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Patient refers to it as stargate-four-six

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—You'd think. It's very hard.

—Anything new?


—No rules. Beyond reproach.




Myopia — Not seeing the forest through the trees, and furthermore, becoming angry at the tree! These people haven't seen what you thought they might have seen — You never get anything right with them.





[a false note & total ignoring] - They're little death engineers - They're into mechanistic things - They think everyone's a beginner - They're so stubborn and angry, they won't give in - They're very afraid of variations in mental activity - They don't want anything real.

The Age of Self-Expression, ages 8-11




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"All perceptions of beauty arise from the genitals." [Groping his crotch, attempting to perform a hootchy-kootchy dance]

—You'd think. It's very hard.

—See you around! ... I really have to get back to work.

"Your effort to continue to try and create fear and deception here is unbecoming ... You know the level of misrepresentation is just not becoming, Shannon. That's just wrong." (–Mitt Romney debating Shannon O'brien in the 2002 Massachusetts gubernatorial race) :: WildCard-28


—Did you ever see Pinocchio?

"If you don't see them, they're not here – Two and two is four!" [Angrily] :: WildCard-13

—Anything new?

—Keep it to yourself.



—Why shouldn't I smile?

"You have a nice smile."

—Anything new?

—Don't you wish you had one?

"Hey, give me a smile."


—If I smile, how will you know when I'm happy or sad?

"Can you smile for me? – Is that too hard to do?"


—Nobody's home!

["Everybody in the East thinks everybody in California is weird."] "And they're right!"

—No rules. Beyond reproach.

—I don't think it's so controlled.

"Smile when you say that."


—You do and I'll bash your head into the concrete.

"I think they're trying to kill me." [The higher-ups in the organization]

—Anything new?

—Who's they? ... the little people in your head?

"They're not your friends."

—You'd think. It's very hard.

—And many others.

"Come on! – Make a difference."

—You'd think. It's very hard.

—Who's the boss around here – you or me?

"Money talks."

—No rules. Beyond reproach.

—Why argue?

"That's debatable."

—Anything new?

—It's immense.

"If this had truly been solved, wouldn't it be published already?"

—Anything new?

—Why torture yourself by telling yourself there's something better than what you do?

"A. Know that you are under attack; B. Know what kind of attack you are facing; C. Know how to make your defense fit the attack; D. Know how to follow through." (–Suzette Haden Elgin)

—No rules. Beyond reproach.

—E. Leave! Leave! F. That's nothing for a man like me; G. And that's my problem how? H. I am so incapable of making a mistake, it's beyond belief – thanks to my mother!

"You see things in terms of good and bad – You have to see it's all a form of aggression."

—No rules. Beyond reproach.

—That really hurts my feelings.

"Talk it out and put yourself in their shoes." (–Stephanie Rosenbloom)

—No rules. Beyond reproach.

—Like on the High School Student Council ... And pretend you're good!

"See? That's the kind of exaggeration I was talking about."

—No rules. Beyond reproach.

—Watch out for Goofy!

[The silent treatment]

—You'd think. It's very hard.

—Do I look like an alien to you? ... I meant it as a joke!

"Are you finished?"

—Anything new?

—When my body reaches room temperature.

"Constantly talking is not necessarily communicating."

—No rules. Beyond reproach.

—Put a stuffed moose on the roof.

"You're bossy."

—No rules. Beyond reproach.

—What did Cleopatra say to Antony?

"Don't let me interrupt."

—No rules. Beyond reproach.

—Either way it's okay.

"Can I see you in my office?"

—Anything new?

—I'm not prone to argue.

"You give up way too easily."

—No rules. Beyond reproach.

—That's a good idea.

"Make it more understandable. You can't help me, if I can't understand what you are trying to say. Please take this advice seriously. I would!"

—No rules. Beyond reproach.

—The more intimate your family is, the emptier it becomes ... Don't be surprised. [See Thumbnail User's Guide]

"I am not finished with you! [With malice]

—No rules. Beyond reproach.

—You'll have a stone around your neck for the rest of your life.

"1010, in my office!"

—Anything new?

—Fasten your seat belt!

"You give up too easily."

—No rules. Beyond reproach.

—Not for the faint of heart.

["I'm going back to visit Boston." "It should be beautiful!"] "When I'm there, I tend to focus on the cold."

—Anything new?

—And then you find out who isn't alive anymore.
























What We Are

When you see Shirley Temple, Claire Danes, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Peter O'Toole, or Sharon Stone, you can see they're not afraid to be themselves. Outside the movies, we don't have the luxury of a cutting room floor. We're on final take all the time, and to parts of our mind, it's a tangled bank in a deep jungle.

Somewhere in the jungle is a clearing, where dreams take place, which when left alone, becomes a glorious meadow. Occasionally little animals dart across the meadow, and looking down, you can see strange, exotic flowers. The beauty is breathtaking.

"You're so weird," says a complete stranger, interrupting us.

Almost all insults come as a surprise. It's tempting to wonder why a particular stranger has gone out of their way to insult us, and also a complete waste of time. Ignore the other person for a minute. Look at the myriad of feelings you have inside yourself. Do you understand them? If you did, nobody would ever insult you!

From a practical point of view, let's regard the other person as just a normal human being who at one time in the past was injured. Perhaps it was a painful injury. Unimaginably painful. So painful, they buried it. Maybe their insult came from an injury they can no longer feel, much less imagine, so even if you had the time and energy to help them to understand its origin, or to change themselves, they'd have to reexperience that pain to grow out of it. Is all that worth your while? Not really. There's an old expression: "Let sleeping dogs lie."

No. It's a complete waste of time to even talk about this. As a matter of fact, it's an insult. Whenever I address another person as anything less than a god, I am insulting them. I am saying, "Oh. You're the kind of person who needs help." Certainly it's useful to think of other people in disparaging terms from time to time (to stay honest on the inside) while in the outside physical world, to treat everybody like gods. How can a person do this? By being wrong.




taxi1010 Kung Fu


Hanging the Insults from
As Good As It Gets
Out on the Web to Dry


With some trepidation I went out and rented As Good As It Gets, and asked my friend David Van Ness if I could come over to his house to "Webify the Insults." Somebody dismantled my VCR a few years ago, so I use that as a good excuse to wander around visiting friends.

Things get a lot easier when you get the exact words written down. Until then, you just have vague, unfocused fears. Okay. Here we go. I'm writing the insults down, while David operates the remote control. Rewind! Play!


 Learn how to defend yourself without getting into a fight —
The rational approach — It's called the sly way.




"What I know is, as long as you keep your work zipped up around me, I don't give a rat crap what or where you shove your show."




—You have to give up hating other people and concentrate on having a good life.




"Are we done being neighbors for now?"


—Be brave!


—You're supposed to do what's good for your life.




"You don't love anything, Mr. Udall."


—Must you?


—Intuition, spontaneity, and joy.


Defend yourself without thinking! Defend yourself without feeling!
If you don't engage with them, they're powerless — They lose twice!




"Do you like to be interrupted when you're nancing around in your garden?"


—Totally demanding.


—You know, it wasn't a broom in the old days — It was a whole bush they'd rip up.




"I don't care about your show — Even when some fudge packer that you date has been elected President, I don't give a damn – Do you get me, sweetheart?"


—Someone might.


—Your suffering is the result of your intelligence.




"People that talk in metaphors ought to shampoo my crotch."


—Never mind!


—I hope you will.


Notice, already, highlighting of a purple code word in each insult. The why or the what of that word doesn't matter — Just see it as a simplification.




"Eat up!"


—How come?


—The more at home people feel, the more delusional they are.




"I've got Jews at my table."


—Pretty intense.


—You could get a job as a waiter.




"How much more you got to eat?"


—Don't panic!


—Pretty soon they'll have too many vultures.


There's a reason they had Concentration Camps — Wanting people to be nice to you is like wanting a coffin you can breathe in.




"Appetites aren't as big as your noses, huh?"


The alliance.


—If my dog had a face like yours, I'd shave its ass and walk it backwards.




"You're going to die soon with that diet, you know that."


—Too soon.


—Of all the things in the universe, death is one of the nicer things.




"We're all gonna die soon; I will, you will, and it sure sounds like your son will."


—Nothing doing!


—It's like foreign to you.


Have you ever heard of living?




"Do you understand me, you crazy fuck?"


—It's absurd!


Not completely.




["Maybe you better check."] "What do you think I was going to do?"


Clean slate!


—Now's the time to do it.




"Just a little bit too much reality for a Friday night."


—God forbid!


—It's certainly worth it.


This is what they call life in the raw.




"Nice chatting with you."


—Nothing better.


—It's many things, isn't it?




"What are you doing with a dog?"


—Nothing special.


—You ain't seen nothing yet.




"You're not worried someone will take it?"


—Totally destroyed.


—When will you have time?


Don't tell me pearls of love are rising in your savage heart!




"You can't blame him for being weird – Look at yourself in the mirror."


—Cheap thrills.


—They weren't very nice in the old days.




"What if this is as good as it gets?"


—It's chilling.


—There's always a way to do what you believe in.




"What are you trying to do to me?"


—What nerve.


—Are you trying to stifle my creativity?


I can tell you're a big boy — You can play all by yourself!




"Look, Elephant Girl, just get Carol or something."


—Big family!


—Be seeing you!




"Do you have any control over how creepy you allow yourself to get?"


—How exotic.


—Gone crazy, back soon!




"You don't look sick – just tired and bitter."


—Oh, really?


—It's a bind – People are nice to you, you're dependent – People are mean to you, you're hurt.


They were much more imaginative in the old days —
Use time, breath, and understanding.




"You should answer when someone speaks to you!"


—Real old-


—It's very disturbing to me.




["How do you write women so well?"] "I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability."


—Certainly not.


—You have to use your sensation.




"So what are you doing here?"


—Nothing much.


—Believe you me!


When you accept praise from someone today, "You are so nice and helpful!" you are implicitly allowing them to withdraw that praise tomorrow — "What happened to you? You were so nice and helpful yesterday."




"Is he dead yet?"


—And furthermore!


—A little funeral – I wish for him to die, and that your life is a party.




"You're a wonderful man."


—Saved again!


—Even worse!



[To be continued]





Don't forget that most people are mean.

They hate other people
without knowing
they hate other people.

You can take it for granted
that you hate other people
without knowing
you hate other people.

You have to start all over again,
because everything's so entrenched.

17-MAR-1999. The fourth major class of insults has to do with CHALLENGES to your physical actions. When you find yourself in any particular situation, minding your own business, what else could you possibly be doing? A NITWIT, SPOILER, DEMOLISHER, SCHEMER, and STOOGE try to get you to believe you might have taken a different path, by means of challenges to your reasoning, challenges to your will power, challenges to your sense of humor, or simply challenges to the choices you have made (as a traveler in the outside physical world).

The key thing to remember is this: You have only one individual life, one past, and one future, and when you find someone challenging your situation, you have to stick up for yourself, because no one else will. There's nothing wrong with losing many battles, if in the end, by keeping your silence, you win the war.







As follows

CODE WORDS: aggression, becoming, bossy, communicating, constantly, [crotch], debatable, deception, difference, easily, exaggeration, finished, fit, genitals, [hootchy-kootchy], intellectual, interrupt, [lewdness], misrepresentation, office, perceptions, scum, [silent], smile, solved, speechless, steal, talks, tend, their, they're, unbecoming, understandable