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Do less. No strings.


3. Logical Dilemmas


"Oh, my God!" Richard Roe cried out, "The damn thing's rammed us!"


"Space suits deploying," Bill Tickton said calmly.


"I'M SCARED!" Richard Roe screamed, "... Oops! I'm sorry. I take it back."


"Don't be a girl!" Mr. Juda said, hastily donning a suit.


—Do less. No strings.
(–Source: stargate32)


—Because the Red Sox lost, Richard Roe muttered under his breath, snapping his helmet into place.


"Okay, let's see what happened," Bill said, slowly rotating to face the window. "What the hell is that?"



–It's Leo, the Lion, the computer said.


"I thought the constellations at the Planet Soon were supposed to shift or something," Mr. Juda said.


—Do less. No strings.


"Well, they did shift!" Richard said, every cell on his body standing out like little hairs.


"Hello, what's this?" Mr. Juda said.


"Good news travels fast," Bill said, "Are those her breasts?"


—Do less. No strings.


"How do you like that?" Richard suddenly cried out, "Real naked women?"


Do less. No strings.



"What are the Red Sox?" Mr. Juda privately pumped the computer, gazing out the window.


–Remember that.


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