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Patient refers to it as stargate-two-five

A Distracter.1






—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—That's excessive.

—Almost impossible.

Loafing around!




The Genetic Fallacy — This is an indirect attack based on the perceived origin, background or experience of another person. Genealogy, in itself, proves nothing.





[insinuation & hipsterism] - They're continually using indirection to demote other people to office boy [For the direct version of this, check out stargate47], to deliver messages, or run errands - their words and tones of voice convey (1.) disparagement, (2.) detraction from the course of an individual's life, or (3.) prejudicial slurs against those not present - they hate words - they hate meaning - they're either stupid or rats; they think they're so smart - they try to get away with vague insinuation - the smarter you are, the more people hate you. —Pretty intense. Make a list! (between the eyes) —That's excessive. (center of chest) —Almost impossible. (solar plexus) Loafing around! (genitals).

The Age of Attention, ages 4-7




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"Did you call me a nigger?" [Coming and standing right in your face]

—That's excessive.

—Of course not! ... Why are you saying this to me? ... I'm just a person ... There must be something else going on ... Holy Shit! ... I'm just trying to make trouble! ... Too bad it isn't true! ... Do it yourself! ... Why are you talking to me this way? ... I'm just a person ... No one's caught on yet! ... Stick to yourself – What else can you do?

[Overhearing something, which may or may not apply to you]

—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—Is it possible?

"Put that dog on a leash! Put that dog on a leash!"

—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—Are you trying to outshine Death?


—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—I like law and order, too.

"You're going to block the sidewalk, huh, asshole?"

—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—Here goes!

"Why don't you go jump in a lake?"

Loafing around!

—A lot of dangerous men in the world.

"Do you want to see how I've become a cowboy?"

—Almost impossible.

—This one has the ghetto stare.

"It's arriving Wednesday – You can vacuum on Thursday."

—Almost impossible.

—In any event, I teach uses, not necessity ... Possibilities and uses, not necessity ... A while.

"Did you move your old vacuum cleaner?"

—That's excessive.

—That's evasive.

"I don't even have to ask, 'I could have had a V8!' I've got Richard Hart."

Loafing around!

—Like a wizard! ... Someday you may be fortunate enough to smoke, too.

"So ... tell me what you don't like about yourself."

—Almost impossible.

—I'll build you a roof that history avoided.

"Tell me your deepest personal problem – I'm filled with answers."

—Almost impossible.

—You may have to move to Mars.

"Any thoughts as to why you're so unpopular?"

—Almost impossible.

—In the blood!

"187 Miss Murphy!" [Graffiti meaning, "Kill Miss Murphy!"]

—Almost impossible.

—Nobody can't sleep anymore.

"There he is ... It must be two o'clock."

Loafing around!

—Don't tell me the end – I haven't seen it.

"You must have been audited by the IRS at one time."

Loafing around!

—Limit your demands.

"Didn't they tell you to come down to the other door?"

Loafing around!

—They're not too bright or capable and that's how they make a living ... They're like rats ... Maybe they have a Nish-Nish Department ("No! No!")

"What do you do when niggers come to your door and want to talk to you about Jesus?"

—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—We'll see ... Nothing fancy ... Just for the record.

"Me and my buddy were riding down the street one night and saw a fucking nigger hanging out on his bike, so I said to my buddy, 'Go ahead and hit him ... It's a fucking nigger!' and he did! Knocked him right off his bike. A policeman was watching and asked the fucking nigger, 'Are you all right?' and the fucking nigger said, 'Yeah,' and the cop told him to go on home."

—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—What an amazing story! ... There's always someone who's bad ... That's what's good! ... That's okay ... I don't believe in it.

"So you're a psychologist now?"

Loafing around!

—Thank you for expressing your deeper emotions – Early prohibitions against showing anger are acting up on you – What are you afraid of when you're angry?

"Jews are dickless faggots."

—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—Why is it every morning I wake up I feel I'm in Archie & Veronica comic books?

"Did you brush your teeth?"

—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—I would say that's punishment enough, don't you?

"Don't tell ME you brushed your teeth!"

—Almost impossible.

—Don't smell!

"Service has really suffered because of all these immigrants."

—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—Many, many people are rotten apples.

"I saw your web site and it was pretty good except for the milk carton."

—Almost impossible.

—Don't fret if it doesn't float your boat! I'm just warming up.

"I saw a book at Border's you'd like a lot – It's called, Sex in the Ancient World."

—Almost impossible.

—It's not that often.

"It was only two-dimensional."

—That's excessive.

—Hand me down my walking cane; I'm gonna leave on the morning train; my sins they have overtaken me.

"It looks terrible and amateurish."

—Almost impossible.

—Very low.

"I am willing to help you – There are government agencies." [Having just insulted you and gone on about how rough their life has been]

Loafing around!

—This is just more intense.

[Someone piling it on, telling you details and factoids you could do without] (Let them spout off their trivia and useless facts; this is a good time to memorize something; learn some things by heart; learn something and recite it; maybe it will improve your inner position)

—Almost impossible.

—"Like a roof ill-thatched, rain gets into the mind; Like a roof well-thatched, rain cannot get into the mind." Excuse me, I'm memorizing something. [Let them scream their heads off; you're just learning something]

"Download some Microsoft clip art and use that."

—That's excessive.

—I would be nowhere without him, and I am anyway.

"Tell me what you don't know."

—That's excessive.

—I'm not qualified – Talk to a therapist.

"Tell David not to wait for me."

Loafing around!

—For anything?

"If you see Kevin, tell him I'll be there about ten."

Loafing around!

—Oh, yeah! That's really royal.

"Richard! If you see Yurek, tell him we need a new set of locks on."

Loafing around!

—When I have all the time in the world.

"You're going to see Assad today or tomorrow?"

—Almost impossible.

—I'm not in a hurry.

"I'll give you three dollars to give to him."

—That's excessive.

—If I ever need more, I'll let you know.

"She has dated many guys before. She never disagrees going out with guys. She is basically an easy target."

—Almost impossible.

[See Icarus and the Gutter Snipe]

"Oh, you struck out."

Loafing around!

—How do you say serious?

"You need to go get a urine drug screening test today."

—Almost impossible.

—Whoops! Wrong religion.

"The youngsters should 'gang up for a while' on Tiger ..." (–Nick Faldo) ... "Lynch him in a back alley." (–Kelly Tilghman)

—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—Well, there's a lot to learn.

"It must be a Christian who owns this place – See that?" ["John 3:16" printed on the bottom of a paper cup]

Loafing around!

—Whatever they are, I think they're just earning a living, myself.

"I'm not prejudiced, but you know how the Jews live in enclaves?"

—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—That's good to know that.

"In this country, all the mainstream media and newspapers are run by the Jews."

—Almost impossible.

—I would check that out.

"I'll tell you what it is – All the mainstream media are owned and controlled by the Jews."

—Almost impossible.

—You're on the road to oblivion – You're naked on a treadmill with a light bulb up your ass.

"I've got Jews at my table."

—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—You could get a job as a waiter.

"Jews and Muslims who don't accept Jesus will burn in hell."

—Almost impossible.

—Take me with you!

"I guess Lance sent a message to the frogs."

—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—They have a lot of pain.

"Nigger lover."

—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—Do I have a place to put them?

"Don't call us – We'll call you."

—That's excessive.

—Who says you can't?

"Could you remind me what you asked me to do?"

—That's excessive.

—Never save until tomorrow what you can do today.

"Remind me to call him later."

—Almost impossible.

—You have to keep a list.

"Don't forget to remind me about winglings."

—Almost impossible.

—You better start making a list!

"Don't let me forget to call him."

—That's excessive.

—Do it before the fall!

"Is it for one culture, or for many cultures?" [This website]

Loafing around!

—Extremely human.

"The craziest website I've ever seen can be found here: ... I dare you to go poke around for 5 minutes and then report your learnings / discoveries. Make sure and click around a bit!" [Link from]

Loafing around!

—Martial arts shows you a box ... but it doesn't tell you how to get outside of the box!

"We have to remember that his ancestors were the Vikings who raped and pillaged."

—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—Oh, I didn't know that ... Did you read that in a book?

"I am wondering who your intended audience is."

—That's excessive.

—For after I'm dead.

["I heard your laugh from around the corner."] "My cackle?"

Loafing around!

—A snow princess.

"And when I put the knife back down, it was bent; it hadn't been bent before – It was telekinesis."

—Almost impossible.

—She just has gold glued to her fingertips – It's those spells!

"People say the glass is half full, but they don't say of what."

—Almost impossible.

—Because it's cheap.

"You're so relaxed, not a care in the world."

—Almost impossible.

—People should take it easy, and have a good life, Jesus said.

"Don't make those faces, because your face might freeze that way."

Loafing around!

—Well, I don't know much about that world.

"Don't make nasty faces! It'll get cold and freeze that way."

—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—It amuses me, endlessly.

"Don't make faces! It'll freeze that way."

—Almost impossible.

—There's nothing left to go wrong.

"You're a Vassar girl."

Loafing around!

—How lucky can you get?

"That's bad karma."

—Pretty intense. Make a list!

—You can make your own karma if you're smart.

"You've got great karma."

Loafing around!

—It's funny how the harder you work, the luckier you get.

"Did you study under anybody?"

Loafing around!

—That's how they train dogs.

"You've got to use psychology."

Loafing around!

—With flashlights, right?





























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CODE WORDS: 187, agencies, amateurish, anybody, Assad, audience, audited, basically, bike, cackle, call, carton, cowboy, cultures, dated, deepest, disagrees, download, faces, [factoids], glass, immigrants, Jews, karma, lake, leash, lover, lynch, message, niggers, o'clock, [overhearing], owns, [piling], pillaged, poke, psychologist, psychology, raped, relaxed, remind, sidewalk, struck, teeth, telekinesis, tell, three, two-dimensional, unpopular, urine, V8, vacuum, Vassar, you'd


Coma Berenices
"Berenice's hair"

Loafing around!