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Patient refers to it as stargate-five-eight

A Crackpot.2






—Afraid not.

—The reverse! That's enough.

—Turn it around!

—Quite unnecessary.




Rejection — Most people are terribly preoccupied with thoughts, feelings, and dreams. If you say or do something outside those boundaries, they feel they have to work too hard (to keep their instincts to throttle you in check), so they try to take you out of the picture.





[seizing power, or hijacking you] - In obvious and subtle ways, often by spinning a web of convenient hearsay, beliefs, generalizations, "rootless lies," (as opposed to "grounded observations") or emotional convictions (powerfully presented to achieve dominance!), they're trying to hijack your body, mind & spirit - You learn a little bit more about the big picture when you know the small stuff - They might feed you for a while, or they give you advice, but they give you no way to carry out the advice, and they tell you to get a job or something. See Matrix, the movie - Try to see, is it their dreams, or their parents' and teachers' dreams?

The Age of Detachment, ages 16-19




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.





—Quite unnecessary.

—Lonely? You have broken the connection to your exuberance for life ... Feeling lonely is really not being connected to yourself ... Feeling lonely? Then why are you abandoning yourself? ... A clue for finding yourself – the part of yourself you can place your trust in – is to use sensations to find the part in yourself that has an exuberance for life ... A baby is not afraid of two things: being alone and being itself. If must be taught how to believe that its tricks are itself. Then it feels lonely when it can't practice its tricks ... Try to see the difference between what you like and what you have been taught you are supposed to like ... If people stay away from you, there's a reason ... It is very important to be able to relax or reduce stress enough to be in accord with what is going on around you. The deeper parts of the mind are sealed off when you are under stress ... A person on drugs is stuck in the drug's effects ... Some people don't like you at all because they can't afford to like you. Some people really like you a lot but can't afford to show it ... The super hard shells of frozen personality types hate little chickens ... In a person fear, short circuits and anxiety can be replaced by deep understanding ... A person is defined by patterns of attention which are mostly habitual ... All loneliness is is missing your mother ... It takes a lot of energy to hold and maintain lies ... It takes courage to see no one will do anything bad to you for releasing an ancient lie ... Sometimes a person cannot stand intimacy because when people are intimate, their wounds rub against each other and can't heal ... When you are in a winter of your life, don't think for a moment you have to run out and pretend to do what other people are doing. In winter your wounds can heal ... The longer you are lonely, the better off you will be. Remember that lean times follow rich times, so really get into the rich times ... I wouldn't even try to have a good time ... Children won't have anything to do with anyone who doesn't do what the child wants to do ... Try to fall apart; what you really are can't ... People like people who are dumb; they hate people who are smart ... First like your work; then like what you get paid ... It's not easy to make life your mother; it's very easy to make life your friend. Other people are nicer to you than you are to yourself ... What I say isn't important at all; being around people is what's important ... The mind is a bizarre, huge, strange invisible creature with feathers and webbed feet. It is bizarre, exotic and strange. Yet it is symbolic and poetic. It is wild, dynamic and enriching. If you think that's weird, I guess you're right. That's what some people say ... In a relationship, if you don't do something despicable every now and then, you're living in a museum. If another person likes you, they like you whether you're good or bad ... More important than any idea is how you treat other people ... If your mother is dead, how can you ever be lost? ... Some school kids were asked to list their three best friends. Ten percent of the kids never made the list. What does this mean? ... Finding true happiness with another person happens only two or three times in a lifetime. This is the time to be dumb – not smart ... Sometimes people expect too much of themselves ... A complicated bonding that takes place on a very deep level sometimes happens between two people.

"If I were you, I'd sit next to the smart kid in English."

—Turn it around!

—You can't just be alert – You have to have some understanding.

"Oh, shut up!" [Their first words of the day]

—The reverse! That's enough.

—What power!

"Come here – Sit down."

—The reverse! That's enough.

—Just close your eyes ... Stay there and don't move ... Close your eyes ... Start seeing fish, because the TV isn't working and maybe you can influence it.

"Sit down."

—Quite unnecessary.

—I'm not letting the dumbest man in the woods dictate my choices.

"You have to keep quiet." [Mother to her kid – She doesn't believe kids should be taught how to stick up for themselves]

—The reverse! That's enough.

—Okay, then what do you do?

"Listen boys, Charlie feels like he's being bullied in sailing, and people aren't being nice to him." [Woman addressing a table of kids, half of whom weren't even in the sailing class, with her son sitting alone at another table]

—Turn it around!

—No, it's not true ... Listen to me ... Since there's no such thing as a happy teenager, who cares how well he does? ... I just want to give you a heads-up in case you have an interest ... You're an asshole, too.

"One of you kids threw this candy wrapper on the ground, so I want you all to line up and stick out your tongues."

—Afraid not.

—It's very hard ... Oh, loud!

"Is this sponsored by Yellow Cab?"

—Quite unnecessary.

—Don't throw me in the briar patch!

"Listen, I have a Ph.D. in interpersonal relations – I have a rapport with kids and I'm trying to talk to them."

—The reverse! That's enough.

—It's money down the drain ... It's a pity ... Must have been trained to do whatever people tell you to do ... I'm not in first grade being pummeled with stupidity ... The minister can chastise anyone with total annihilation.

"You're too needy."

—The reverse! That's enough.

—It was really different in the old days – There were so few people – They could really, really help people.

"You're sounding a little desperate because you're trying to build yourself up by tearing everybody else down."

—Quite unnecessary.

—That's a little misleading, isn't it?

"You do this for a hobby?"

—Afraid not.

—Why shouldn't people do what they're good at?

"Do you do this in your spare time?"

—Afraid not.

—I don't mind waiting an hour to mail a letter if it's weird.

"Do you do writing part-time?"

—The reverse! That's enough.

—You're not like me – You don't like weird experiences.

"Do you have to incite them?" [To get people to be mean]

—Quite unnecessary.

—I don't do that – I just do good work.

"Now maybe you'll be able to get a few ads."

—Quite unnecessary.

—It's like Old Bullshit National Park.

"President Bush killed my son."

—The reverse! That's enough.

—There are places that are terrible ... run by crooks.

"You have no compunction about describing people as criminals."

—Quite unnecessary.

—A lot of what they say has to be discounted.


—The reverse! That's enough.

—I'm so taken aback that you're talking to me that way.

"I haven't offended you, have I?"

—The reverse! That's enough.

—Not this side of paradise.

"If I were to say, 'Shut up!' what would you say?"

—Afraid not.

—Does victory settle all arguments?

"Shut up!"

—Turn it around!

—Yeah, won't we? ... Only a pawn in their game ... Without thinking ... Even when you're talking ... Total obedience ... What's your offer? ... Likewise ... Who wants to submit themselves to sadists? ... It's just like having a dog on a leash? ... Turn it around! ... I hope not ... You could ... Nevertheless! ... If only ... YOU could ... I'll try ... Patience is the key to joy ... Let go! ... Float like a robin, drop like a stone ... Like a shark in a German girls' swim locker! ... "Ich dere a webcam in here?" ... "Pass dir soap!" ... If you leave children alone and let them be what they are, you don't have to teach 'em anything! ... I knew you were going to go there, and I respect you for that.

"This is totally uncalled-for."

—Turn it around!

—A lot of people don't know their parents were wrong.

"Please be quiet!"

—Turn it around!

—You don't have to make speeches.

"Shut up, you fat pig!"

—The reverse! That's enough.

—If you're going for volume, you wink at quality.

"Mary, do you live up on the Matterhorn?"

—Afraid not.

—There's nothing to be jealous of.

"I am wondering if you can review this paper for publication, keeping it in the strictest confidence."

—The reverse! That's enough.

—Around my office you have to have a sense of humor about confidentiality.

"Can you keep a secret?"

—Turn it around!

—Just put it on the wall.

"Taking a break?"

—Afraid not.

If only ... It's just an idea.

"Taking the dogs for a ride?"

—Afraid not.

—Always hopeful.

"You taking him to the Bay?"

—The reverse! That's enough.

—I can imagine.


—The reverse! That's enough.

—This is so freaky – I knew you were going to say that.

"Are you all done? Do you want me to clear it, or are you still working on your potatoes? Do you have a spoon?"

—Quite unnecessary.

—Just a little bit is enough.

"Would you be offended if I sat next to you?"

—The reverse! That's enough.

—You don't have to think there's something wrong with you.

"Are you from Japan?" [To an Asian from Connecticut]

—Afraid not.

—You know, you're hurting my feelings.

"Let's stick to the facts here."

—The reverse! That's enough.

—YOU could! ... Don't rush.

"So are they paying you for that wonderful recommendation?"

—Afraid not.

—When you do things right, they come out right.

"Not to be hypercritical, but ...."

—The reverse! That's enough.

—Beats the alternative.

"No offense, but ...."

—The reverse! That's enough.

—It's a disgrace.

"They say sometimes the best defense is an offense."

—The reverse! That's enough.

—What they teach in school is that stupidity is power.

"Are you jumping in on the side of Satan?"

—Quite unnecessary.

—One is more than enough.

"You've got something right here." [Tooth spinach]

—The reverse! That's enough.

—That's a special today.

"You've done so much to help all these people!"

—Quite unnecessary.

—There are two things – how you are treated, and how you treat someone else.

"Don't be a stooge of the party loyalists."

—Quite unnecessary.

—Out with the old, in with the new!

"Is there no end to your greed?"

—The reverse! That's enough.

—Call my lawyer.

"Are you smoking something?"

—Quite unnecessary.

—Just don't peek under the tent.

"It would be kind of hard to use it without it, wouldn't it?"

—The reverse! That's enough.

—It's further than you think.

"Can I use your name if they don't go for it?"

—Quite unnecessary.

—You're a living person.

"If I could wave a magic wand, remove all your bodily infirmities, would you still dance?"

—Quite unnecessary.

—I don't want you dying in my house – It might inspire me.

"Better luck next time."

—The reverse! That's enough.

—I'm better off right now.

"Next time!"

—The reverse! That's enough.

—When you're sick!





























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—The reverse! That's enough.