the only thing I really know is that they're using word games. Aha! Word games frequently camouflage put-downs, and put-downs come from fear (see stargate40). Double Aha!

So realizing it's a word game, I can almost automatically defend myself with, "—What else?" or "—Whatever's fair." For instance, here's some wordplay I heard on TV:

"You're acting strange.
Did somebody let the air out of your head?"

—What else?
—Are you jealous?

"That's an odd question, isn't it?"

—Whatever's fair.

It's nice to see we're all like a bunch of wild spiders, crying together. I was sitting in a roomful of people the other day, not quite paying attention. Some guy started talking about his girlfriend, and when he said, "It smells like a fish," one of the women in the room giggled nervously and wrung her hands. I suddenly heard myself saying out loud,

—The reverse!

"Then it smells like peaches and cream," the guy said.

—"The reverse!" I said again.

—There's also a negative side, I added brightly.








As follows

CODE WORDS: Allah, America, article, birth, businessman, certificate, clarify, commitment, common, dirty, discount, dog, experience, eye, follow, fun, Grandma, happening, [hilarity], jobs, level, machines, mean, meow, non-native, programming, registration, retired, sacred, saw, scandalous, scoring, seats, sing, strength, terminology, tolerant, UNIX, woof, ya', yada, yesterday



—Unique is fun!