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Patient refers to it as stargate-oh-nine

A Cajoler.1






—Mostly that.

—There's not much to it.

—Never mind!

—Red hot! Not always.




Argumentum ad Ignorantiam —
(Appeal to Ignorance) An argument based on an opponent's inability to prove the opposite. Many conspiracy theories are based on this fallacy. People are trained by society to be delusional. As long as your feelings are delusional, you're in trouble.





[predatory omniscience] - They're getting revenge - See how vicious they are? - They're on a toot with a hairspring trigger - Say one thing and it sets them off - Don't get tricked into being too smart - "There's not much to it." - It's show-biz - They give bad advice - to ruin people - Stick up for yourself - No one else will.

The Age of Domination, ages 0-3




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"Do you take cash?"

—Mostly that.

—It is worthless.

["Is this an Italian sword or a Japanese sword?"] "Neither."

—Never mind!

—Look at that! I don't even WANT to know what that is.

"How are the guys?" [Your dogs]

—Red hot! Not always.

—There's nothing to worry about.

"Are they your dogs?"

—Red hot! Not always.

—Why do you ask?

"Those dogs cost a lot, don't they?"

—Never mind!

—It's happened before.

"You're just doing your job, Pop."

—Mostly that.

—Nobody's arguing.

"So it's a passion, not a business."

—There's not much to it.

—You may be missing out on something.

"So it's a labor of love?"

—Never mind!

—I just thought it was a good thing to do for the future, no?

"So your name's in it?"

—Never mind!

—There's nothing wrong with doing well and having a nice life.

"I don't want it in that cup – I want it in a Grande."

—There's not much to it.

—Another live wire.

"You seem competent."

—Never mind!

—You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. (–John Lennon, Imagine)

"I'm not having much luck, then, am I?"

—Mostly that.

—It could be worse.

"So, any luck with the writing?"

—Red hot! Not always.

—If I'm dead, put it on my tombstone.

"Any luck out there today?"

—Mostly that.

—Can't be any different than it used to be.

"It's Norah Jones – Have you ever heard of her?"

—Red hot! Not always.

—This is who everyone knows of – How do you think Anna Amalia feels? – Everyone knows who she is, and she's dead! – Hers was a forbidden love.

"Guam – Have you ever heard of Guam?"

—Never mind!

—When you're old, you have to go into the right cave to get your information.

"I heard that rumor."

—Never mind!

—This is called discovery.

"You never even heard of the IRS?"

—Never mind!

—Really punishing.

"You never heard of Huey Newton?"

—Never mind!

—The beginning of an empire.

"I heard that."

—There's not much to it.

—A natural, huh?

"Bugs are attracted to light – Everybody knows that."

—Never mind!

—You have no idea how many dead bugs you inhaled.

"See? He knows."

—There's not much to it.

—Puts the whole thing in perspective.

"This guy knows left from right."

—Never mind!

—Do less.

"Any idiot knows that."

—There's not much to it.

—They've got a million answers.

["They turned on the tower clock!"] "Now everyone knows what time it is."

—Never mind!

—This is a great discovery.

"That idea will never fly around here."

—There's not much to it.

—Birds fly – It's not hard.

"You're making mountains out of molehills."

—Never mind!

—There are no mountains – There are no molehills.

"You made your bed – Now lie in it."

—Mostly that.

—You made your bed – It doesn't matter how long it takes to fill it.

"Good! I peed in it."

—Red hot! Not always.

—Aren't I lucky?

"People that talk in metaphors ought to shampoo my crotch."

—Never mind!

—I hope you will.

"You won't mind if we have a look around ... if you have nothing to hide."

—Never mind!

—Any money? ... Go and get a liver transplant.

"If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about."

—Never mind!

—Everybody has something to conceal.

"No scandal has ever touched President Reagan. That proves his honesty."

—There's not much to it.

—Have you seen Dracula yet?

"It isn't equal, Richard!"

—Red hot! Not always.

—Nothing exists except atoms and empty space – The rest is opinion.

"Control your dogs!"

—Never mind!

—I'm against training dogs.

"I know – Nothing matters to you."

—Never mind!

—Go check your tire pressure.

"Where are your priorities?"

—Never mind!

—Where I come from that's no joke!

"You have low friends in high places."

—There's not much to it.

—It's like Pinocchio.

"What's better than riding a helicopter?"

—Never mind!

—What's important is to live and not get stuck in feelings of fear.

"It's just that you set your priorities the wrong way."

—Never mind!

—It's a treat to beat your feet on the Mississippi mud!

"Can you prove it?"

—Red hot! Not always.

—Try to lie. The truth will come out anyway.

"Can you prove it isn't true?"

—Never mind!

—Can you prove that you're alive?

[Someone talking about you like you aren't even there]

—Never mind!

—Thank God I smoke!

"The article in the current issue is a very good read – I suggest that you read that."

—Mostly that.

—You could end up getting every book in the world.

"I think this guy is a paranoid schizophrenic. Am I missing something?"

—Never mind!

—I'm waiting for the day when you're not nice to me.

"For cogent reasoning to occur, an avenue for reevaluation must remain open."

—Red hot! Not always.

—The possibilities are endless.

"There aren't a lot of original ideas left."

—Never mind!

—Now you see it, now you don't!

"Low overhead is one of my favorite ideas."

—There's not much to it.

—Put it on the north side of the pyramid.

"You don't put a comma there!"

—There's not much to it.

—To each their own.

"There are no absolutes – (God? You?)"

—Mostly that.

—You have to live, too, you know?

"I can't make absolutes, but God can make absolutes."

—Never mind!

—Sunlight will keep you going, I'll tell you that.

"Actually, the study of fallacious reasoning can be real cool."

—Never mind!

—Walk it off, son!

"The thing that hurt me the most was when I gave you that electronic keyboard and you wrote me a sarcastic letter saying how you played with it and used it to compose music. That hurt me so much."

—Never mind!

—Somewhere just around the corner, there's a rainbow in the sky! So let's have another cup of coffee, and let's have a piece of apple pie!

"You behave yourself now."

—There's not much to it.

—What's wrong with that?

"Good luck!"

—Red hot! Not always.

—Maybe there is a heaven.

"Good luck with all that."

—Never mind!

—You know what I hope God says?

"Well, good luck!"

—There's not much to it.

—Was you ever in Cincinnati?

"Good luck on that!"

—Mostly that.

—It should add up to something.

"Well, good luck." [Disingenuously]

—There's not much to it.

—It's mind over matter.

"Stay sober, now, will you?"

—There's not much to it.

—You could teach me.

"Simplify it."

—There's not much to it.

—Life is just a bowl of cherries.























22-MAY-1999. Following the classes of MURDER and SEPARATION is the class of RULES, which when you first meet someone, frequently clash. I remember one day in Cambridge, I touched the brake on my taxi over by Harvard University and the right front wheel broke off. Back in the garage, the mechanic told the boss I must have crashed the taxi on a rock, so they fired me. Well, I got the tow truck operator to swear in writing there were no rocks around the scene of the accident, so if the taxi had been crashed on a rock, anyone could have done it at any time during the last week. After I had been rehired, I told my friend David what had happened, and he told me what to do.

Several days later I walked up to the mechanic who had been responsible for getting me fired and out of the blue simply said, "I have lost all respect for you as a person," and walked away, trembling.

A year passed, and one day, as I sat in a restaurant, that same mechanic came in, took a few steps backward and bumped into me. "I'm really sorry!" he cried, turning, and seeing me for the first time.

A very important part of yourself needs to hear you giving it right back to someone who is mean to you, even if you have to wait a year. The best way to understand this is to realize an insult was thrown into the river of time, and at some point, you should throw in a response. With repeated experiences, you work your way back upstream.

01-AUG-2001. The shortcut is to realize people are living in all different stages of evolution. Cro-Magnons and Babylonians are coexisting with future Spacerians. Different levels.







As follows

CODE WORDS: absolutes, all right, back-story, bed, behave, cash, comma, competent, crotch, dogs, equal, electronic, fallacious, fly, Grande, heard, helicopter, hide, high, ideas, knows, labor, luck, matters, missing, molehills, mountains, name's, neither, occur, oftentimes, passion, peed, pop, priorities, prove, proves, simplify, sober, suggest, [talking]



—There's not much to it.