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Patient refers to it as stargate-eight-seven

A Stooge.3






You have to put 12 cents in. 

Great freedom! 

—Many moons!

Everything's changing. 




Argumentum ad Captandum Vulgus — (Appeal to the Rabble) An appeal to the lowest instincts, for the sake of pleasing the crowd. Incorporates as many other fallacies as will serve, including violence.





[preaching & commandeering] - They use indeterminate adverbs of scale and scope (e.g., busy, long, much) to keep you mystified. They see these as "fillers," gambits, really, to keep the conversation "flowing," with the expectation you'll "talk yourself into a sale." Religion is very useful in controlling the masses - It's to their advantage to mystify people - To hide that they're not doing anything - They all like to act like they're important - It's really sad. These attacks come from out of the blue, usually by very frustrated people - When people get frightened, they like to pretend someone else is doing it - Now you don't have to pretend anymore - Why should I forget people are shits? Why should I even talk to them? - Get lost! Good-bye!

The Age of Significance, ages 20-23




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"Did you watch the movie? Do you still have your ticket?" [Three thugs cornering you outside the theater]

—Great freedom!

—You have no idea how bad it was.

"Watch it, man!" [Ominously]

—Everything's changing.

—As I go.

"Are you done?" [You're literally twenty feet away from the ATM]

—Everything's changing.

Make sure! ... It's obvious.

"How long have you been dating?"

—You have to put 12 cents in.

—On the wagon or off the wagon? ... No pressure! ... Hitch your wagon to a star!

"I've discovered a third way to come in – One, two, three! – Okay, Dave, whatever rocks your boat." [Talking to himself]

—Many moons!

—It's just called being alive.

"Could they maybe say that in one simple sentence on the first page?"

—You have to put 12 cents in.

—I'll try it.

"Do you come out this way much?"

—You have to put 12 cents in.

Never act alone ... Directly across the street ... Maybe it's because everything's going your way ... Losing your way in your place book ... What credit to England.

"I'm so sorry your mother didn't love you as much as you wanted her to."

—Many moons!

—Ideas, experience ... Neither one. That's what they say. Aristotle, thumb up, "ideas." Plato, thumb down, "experience." ... Neither one.

"How much is the gas here now?"

—Everything's changing.

—There's not many places you can go anymore, are they?

"How much did that set you back?"

—Everything's changing.

—I'm sure you'll find one when everything's cheap.

"How much money do you make driving a taxi?"

—Everything's changing.

—Have some faith.

"HOW MUCH? ... I SAID, 'HOW MUCH?'" [As if you're a prostitute]

—Many moons!

—Let's not argue about it.

"I lost my glasses, and I lost my only other pair of glasses at home two days ago, so I'm really depressed." [She's actually crying]

—Everything's changing.

—You can always come over to my house and scrub the floor.

"Do you always keep your dogs in your car?"

—Everything's changing.

—And shiny gold!

"Over in the City they've already sold thirty medallions."

—Everything's changing.

—To rattle people's cages.

"You look depressed – What is it?"

—Many moons!

—First of all, don't assume that I am.

"What have I done?"

—Great freedom!

—Don't look at things! – It might hurt you ... Get a new one! I'll pay for it ... Just let me know when... In the arts, there's no hope in making money ... Go to Church a lot! ... An unholy alliance ... What good is believing in God if he doesn't help you? ... That hurts me when you don't value my work – I guess I know where I stand.

"Everybody's done something."

—Great freedom!

—Everybody wants smart people in their country.

"What is your zip code?"

—Everything's changing.

—What good are acres on the moon? ... Someday people will give up all this crap.

"You're sixty?"

—You have to put 12 cents in.

—Just pretend you're in a meadow filled with sheep.

"How did a guy like you manage to stay single for so long?"

—Many moons!

—Resurrection of the body ... I love being single.

"She found you difficult, and that is a recurrent theme." [Critique from a manager]

—Everything's changing.

—I'm in no position to even see what's going on ... So let's do that now.

"You are no longer part of the team – I have to let you go." [–Thomas F. Hall, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, to Major General Antonio M. Taguba, who had been ordered to investigate the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal, then told he had been overzealous]

—Everything's changing.

—This is why they dream of going to Mars.

"Keeps you busy." [Condescendingly]

—Great freedom!

—We have to circle back and get our eye on the ball.

"How long is it going to take?"

—Everything's changing.

—Your alarm clock is going off.

"I wonder why I'm such an alarmist. And I wonder why I get extremely scared sometimes over things that don't seem like they should be scary."

—Great freedom!

—Just be sure you chop the garlic, and add the chicken broth before you make it ... What does it mean, hiding? ... Listening to people say how great it is ... That's it! ... Don't tell your mother ... Donner just fucked Blitzen!

"What supplies do you need?"

—Great freedom!

—Do I get a pill soon?

"What kind of car do you drive?"

—Many moons!

—That's what they say, you know?

"Do you have a medallion, or do you work off of someone else's?"

—Everything's changing.

—Out of the darkness into the light.

"Do you lease this cab?"

—Many moons!

—It doesn't matter what you do.

"What company do you work for?"

—Everything's changing.

—It isn't what you think.

"I could never live on this street, buddy."

—Everything's changing.

—Maybe it's too rich for our blood.

"There's so many papers on this street."

—Great freedom!

—You try, you try.

"You can play the age card all you want, but there's no job on earth where someone is one hundred percent happy."

—Great freedom!

—It all depends what kind of person you are ... Not everyone can do that ... They're torn between glamor and a pleasant life ... I don't deserve to be this happy ... I just can't help it!

"How long have you been driving a cab?"

—You have to put 12 cents in.

—Some of them are very nice and some of them are total idiots.

"I am having trouble understanding how to use your site. Specifically, how do you memorize the insults, with the bridges, with the follow-ups?"

—Great freedom!

—You don't have to – Miners in South Africa follow seams of gold.

"Who are you looking at?"

—Everything's changing.

—Just us ... I'm an orphan ... Mr. Knot ... This is Father Time ... Coming home to do an honest day's work ... You're not supposed to just avoid trouble ... Then your mother says, "Why do you eat so much?" ... It'll destroy you, I'm not kidding.

"What are you looking at?" [Stranger challenging you]

—Many moons!

—You're in good company.

"Why are you looking at me?" [From a US Marine sergeant]

—Great freedom!

—I'm going to join the Army tomorrow.

"What in the hell are you looking at?" [High-and-mighty woman standing by the side of the road]

—Great freedom!

—You don't count.

"WHAT? What are you looking at?"

—Great freedom!

—I don't know ... I don't keep track of that ... I don't like to dwell on that ... The Wolf Man ... That's how you can find out about people ... The powers that be are happy ... Better dogs than policemen ... You know, this is how I earn my living ... Come on, give me a break – My kid broke his tooth ... You're not missing that much ... It's not a very nice place ... It looks like you're on the way out ... I'm not counting on anything.

"Is there a problem with my car?"

—Everything's changing.

—Very alert!

"I saw you looking at it."

—Great freedom!

—It never hurts to be friendly.

"Stop looking at me like that."

—Many moons!

—I can live without it ... Did you ever read The Way of All Flesh by Samuel Butler?

"You put me in a lot of stress."

—Everything's changing.

—The longer you stay around, the less you have to do.

"You may never know what I've done for you."

—Great freedom!

—Don't ask and don't count on it is my philosophy of life.

"A healthy way to express yourself, but could have been done differently."

—Great freedom!

—Running engines backwards.

"You probably shouldn't have done it."

—Great freedom!

—You may have expected me to know things I couldn't possibly know ... No, no! You have to learn that.

"Do you know what this is? Can you help me find one?" [Amish schoolhouse shooter, indicating his gun]

—Everything's changing.

—Wherever there is severe repression, people weave long elaborate stories to get around it.

"There's not going to be any homecoming this year – Mr. Klang is not going to make it through homecoming." [Weston School shooter]

—Everything's changing.

—They're unable to realize their parents are idiots.

"Steers try; bulls get the job done.''

—Great freedom!

—Yeah, I'm really bad; I'm a really bad mother.

"Why isn't this done?" [Micromanager, who's secretly "documenting" you]

—Great freedom!

—Every time I think something bad's happened, something good's happened. [See also "Have you just been sitting here doing nothing all day?" at stargate41.htm]

[Someone ignoring your e-mail]

—Great freedom!

—Of all the things you can get, working hard isn't so bad ... Do good for yourself – Don't worry about anyone else ... If you don't take the approval, you won't give yourself the disapproval ... You're not supposed to wear white shoes after Labor Day ... The real flow isn't the "social flow" – It's the flow of what comes from yourself ... The essential idea of "cool" is being rejecting ... We know we're still wrong.

[Someone studiously ignoring you]

—Great freedom!

—Great tragedy.

"Sure! Absolutely." [As if to a child]

—Great freedom!

—It's abysmal.

"Some exciting life you've got there."

—Great freedom!

—Why would someone hate what they're good at?

"You can't lead the war on terror if you keep changing positions."

—Great freedom!

—Looking for something to do?

"What are you doing? Look at the long line here."

—You have to put 12 cents in.

—Isn't it amazing how time flies?

"You don't know where Valley Drive is? How long have you been driving a cab?"

—Great freedom!

—Very oppressive.

"You don't charge an airport fee?"

—Many moons!

—This is insidious.

"How long have you been doing this?"

—Everything's changing.

—It's a whole career within a career.

"How long have you been in the States?"

—Great freedom!

—From birth.

"How long you wait?"

—You have to put 12 cents in.

—No need.

"How long did you live in Philadelphia?"

—You have to put 12 cents in.

—It's hard to know – I let my mind go.

"How long have you been a cab driver?"

—Great freedom!

—People are not what they used to be, let me put it that way.

"How long did he stay?"

—Many moons!

—Dealing cards?

"Well, how long have you lived here?"

—You have to put 12 cents in.

—Who's counting? ... Since always ... It's timeless! ... Let a million flowers bloom.

"So how long have you lived in San Francisco?"

—Great freedom!

—You're not jealous, are you?

"You're taking the long way!"

—Many moons!

—Sorry about that – I don't know what I was thinking.

"XYZ – eXamine Your Zipper!"

—Great freedom!

—Hold everything! ... I have mixed feelings coming here today.

"Your zipper is down."

—You have to put 12 cents in.

—Make a great spy, huh?

"I prefer the back roads."

—Great freedom!

—It's an incentive.

"What possessed you to write this?"

—Great freedom!

—A little bird came and told me.

"You've been busy."

—You have to put 12 cents in.

—The devil made me do it!

"You busy today?"

—Great freedom!

—Once in a while you should take it easy.

"You're busy today!"

—Everything's changing.

—Today's a good day not to go to work.

"Busy day today?"

—Many moons!

—I'm taking a paid holiday inside myself.

"You are not a team player."

—Great freedom!

—Different people are good at different things.

"Stop looking at us."

—Great freedom!

—I'll get ideas how to torture you.

"What are you looking at me for?"

—Great freedom!

—Would that be a hardship?

"What are you looking for?" [Manager challenging you]

—You have to put 12 cents in.

—I don't even know if it's that important.

"Are you looking for somebody?" [Hostess at a fine restaurant]

—You have to put 12 cents in.

—Something nice.

"This is obviously a guy who likes to stir things up."

—Everything's changing.

—It's happening less and less.

"Are you looking for someone?" [Stranger challenging you]

—Great freedom!

—You wouldn't know it.

"Can I help you find something?" [Stranger challenging you]

—Great freedom!

—You've got a ways to go.

"Playing the game is street smarts."

—Great freedom!

—You can't really get to someone from the outside.

"You're not going to go on 9th Street?"

—Everything's changing.

—That's another story.

"Have a bushel full of wonderful moments."

—Great freedom!

—You're not supposed to be what some gypsy tells you is in your future.

























How Long Has Natural Language Processing (NLP) Been Chasing You?


They say those who really fought in a war knew only six feet on either side of them; whereas, the pretenders, those who never fought at all, afterwards knew great details of the war — its strategies, its tactics, its failures, its successes.


"How long" questions have been a thorn in my side for quite some time. They come in many forms:

(a.) "How long have you had that?" From P, in the past, to N, now = N-P

(b.) "How long ago was that?" From N, now, to P, in the past = -(P-N)

(c.) "How long will it take?" From N, now, to F, in the future = F-N

(d.) "How long does it take?" From H1, a hypothetical time, to H2 = H2-H1

(e.) "How long did you rehearse?" From P1, in the past, to P2, in the past = P2-P1

(f.) "How long before they finish?" From N, now, to E, an estimated time = E-N

(g.) "How long have you been out driving a cab?" Today, or in my whole life, or, perhaps, instead of doing something else ... ?

(h.) "How long is your shift?" From P, in the past, to F, in the future = F-P

(i.) "How long is this going to go on?" From N, now, to «?», an indeterminate time = «?»-N

(j.) "How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?"

Finally, I heard my friend David Daniels talking about "Mexican time" and knew he was close to the truth.

The problem, of course, is that "how long" questions require far too many cognitive decisions: (1.) two end points in time; (2.) their precision; (3.) their veracity; (4.) their difference; (5.) further implications; (6.) unforeseen consequences.

(a.) I don't know, since 1994?

(b.) Let's see ... a while ....

(c.) We'll see.

(d.) It depends.

(e.) About five months, I'm not sure.

(f.) Nobody knows.

(g.) Tough, huh?

(h.) Always changing ... How come?

(i.) No shit!

(j.) 1.7 miles.

As you can see, even a raft of indeterminate answers has a wildly fluctuating quality. They leave you pondering, furrowing your brow, slightly distracted, while all along you're a sitting duck! It's hard to even determine an indeterminate answer!

Duck! How long have I been a duck? You have to put 12 cents in.

You get out of your car, just as a complete stranger, loitering along with a few buddies, says, "Nice BMW! How long have you had that?"

Holding your own, you stand there pondering the not-so-trivial question, where do you go from there?

Finally in desperation I looked up the word "while" in Rodale's Synonym Finder and spotted the word "time." Time? Then it hit me, and I immediately wrote the following note to my sister:

"Hurray! I found the missing link! I've been trying to solve a particularly thorny issue for the last eight years, and finally discovered the two-word "wings" for flying back to yourself! The problem (in its simplest form) is what do you say back when someone says, "How long ago was that?" or "How long will it take?" or "How long have you been working on it?" or "How long have you been in the States?" This problem has been a huge thorn in my side, and people have sensed it, too! They take one look at me and ask me one of those "How long ..." questions as sort of a way to undermine me, or to stop me from living on Mexican time! I've had this dream, Amoret, for quite some time – Many moons! – that once I solved this piece of the puzzle, success would be at hand! So it's folded into the website now. And the "wings" are also disguised inside this paragraph! See if you can find them!"







As follows

CODE WORDS: absolutely, alarmist, barge, bulls, bushel, busy, car, changing, company, [critique], depressed, discovered, [documenting], done, earth, else's, exciting, extremely, fee, find, homecoming, [ignoring], keeps, lead, lease, long, looking, medallions, much, ninety, possessed, recurrent, roads, rocks, simple, sixty, specifically, steers, stir, street, stress, supplies, team, terror, understanding, watch, zip code, zipper


"Flying fish"

—Great freedom!