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Patient refers to it as stargate-two-six

A Distracter.2






It's perfect! 

—Any one.

—Before long!

With friends!




Abusive ad Hominem — Ridicules, demeans, or insults you, your work, your friends, or your point of view, with just a thin glaze of middle-class sobriety.





[affectation & torture] - Sometimes you just get the idea the other person is trying to control you - You can't talk to them; you have to report. - 2500 years ago, Sun-tzu, The Art of War: "Precise knowledge of self, along with precise knowledge of the threats, leads to victory." -- They casually torment you, or try to make you jealous in the pit of your belly - Unfortunately, their ulterior motives have a way of highlighting intense bittersweet feelings in you, without any sweet fruit.

The Age of Attention, ages 4-7




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"All we have to do is tighten it up just a little bit."

—It's perfect!

—Okay! We're leaving on time!

"Oh, did he put a new lock on?" [Lying; the lock was put on at his request] :: WildCard-8

—It's perfect!

—Not a puzzle ... Let me vomit in your ear and see if it comes out your nose ... You're stronger than I am ... Keep it clean and don't call me honey! ... (He has very deep ways of hating.)

[Someone not quite betraying a confidence, rather, simply "playing with you," flirting around with betraying your confidentiality]

With friends!

—The words aren't important, and how you feel isn't important – just let it come out – if you dare.

"This president is a nice guy who just doesn't get it." (–Mitt Romney, January 8, 2012)

With friends!

—Conservatives want tension; liberals just want to hang out ... That's the struggle.

«How to come across non-defensive»

—Any one.

—Whatever it is, we'll see ... I don't know and I don't care and I don't ask ... That's a good case.

"Is this free? Is there someone sitting here?" [The bar stool on your left, from a group that's studiously ignoring you]

—Any one.

—They're on a fake ocean liner going to a fake heaven.

"Is that a yes?"

—Before long!

—I don't know how else to put it.

"Is this one taken?" [The bar stool on your right, from a reverend who's studiously concentrating on a pearl-studded Blackberry]

—Before long!

—You know, I'm beginning to see why people drink ... You go here, you go there ... The Knights of the Mystic Sea.

"Quit while you're ahead."

—Before long!

—Money, good cheer, intelligence, attention, light – There's only so much of these things in the world .. That's the way life is ... As long as you have yourself, you're not abandoned.

«How to make a verbal boundary»

—Any one.

—Just for shade ... Let me know when you settle down ... There were dolphins flying in the water and I thought of you ... She wants a toilet seat around her neck so she can enter the temple ... Sounds like my mother ... I'm telling you, it can get awfully awkward ... Will do! ... Revenge is mine! ... Hot shit! ... I know I got it wrong ... What about your freedom? ... I'll give you five dollars if you set me free ... You must never let them see they can knock you off ... They have a million ways ... You can paint any painting and people think it's good, because they can't paint anything ... What's the difference? ... It's just the idea of it ... Forget about it! ... Your mother must have been big on that ... Your mother's era ... By practice! ... You were brought up not to seek happiness ... If I were you, I would seek happiness ... Deep!

"When?" [Pressuring you for a date]

—Any one.

—I will tell you.

[Someone merely looking away without a thank you]

—It's perfect!

—That's good to say.


—It's perfect!

—How about that?

["Okay! I made it on one hour's sleep!"] "Okay! Congratulations!"

—Before long!

Looking good!

"I just want to congratulate you on your masterful air-conditioning work."

—It's perfect!

—Moves the hot air around.

"Timing is everything in life, isn't it?"

—Any one.

—When you find your ego, and the bottom falls out, you find happiness.

"This is the right timing – I was wondering how I was going to get in there."

—Any one.

—Keep calm and carry on!

"When is Easter?"

With friends!

—Why should I tell you if you forget?

"I'll leave this with you so you can have it whenever you want it."

With friends!

—Deep sea fishing.

"When in doubt."

—Before long!

—Maybe there's better than that.

"When your time is up, your time is up."

With friends!

—It sucks the life out of you, this battle!

"Is this the last one?" [Harry Potter movie]

With friends!

—We'll see what happens.

"Carry on!"

—It's perfect!

—You just do things with no idea how they'll turn out.

"I'm sorry – My mind is somewhere else."

—Before long!

—Everything is very authentic.

[Your wife getting stoned and going to a B. B. King concert with some of your friends, pointedly without you]

—Before long!

—You finally did it! ... You finally ruined my day.

"Excuse me while I take this call."

—Any one.

—Are you in the middle of something?

"When's the sun going to come out?"

With friends!

—It's over the crest.

"You better enjoy it while you can – That's all I've got to say."

—Any one.

—So many opportunities.

"When are we going home?"

—Before long!

—They have a good saying in Germany – "The cobbler should stick to the last!"

"I'll call you when I come in to the airport." [Pretending you'll drop everything, race to the airport, break all the taxi protocols, bribe the starters and police officers, miraculously find them, and for what?]

—It's perfect!

—Go over the top!

"If you are targeted by a cyberbully, stop, block and tell!"

—Any one.

—It's not going overboard for anything ... You have to find an inner barometer ... Life is what you say it is.

"That was a really nice response – It was so natural."

—Any one.

—They're not scripted.

"Is it working?"

—It's perfect!

—All things come to dogs who wait.

"Now as I sit here today, I don't know what is truth, and I don't know what isn't." [From Oprah Winfrey]

—It's perfect!

—I wouldn't worry ... Probably somewhere down deep there's a little kid that wants to come out ... Just face it: You're bad! ... The "oughts" ... A whiff of your mother's perfume ... Very little, but there's a leak ... Don't you put soapy water on and look for bubbles?

"What is truth?"

—It's perfect!

—You have to be very smart to be that happy ... Never stand behind a car that's backing up!

"Is your show on?"

—Any one.

—I knew there was an ulterior motive.

"Is she here?" [Ignoring your girlfriend]

—It's perfect!

—Very hidden.

"Is that a boy or a girl?"

—It's perfect!

—A little of both.

"How is it?" [Your steak, veggies, potato, wine, service, conversation, vacation, sunburn, horror, tablecloth, salad dressing, soup, ....]

—It's perfect!

—It's perfect ... Just right! ... Pretty special.

"How's your soup?"

—It's perfect!

—If it's a parallel universe, how can you see it?

"Is everything prepared all right, Sir?"

—It's perfect!

—The whole thing.

"Is there anything else you want to tell me?"

—It's perfect!

—Without ice!

["Thank you."] "Uh-huh."

—Before long!

—And weird stuff.

["Thanks!"] "Yep."

—Before long!

—You hang tough!

"I don't see why we should extend this tramp the courtesy of our attention."

—Any one.

—You can only be pleasantly surprised.

[A parking lot attendant using bureaucratic double talk to cheat you out of fifty cents]

With friends!

—And they wonder why jazz is dead.

"I watched you carefully, and you didn't screw up once."

—It's perfect!

—I can't stand having to do things the right way.

"Good evening."

—It's perfect!

—Twilight – that blessed moment when body and soul are one.

"Have a nice night."

With friends!

—Maybe I will.

"I really need to get up early. How 'bout I call you a cab?"

—Any one.

—Who needs you?

"Why is it bad timing?"

—Any one.

—I'd like to, but I can't.

"Good-bye ... have a good night."

With friends!

—I do that all the time.

"Maybe we shouldn't see each other for a while."

—It's perfect!

—What's wrong with being yourself?
































When you respond to someone with something poetic, it touches their mind in the deepest way, going far beyond the flat emotions of television repartee. Imagine how someone stops and wonders for a moment when you say,


—It's genetic,


—Nobody knows,


—THAT's why.








As follows

CODE WORDS: available, [away], [betraying], boundary, 'bout, carry, congratulate, congratulations, courtesy, cyberbully, evening, goofing, is, lock, natural, night, non-defensive, [pointedly], Popeye, soup, targeted, taxi driver, tighten, timing, uh-huh, verdict, watched, when, when's, whenever, while, yep


Corona Australis
"S crown"

—Before long!