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Patient refers to it as stargate-three-six

A Violator.4






—Right! – Absolutely.

—They're separate.

—A spark! After this you will.

—Go slow! Be specific.




False Hustle — Children have an expectation, "Oh, I'll get over it." – That's the first thing they try to beat out of kids – any trust or hope in life – They talk to you as if they're on a radio show – Surgical responses acknowledge their feelings & signal you might not be going along with them – When people try to reduce life to a single dimension, they fail to see what's real.





[infantilism & passive aggression] - Ostracism & Feigned innocence - Sometimes announcing what you don't mean to say may mean the opposite. (For instance, "I'm not judging you.") - See Benedict Carey, "Oh, Fine, You're Right. I'm Passive-Agressive," The New York Times, November 16, 2004 - (1.) A maddening blend of evasiveness & contrition, agreeableness & impudence, often masked by "acting depressed." (2.) Unreasonably scorns authority & voices exaggerated complaints of personal misfortune. (3.) A neurotic type reaction to routine military stress, manifested by helplessness, or Inadequate responses, passiveness, obstructionism, or aggressive outbursts. (4.) Insolence, protecting themselves from what they see as unreasonable, irrational authority. (5.) Hostile cooperation habitually directed at any authority figure, whether a boss, a teacher, or a spouse making demands. (6.) They are full of unacknowledged contradiction, of angry kindness, compliant defiance, covert assertiveness. (7.) Especially sensitive to rejection, more likely than others to respond to conflicts by going silent, withdrawing their affection and acting cold. (8.) Unable to recognize or express their annoyance, they often don't feel entitled to it; they instinctively let the "little things" pass without taking the time to find out why they are so angry about them. Unsure of themselves, they take care not to offend a spouse, a coworker, or friend. The anger remains. (9.) Usually determined to fail. (10.) Teenagers are not "overwhelmed with powerlessness." It's not power and control people yearn for – It's understanding, humor and light. By your dreams you can deduce what you're not allowed to express outside yourself (in words or actions), or to yourself (in feelings). What is your unconscious yearning for?

The Age of Self-Expression, ages 8-11




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"What's wrong with my truck?"

—A spark! After this you will.

—We don't want to overdo it.

"You've got to somehow integrate with the other guys."

—A spark! After this you will.

—I'm learning.

"Pandas are not related to bears, you know?"

—A spark! After this you will.

—Look how many!

"You couldn't get ''?"

—They're separate.

—Don't believe everything you think!

"He couldn't just ask you if he could use a chair?"

—Go slow! Be specific.

—He must come from a very weird family.

"You couldn't handle half of me." [Taunt from one of the school's mean girls]

—A spark! After this you will.

—Be careful! ... Go slow! Be specific.

"Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order [to kill Osama Bin Laden]." (–Mitt Romney, April 30, 2012)

—Go slow! Be specific.

—A feminine desire to blend seamlessly with all of Nature.

"Nothing's wrong; we didn't do anything; everything's fine." [From the 2012 documentary, Bully – See also stargate22, intimidation, lying]


—Smell you later!

"I bet you cry after sex."

—A spark! After this you will.

—Wait a few months, right? ... Hatred, they want you to. Anger, burn it off. Sadness, it was. Fear, turn it off. Greed, what's next? Jealousy, your own path. (Greed, jealousy ... Both indicate you hate what you have.) Worry, it all depends who your mother is.

"Sex." [Suggesting why you might like the movie]

—They're separate.

—Something hidden, deeper, quieter.

"Is that all you think about, is sex?"

—They're separate.

—One out of twenty-two chromosomes is devoted to this stuff.

"I would do my homework and find partners to help you succeed as an entrepreneur."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—A little boat out in the sea.

"My concern has been the atrocities there in Darfur and the relevance to me with that issue as we spoke about Africa and some of the countries there that were kind of the people succumbing to the dictators and the corruption of some collapsed governments on the continent, the relevance was Alaska's investment in Darfur with some of our permanent fund dollars." (–Sarah Palin)

—Go slow! Be specific.

—Listen must replace tell – Except every now and then you have to tell.

"It only means that she doesn't have enough mind grapes or thoughtsicles, as Tracy Morgan refers to brain droppings on '30 Rock,' to be president soon." (–Maureen Dowd)

—They're separate.

—Happiness and fake happiness.

"So you think it's fine to laugh about something like that?" [A kill-or-be-killed ghetto ethos]

—They're separate.

—And everyone on earth knows why.

"And why are the rich shouldering the blame for a collective run of bad decision-making? After all, many of the rich got there through hard work ... 'People who get caught up in this paranoia ... haven't done anything to better themselves,' Dr. Dammann said, 'Even if they're right, there is a lot of wasted energy put into this. They need to look at the mistakes they've made in their life.'" (–Paul Sullivan, "All This Anger Against the Rich May Be Unhealthy," NYT, October 17, 2009)

—Go slow! Be specific.

—They go to Church and say, "Thank you, God, for taking my job away and letting me starve." ... It depends who you are, right? ... Many thousands of people making many thousands of dollars ... It's hereditary ... Not even Indians ... You have to be someone who's really weird, or someone who's popular.

"It's time to put all our differences aside. Will you be part of the solution? Chevron. Human Energy."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—You get a bag of groceries as a reward.

"Even John could pass that class!"

—Go slow! Be specific.

—At least I can understand it partially – Most people can't even understand it ... "If I had it to do all over again, I'd run a hot dog stand." (–Albert Einstein)

"Are you the red Jeep over there?"

—Go slow! Be specific.

—From now on I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

"It isn't perfect; life is never perfect."


—Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

"I know it's not perfect; nothing's perfect."


—Oh, I'm just interested in reality.

"Nothing's perfect."


—What about a snail? ... You make gestures ... You just wait a day and then it comes to you ... A red sunset.

"You can put lipstick on a pig; it's still a pig. You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change; it's still going to stink after eight years." (–Barack Obama)


—And sublimely normal children.

"This is my favorite crazy person's website:"

—They're separate.

—Happiness is something you sense ... It's not the absence of pain, and it's not the presence of grace ... People won't give up being big shots ... Consciousness goes way beyond feelings and states ... Stop thinking, stop feeling, be simple, be sincere, sense yourself ... The only thing you can trust is sensations in yourself ... You can't trust thoughts and feelings ... It has nothing to do with outside things, or cultural ways ... What you have to know is very little, but to know that little takes very, very much.

"That's like comparing apples and oranges, Sir."

—They're separate.

—I'm sorry they're not emeralds.

"I don't know – I haven't noticed."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—Maybe that's your dark shadows.

["In two years, my TV won't be able to receive any more broadcasts, because all the TV stations will be broadcasting digitally."] "Then you'll have fun watching TV!"

—Go slow! Be specific.

—I'll figure something out.

"You're history!"

—Go slow! Be specific.

—How chic – I'm going to call it the Fellini Room.

"And his paintings are crap."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—It's very hard to find something you like.

"Sounds like you need some non-escalating verbal self-defense:, because one bad website deserves another ..." [Link from ~annahplanet]

—Go slow! Be specific.

—Don't throw us in the briar patch! ... By the way, rubber duckies are out.


—They're separate.

—Within reason – So I like a challenge – After the fact? – It's a distraction.

[Belch, spit, fart, hawwwwkkkk, redux, redux]

—Go slow! Be specific.

—That'll break it up!

"Tai Chi, huh?"

—They're separate.

—You should eat more cheese ... The Chinese never get stiff joints.

"I'm just trying to enjoy the park."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—It's just unbelievable to someone of my age.

"If you have something to say to my daughter then you can come to me, because YOUR stuff is blocking the sidewalk and she has every right to rollerblade."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—That's two things I have to do.

"Just ducky!"

—A spark! After this you will.

—What a life!

"Just park!"

—Go slow! Be specific.

—All things come to those who wait.

"I didn't even wash my hair today!"

—Go slow! Be specific.

—The old-fashioned way!

"It's simple, is it not? Even for you."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—Does anybody know – Are you supposed to tip the guy who fixes your computer?

"Everyone deserves love, even you."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—Everything's easy if you understand what's going on.

"Even a woman should be able to grasp basic economics."

—A spark! After this you will.

—It's all the things they never talked about when I was little.

"It's not rocket science."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—In your back yard.

"It's not brain surgery."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—It'll take a little while.

"To the Nikko Hotel, nice and straight."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—I'm fixin' to.

"I'd let you in if you weren't driving a Japanese car."

—A spark! After this you will.

—Sounds like you just about had it.

"He's with me – I don't know if I'd call him my friend."

—They're separate.

—All the way to the end.

"Oh, you know, I've seen this stuff before."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—Not a moment too soon.

"I've seen what it's all about."



"Oh, no one ever attacks me."


—You just have to get up and get on with it.

"There's nothing good on TV?"


—It's just ridiculous to inflict this on people.

"That's Julie Brown."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—You can tell.

"Julie Brown, did she ever go places!"

—They're separate.

—You just go step by step.

"That's Ben Kingsley."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—Living history.

[Name dropping]

—A spark! After this you will.

—Totally natural!

"A little school up in New Hampshire."

—A spark! After this you will.

—People like being self-reliant.

"Two of the cutest girls on the entire planet!"

—They're separate.

—One of these days I'll get one.

"Did you notice I'm wearing flowers?"


—Now especially.

"Did you notice Curtis wore the same clothes for three nights?"

—They're separate.

—The pride of ownership.

"That's not an option."


—That's not true.

"Failure is not an option."

—They're separate.

—We can put cement there ... Solid shade.

"Shit is what makes this world go round."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—All right! Now we're getting somewhere.

"And you don't care what that makes you."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—You can't tell.

"We have read your website."


—From beginning to end.

"If you add pictures to the Internet, you get the Web." [Kodak advertisement]


—Wait 'til they see us!

[Someone treating you like a pariah for asking a simple question about a dog's injured ligament: "Did the doctor say anything about its source?"]


—Maybe some other kid.

"If you want to get into this perverse and very inaccurate accounting of every penny, I will be happy to provide you with the list I have kept over the years."

—A spark! After this you will.

—It's just not common knowledge, I guess.

"You guys in government are lazy and overpaid."


—Those were the days!

"Cheap shit."

—They're separate.

—You better be good or you'll get nothing.

"Shit happens."

—A spark! After this you will.

—You have to learn to take the good with the bad.

"Oh, man, they were saying really bad shit about you."


—That doesn't mean it's true.

"Let's stay away from all that shit."

—A spark! After this you will.

—I'm all for that.

"You're in good shape – except for your brakes."

—They're separate.

—Just for the hell of it.

"We're slow on Saturday; if we're slow, you guys are slow, I guess."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—That's the one thing schools promote: deep sleep.

"I guess it's going to be slow today."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—It goes this way, it goes that way ... It all evens out.

"How can you drive all day with this kind of road rage?"

—A spark! After this you will.

—If you lose things, you can get new things!

"Just drive!"

—Go slow! Be specific.

—Won't that be fun?

"Suit yourself."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—Not too difficult.

"The service in this place sucks."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—Is it my fault?

"You must think you're hot shit."

—A spark! After this you will.

—Just keep it up.

"Shut up, hippie."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—Go empty.

"Your college sucks."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—No big deal.

"A little more straight talk wouldn't hurt."

—They're separate.

—Dogs know everything.

"Life sucks – Get it straight!"


—Especially if you like dogs.

"Telling the truth sucks!"

—They're separate.

—A person who helps people is never at a loss.

"Hey, buddy – You have more than twelve items!"

—A spark! After this you will.

—What do I care? – My father's a lawyer.

"Nobody's perfect."


—Without thinking.

"Hey! Slow down, man!"

—Go slow! Be specific.

—Why wait?

"Do you know what the word slow means? Try it once in a while!" [From an irate police officer]

—Go slow! Be specific.

—Let go!


—Go slow! Be specific.

—I'm an American!

"Slow down!" [After you've already stopped for them to cross the street - You're not actually moving]

—Go slow! Be specific.

—The bus stop with a jerk and you got off.

[Someone playing possum on the living room sofa]


—"Astronomers Sleeping – Please Be Quiet."

"I'm not unpredictable."

—Right! —Absolutely.

—In more ways than one.

"What is there, an echo? – I just said that!"

—They're separate.

—Don't cheat me.

"Oh, I thought you said you had a ride."


—That's a novel thing to say.

"By no means am I perfect."

—They're separate.

—And I don't care what you say.

"So, how much did you spend for the girl? I hope she hasn't dried up your bank account yet."

—Go slow! Be specific.

[See Icarus and the Gutter Snipe]

"Do I get credit for this?"


—I see your technique.

"I hope you give me credit for that."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—You can imagine what's coming.

"No need to give me credit."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—We'll figure something out.

"I just can't believe you have an imperfection."

—They're separate.

—It's called suffering for your family.

"You'll be fine." [Cute girl humoring a flirtatious guy]

—Go slow! Be specific.

—That's right.

"I know that's in your history."

—They're separate.

—You know, pretty women always like it when you open the door for them.

"It's okay – I'm not judging you."

—Go slow! Be specific.

—The stars come out at night.
























A Wolf in Shark's, er, Sheep's Clothing

WHITE LIES from either a wolf in sheep's clothing, or a sheep in sheep's clothing — If you meet anybody in sheep's clothing, just say,


It's the kind of response that allows your emotions to shine most brilliantly, conveying, "Fuck you!" on one extreme, and "—Absolutely" on another. When someone inquires, "There's nothing good on TV?" just say, "—Absolutely." What are you, TV Guide?

Here's a good example. Let's say you've just taken your car in for an oil change, and in the confusion of getting your goodies out of the car, you tell the mechanic you need a ride in their shuttle bus. Moments later, you race back to your car for your umbrella, and when you return, you discover the shuttle bus has left without you! The mechanic claims, "Oh, I thought you said you had a ride."


In the "PATIENT" box near the top center of this page, notice the different directions you can move after you've met a VIOLATOR. (Click the Violator.# link four times to get back to this page.)

You can say, "—Go slow! Be specific." if some sheep begins to act crazy.

You can say, "—Worse!" if the sheep suddenly attacks you.

You can say, "—Not today," if the sheep tries to pretend it's a beggar.

You can say, "—Right! – Absolutely," if you decide it's a wolf.

Any one of these characters is acting in a way that can rob you of your right to have a little whimsy in your life, for instance, when you're in the express line at the grocery store trying to buy fourteen Hershey Bars. "Hey, buddy — You have more than twelve items!"

"Right! ... A spark! After this you will.

 —They're separate."



Everybody has experiences with which they resonate
(for instance, baseball),
and topics with which they don't resonate
(for instance, ballet).

If someone is ignoring you,
they're simply not resonating with certain experiences,
and it's good they're not faking it.

Try saying something off-the-wall,
such as, "I'm pregnant."







As follows

CODE WORDS: aside, atrocities, attacks, blocking, brain, Chevron, collective, comparing, couldn't, credit, cutest, decision-making, deserves, differences, drive, ducky, echo, entrepreneur, even, except, fine, grapes, [hawwwwkkkk], hippie, history, hope, I'd, imperfection, integrate, items, Jeep, judging, Julie, Kingsley, lazy, lipstick, makes, moons, [name], New Hampshire, notice, noticed, okey-dokey, option, overpaid, paintings, paranoia, [pariah], park, perfect, perverse, [possum], rage, refers, relevance, rocket, seen, sex, shit, shouldering, slow, solution, somehow, sorrow, straight, sucks, suit, surgery, Tai Chi, [taunt], thought, thoughtsicles, truck, TV, unpredictable, web, website, wrap


"River Eridanus"

—A spark! After this you will.