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Patient refers to it as stargate-six-three

A Blowhard.3






Exactly. What else?

—By now. Catching fire!

—All along. Turn it around.

Just some.




Punishing You for Doing Well — What this really is, is ignoring. There are a million ways. These are Put-Downs, which are essentially total ignoring.





[expectations & banalities] - Their over-the-top expectations are really put-downs - They have a never-ending cage of tests - Everybody, down deep, has something vicious in them - This is a smoke screen - Maybe they feel unloved and invisible.

The Age of Detachment, ages 16-19




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"When you're an old man you start to develop breasts."

—By now. Catching fire!

—It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

"How do you defend yourself with words?"

—Exactly. What else?

—You have to take yourself out of it.

"I must remind you you're under oath."

—All along. Turn it around.

—You know, with the gods.

"Have you ever actually used it?"

—By now. Catching fire!

—I think what you do is, put a little dirt in.

"I always read your column – Of course, I don't understand it, but I still read it."

—Exactly. What else?

—I'm authentic, right?

"Accept Christ or burn in hell!"

—All along. Turn it around.

—There are these people who never got angry in their life.

"Excellent! Have you ever taken a course in conflict management?"

—Just some.

—There are plenty of places you can go.

"How would you describe this entire system for dummies?"

—Exactly. What else?

—This is the real thing.

"Profoundly tedious work."

—Exactly. What else?

—Like Rubik's Cube.

"I went to Public School! – I are smart!"

—By now. Catching fire!

—Terrible people, but smart!

"They simply want to keep counting votes until they like the results."

—All along. Turn it around.

—Slow and steady wins the race.

"You've Got a Life – Now Defend It!" [Motto for new card game based on]

—Exactly. What else?

—I've got Moxie's Disease!

"Do you take any of these accusations seriously? Obviously you don't."

—All along. Turn it around.

—What's the other one?

"I didn't let you pay the PG&E bill for a long time."

—All along. Turn it around.

—Waiting, huh?

"Good riposte."

—Exactly. What else?

—What else did I want to tell you?

"Calm down!"

—Exactly. What else?

—That is too easy!

"Boy, you're easy."

—By now. Catching fire!

—If I feel like it.

"Easy come, easy go."

—All along. Turn it around.

—It's just one more thing, right?

"Please remain calm."

—Exactly. What else?

—Why shouldn't I remain calm?

"Take it easy."

—Exactly. What else?

—Don't kill yourself.

"Relax! – Take it easy!"

—By now. Catching fire!

—I still have things to do.

"Relax, man! Too early."

—Exactly. What else?

—You're right – Hide!

"Did I wake you up?"

—By now. Catching fire!

—I saw it coming.

"Wake up!"

—By now. Catching fire!

—It's hard for me to count money and think at the same time.

"You think you're pretty smart, don't you?"

—All along. Turn it around.

—Don't worry – You can count on ineptness.

"That was smart." [Attacking herself for dropping a heavy piece of furniture]

—By now. Catching fire!

—None of us are as dumb as all of us.

"That was smart." [Sarcastically]

—Exactly. What else?

—Not all the time.

"It's your mind I like – Say something smart."

—Exactly. What else?

—A list of things to do in Portland: (1) Get out.

"Speak louder, Mr. Hart! Fill the room with your intelligence!" (–Professor Charles W. Kingsfield Jr., The Paper Chase, 1973)

—Exactly. What else?

—It's hard to come by ... I won't be embarrassed if you put a dollar in a jar ... No one knows if it's real or in your mind ... It's like a glimpse of birds ... It's so powerful you can't believe it ... The glimpse ... I used to like Hitler until I saw color films ... He had cheap uniforms ... It doesn't matter ... What difference does it make? ... It's just a different idea ... And next he'll put colors on it ... Now I can hold my head up ... There's very little value on humans these days, simply because they're human ... So when does this occur to you? ... If you're dealing with Hitler, what difference does it make if you're successful or not? ... Get out!

«Old fashioned word for argumentative person»

—Exactly. What else?

—A wrangler.

"I'll give you a ticket."

—All along. Turn it around.

—You never get too tired for that.

"Maybe you were hallucinating."

—All along. Turn it around.

—Nice weather, huh?

"Very cerebral."

—By now. Catching fire!

—It's so hard.

"Well, none of us have any answers."

—Just some.

The Thief of Bagdad, starring Douglas Fairbanks, 1924; Rembrandt, with Charles Lawton, 1936; Circle of Iron, starring David Carradine, 1979; The Music Box, Laurel & Hardy, 1932; Beauty and the Beast, Jean Cocteau, 1946; The Cat from Outer Space, Walt Disney, 1978; The Woman in the Moon, Fritz Lang, 1929; Metropolis ... Rosanne Barr singing the National Anthem, 1990 – That's my mental pathway block.

"You have to pick your fights."

—Exactly. What else?

—If I'm bored – You get into Archie and Veronica -land.

"Someday you'll realize that being smart doesn't mean you have all the answers."

—All along. Turn it around.

—David Daniels says, "If you hold a question now, someday you will realize you have lived into the answer."

"You might not be that smart."

—Just some.

—I'm talking about the realm of ideas, a higher level of existence.

"You are so smart!"

—Exactly. What else?

—Now you have proof.

"What do you think we're paying you for?"

—All along. Turn it around.

—Something no twelve-year-old would understand.

"What do Black people think of Louis Farrakhan?"

—All along. Turn it around.

Whatever's fair ... Everybody's bad – Everybody's good.

"So now you're a big shot."

—Exactly. What else?

—How did Mae West put it? – If evil knocks, I'll try it.

"You're brilliant! Thanks."

—Exactly. What else?

—Like Nature.

"Do you actually think before you say anything?"

—Exactly. What else?

—Are you jealous?

"Honey, I could take you home and give you a fuck that would leave you smiling in the morning, but you just don't rate!"

—Just some.

—What do we call this, the last roundup?

"More schizo with a computer fun." [A mention in "The Greatest Thinker" thread at]

—Exactly. What else?

—When you come again, you can play!
























A Minimal Framework for Verbal Self-Defense

Since the unconscious parts of ourselves cannot lie, a minimal framework of self-defense must be able to express the truth. It should function in all walks of life without escalating violence. It might blend elements of honesty, toughness, good manners, and humor so as to round out ordinary conversation, dispatching each insult and bringing us back to ourselves.

You could see the twenty-two patients in this «seishin byooin» as primary distracters from twenty-two ontological nuclei of human existence: wonder, security, consciousness, individuality, sincerity, fascination, care, will power, whimsy, zest, confidence, compassion, certainty, beauty, presence, kindness, participation, equilibrium, spontaneity, warmth, trust and a wonderful heart. Do you see yourself as the possessor of these gifts?

The people who deliver insults are usually frozen in their formations of mind (being little more than unconscious agents of their parents), so you can bide your time and prepare for more attacks from their minuscule positions. Just imagine a splendid twenty-two dimensional Beelzebub conducting its affairs in a world of one-dimensional pip-squeaks!

Defend yourself once or twice, and the mean-spirited attackers will usually run away forever (Good riddance!) or they'll simply start being friendly. It's sort of miraculous.







As follows

CODE WORDS: accusations, actually, answers, argumentative, brilliant, calm, cerebral, Christ, course, defend, develop, dummies, easy, eats, Farrakhan, fights, hallucinating, intelligence, louder, oath, paying, PG&E, rate, relax, remain, riposte, share, shot, schizo, skipper, smart, tedious, ticket, votes, wake



—Exactly. What else?