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"Pretend You're Someone Else, and You'll Be Yourself — You Say Things and Get Off the Hook a Little Bit."


OUCH. You may feel you're living under a blanket of pain, trying to pull it over yourself for warmth. You do have to heal. Though after a time, put your attention into your voice, and say out loud, "L'chaim!" (Hebrew: "To life!" :: gutturally, "L'Highhh-yim!") Then look around and realize, —They may be all connected to one big one.


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Defending yourself with certain ideas, expressed in a few words, gives your attacker a bewildering choice: They either have to attack the idea, or they have to attack the part of you which is instinctive and capable of defending itself.

This is a staging area containing hundreds of messages for yourself, and precise notions you can use to deflect attacks, so you have a chance to get back inside yourself and heal. Click on any picture or highlighted link to see how they are used.



#. 51% sugar and spice, 49% fire and ice – You make lemonade ... It's funny what people like – It's the crumbs ... Maybe you ought to go to "Quilting and the Superego" ... It doesn't matter what you do, is what I'm saying.


A. A billion. (–Susie)A black box warning ... At a crossroads ... It's a blur!A born controller! ... (A lot of people make their living keeping their mouth shut) ... Totally spontaneous! ... (That's what you get paid for, not saying what you really think) ... That's easy to be angry at! ... (They just lead everyone on in miasmas of lies) ... It's good if you get it out of your system ... (Oop! I'm going to cut off my thumb – I got a headache) ... What you could really use is a nice brown dog who never hurt anyone ... (Fortune favors the bad) ... Dealing with the public is dangerous – The population is getting larger and larger, and the rats are getting more and more ... I'm itching to get my hands on that guy! ... (You just have to see an idea in your mind as a slingshot or bow. The whole trick is to try to do bad. Try to play wrong. (You can't, but it just comes out different) It's simple if you can do things wrong) ... You can't stick to the plans – What if the plans are wrong? ... (Maybe for you)A convoy.A feminine desire to blend seamlessly with all of Nature.A giant mouse.A hard handshake.A leading intellectual light.A little more every day.A little presumptuous!A lot of dangerous men in the world.A lot of it is mental.A new guy has arrived on the block, and he's really tough, even though one arm is longer than the other ... What makes you say that? ... It's my first teddy bear ... The rich god is the stupid god ... It's my box of chocolates ... You may have the last one ... You know, give people a chance ... And that'll do it ... It's really a question of duration ... Well, I could read all night ... Maybe a few hours ... My body doesn't want to do anything ... Well, I'm not a member of the country club set ... Too steep! ... Nothing could be more serious than that ... The best things in life are free ... Total failure ... You're better off being yourself.A nice life is what you allow into it ... Another terrible job is making violin strings.A pig, a horse, a squirrel, a cat! ... They want a baby biologically and a victim socially.A prince never lacks sufficient reasons to break his promise.A problem well-defined is a problem half solved.A quiet conversation."A rip, a scam—to tickle some machine and cause it to print money." (–John McPhee, "Draft No. 4," The New Yorker, April 29, 2013, p. 33)A series of signals converging on a meaning ... Painful feelings.A thirty-year-old Jewish woman in a nightie.Actually myself.After it dries ... It's just like rain ... In the absence of light darkness prevails ... What's the background of it? ... That's how you learn, by making mistakes ... A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose.Ageless.Alien Corner Café: Where sometimes dreams do come true.Alcatrash – It made me proud.All I need is a rose in my hair – Then the dollars will follow that.All kinds.All kinds of shit ... Don't lower yourself.All others pay cash.All that.All the ailments come to mind.All the home stuff.All those screwballs from Iowa . . . Somehow they're running the world.All you have to do is just lay low, and you do good.Allow your deeper parts to see the light of day.Almost none.Alone & as is ... The Eskimo Rules.Also trivialities.Always live near a university or college ... They have libraries, book stores, cafés and restaurants ... The Connecticut River Valley is pretty nice.Am I interfering in something? ... I follow Hitler's advice. You arrive late, you jump up on a table, you scream things, and you leave early ... That's how you get a reputation ... That's my reputation ... Do you think that's going too far? ... Colonialism is Niggers, and post-Colonialism is pretending you like them ... All the other kids shit in the toilet ... You should, too ... For hours!Among others ... Are you jealous? ... I'm more Jewish than you are! ... Good luck is where hard work meets opportunity.An hour before you eat.An Irish job.An unlicked bear ... No one has ever been nice to them ... You just let them be what they are. ... Was there a trained hippopotamus?And animals, too! ... You'll never know ... That's private stuff and you don't get to know that ... Some things should just be left private ... Are you going to see Bambi in the thicket?And buy a better suit.And do you agree? ... I am Darth Do-do!And don't add water ... This isn't England.And dreams! ... Thank you! ... Thank you! .. Thank you! ... [Just keep saying "Thank you!"] ... Thank you! ... Thank you! .. Thank you!And everyone on earth knows why.And I thought you were Lockinvar – "Oh, what a tangled web we weave When first we practise to deceive." (–Derived from Canto VI, XVII, in the epic poem Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field, by Walter Scott, Edinburgh, 1808)And I'm not coming back!And it never happens on a nice slow day.And it's not cheating you out of anything else.And look at me!And many others.And now for something completely different.And other people, too.And then you find out who isn't alive anymore.And you know it.And shiny gold!And you wonder, What's next?And you're only one year old – Saying you're confused is the last refuge of a scoundrel!Animal kingdoms ... I call that my competition ... I keep changing the court date ... I'm a locksmith ... You can do that for almost a year ... I can pick any lock ... The cops on this side of the country hate the cops on the other side of the country, and the cops on the other side of the country hate the cops on this side of the country ... Did you know that? ... You have to keep making court appearances ... The warrant hasn't come through yet ... My name is Red.Another dimension.Another great leader ... Look at all that shit! ... A huge collection! ... So this day that came up!Another handicap.Another miracle.Another triumph.Another world.[Any children's song] ... "This old man, he played one, He played knick knack with his thumb, With a Knick, knack, paddy whack, Give the dog a bone, This old man came rolling home."ANY WAY YOU LOOK AT IT, IT'S BAD! [With a stoner drawl] ... Kill yourself!Anybody of my generation.Anything but the Bible! – I just have a funny feeling it's all going to change.Anything less?Anything missing?Anything you can do?Anything you don't want ... Three Christmas ornaments ... I'll find something."Anything You Want to Say!" by Morons.Apparently not ... Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.Are you bragging?Are you in the middle of something?Are you sure it's not a punishment?Are you tired of helping people?Are you trying to outshine Death? ... That's making a spectacle of yourself.Art is not democratic ... I'm a class hero ... Red, yellow, blue, grey, bumblebee.As if there's something better.As long as you accept them telling you you're good, then you have to wait for them to tell you you're bad.As much as it hurts me ... but you have to pay me five dollars!As my friend Peter Coors says, "It doesn't count!"Aside from that, you look darn swell!At every turn ... I didn't! ... Something happened! ... So things are turning around ... What you want to do is make your own mistakes ... That's the way to learn.Avoid entanglements!Avoid entanglements!


B. Back down! ... Do you really mean it? ... You're not trying to be American ... You're just like anyone else ... You can never do better than better ... That's part of being older, too ... You can see things you couldn't see a year ago ... Mathematics is a playful activity ... It's like you're outside on a day that's nice ... You get these intense shots of heat ... Just like the old days ... I've got to jump off after this ... You never know when you're going to get the short end of the stick ... "You may not have committed a crime, but you know what? You've got a big mouth." (–New York State Senator Eric Adams, retired New York City police captain and co-founder of the group 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement)Back on the farm.Bad things happen ... It's the stupid things that save people.Be afraid of the unlived life.Be careful! ... Go slow!"Be careful, because you can be a rooster one day and a feather duster the next." (–Syd Fischer, by way of Jimmy Spithill and Christopher Clarey)Be quiet, be honest to yourself and see what's doing.Beats boring steel, doesn't it? ... You feel all alone in a world you never made ... Pretend you're Kandinsky! ... Pretend you're your grandfather! ... (When you try to be yourself, you act like your mother or father) ... You have to get a sense of humor about it ... You don't have to kill yourself! ... Don't throw us in the briar patch! ... (They try to get people trapped in their own misery) ... Work on saying nothing else.Because I know I'm smart.Because I was the right person at the right place at the right time.Because that's what you are, and that's what will grow ... and you don't know what it will grow into.Because you can't see them, you're at their mercy.Because you know which end is up ... You know a lot of kids, their feet are growing out of their asshole.Because you're obviously not! ... I'm just talking about tonight ... Keep your knife under the pillow, just in case ... What about stealing things? ... When I start to itch! ... [Scratch your armpit] ... It's nice to have a choice ... Who's dragging you? ... Stop trying to drag me! ... Taunting, misleading, and relentless ignorance ... You are such a tough dog ... Oh, yeah, you are the tough dog ... Ready to pounce again, right? ... Just remember – Keep a knife under your pillow ... Of course you don't get it! ... It's like being in a hotel lobby ... Don't tease doggies and don't tease anyone bigger than you ... "Having my own life" had a struggle with "monkey see, monkey do," and "monkey see, monkey do" won! ... Who pays? ... How's your light? ... What color is it? ... Honesty without compassion is brutality ... Who pays? ... It's all honesty ... If you have to lie, how can you learn anything? ... Maybe they lied to you ... When someone's very insecure, they want to run things ... When they attack you, your mind moves with them ... If you don't expect them to like you, what can they do? ... Their solution to self-loathing is to try to appear larger than life ... A balloon with a hole is like a brain without words .. & ? % $ # ! ... Where is the home of happiness? ... Where, inside you, does the spark of joy reside? ... I think it's a reasonable question ... There's a shortcut – What you do is get a person to see what they're not ... The best fighter is the one who knows how to step aside ... The best general is the one who knows where the enemy is ... The best fighter is the one who never fights ... Aren't you interested in truth? ... We're made of our past ... The truth is beyond what you understand ... Let it go and pay attention to your freedom ... Everyone's on the right path ... I was this week, anyway ... It's the path of understanding ... You don't have to do it right ... Do it any way ... Smarter than them turns out to be evil ... Two armies clashing by night in a storm ... The sea is calm tonight, but across the calm two armies clash by night ... You know, when you're seventy, it's all meaningless ... Luckily I could run and laugh at the same time ... THE MONKEY LOST SIGHT OF FREEDOM! ... It's wonderful when you learn when you're little ... You can say anything you want! ... "I'm old enough to know better, but I'm still too young to care!" ... You can't control someone else's behavior, but you can control how you respond to it ... To some extent ... Just like a cat! ... Preverbal is not weird! ... The minute you get burned, run cold water on it ... It's called the house of flying knives ... Never go to war, especially with yourself ... Why be like your parents? ... Be like Bernard Shaw, Shakespeare, Sigmund Freud or Fellini ... From Brasil where the nuts come from! ... Is somebody washing their armpits? ... In India everyone accepts everything ... It's not the nice guys who finish last; it's the tough guys ... Trying to understand yourself eliminates a lot of problems ... It's that simple ... Whatever the task, be it doing your laundry or getting a girlfriend, see that as the cherry in the bottle ... Let it go ... Pay attention to your freedom.Because you're smart ... You know, this is going to go on your permanent record ... I have a thing for older women ... I don't care if it's proper ... Just be as good a person as you can, and help anyone you can. Attend to self-esteem, integrity, honesty, pleasure & nourishment. Stay away from anything that's tricky, risky, or glib.Behind closed doors ... It's cheap, too ... They've got the pick of the crop ... Oh, I don't know, maybe for my violin ... When you think they're going to win, they lose, and when you think they're going to lose, they win.Behind everything.Being authentic ... Every week.Better him than me.Better than the Church! ... Where there was darkness, let there be words ... You're angry at your mother for not feeding you.Beyond that.Big time! ... Much happier!Big transition! ... One's a sober one, one's a snappy one! ... You have to see a little more.Black gold ... All through it.Blast off!Blessed are the simple-minded.Boy, that was a waste, no?Breaking heart after heart.Broken arms cost a lot.Bulk forwarding! ... Every penny!But not for long.By accident! ... I'm not looking for a job ... You're not going to like it ... That's the opinion of those who made the wrong decision.


C. C Sharp Major with a Dominant G ... Maybe it'll be nice.Call it what you like ... Going as far as a dog's asshole for learning ... Seeking learning from a dog's past.Call my lawyer – Where's the money you were going to send me?Can it live in the shade?Can you imagine doing that shit all day?Can't you have some mercy? ... Yeah, it's a hot topic ... Half of that ... Why are you telling me this? ... Half of that again! ... Have you ever felt this way before?Certainly not! ... You don't respect me, respect yourself! ... "Ye Olde BatCrap Hotel :: Leave it for the mice! Their food gives people diarrhea, so they've had plumbing issues. Their chronic lice & bedbug infestation continues to hitch rides on guests' clothing and suitcases, so watch out!" [Rejoinder at taxi company]Cheap, mean, poor crackers.Cheap, too!Chicken bones! ... Here come the screaming Canadians!Choose your friends wisely! ... A small circle of friends ... The glass key of friendship.Claire Danes says, "There is real honor in being a total goofball."Clear and concise.Cold comfort ... Put the spotlight on yourself! ... You can't like yourself all the time ... Shut up and fuck you! ... Don't ever do what Zorba the Greek tells you to do ... The Other.Comes the dawn.Conservatives want tension; liberals just want to hang out ... That's the struggle.Copy that! ... How couth ... It's like sitting inside a violin ... I'm yesterday, you're tomorrow ... All we do is shit in there, anyway ... There's nothing to do ... Want what you have ... It's like a magnet ... When it's in the water, the fish will see that: Everything charged ... There's only one ethical issue: alive is good, dead is bad ... You can't understand it ... People who for whatever reason are there to bother you, to trap you, to bludgeon you ... They love to smell like dead raccoons so they can sneak up on people ... I might ask you the same question ... What do you think of that? ... There is an art: a script that is very, very helpful ... Oh, you don't want it to shine in the dark ... There's more to life than money ... No intermissions! ... They're ashamed not to say something, so they make up something ... "A friend of mine cheated on a test! What should I do?" ... "A friend of mine turned green! What should I do?" [Your penis] ... Let 'em sleep in hammocks (bed wetters) ... That's a good one, too! ... It's like listening to a crappy thing that's worse! ... It's called fish logic: it swims! ... You should grow like an onion! ... A dismal animal death on you! ... A piece of meat with eyes! ... Laugh with the lizards! ... They've invented something called the mainstream, and anybody who isn't mainstream is a total idiot ... Most people feel very lucky if they feel they're mainstream ... Okay, so what are we going to do? Killer! ... People out of a ditch: "You're doing it wrong!" ... They always do something right ... A fate worse than death! ... It's a cover-up ... All the has-beens! ... They were all there ... There's people you never hear about ... "What do we know?" NOTHING ... "When do we know it?" I DON'T KNOW ... I'll ask, right? ... They have long intermissions though! ... It's not a case of good or bad ... It's a case of what's going on ... All you have to know is what it is ... You don't have to think about what to do ... I'm like an oil well! ... Maybe I'm just sensitive to color! ... The Master run away, and the Darkie, he do stay!Corporations serve their purpose – There are certain people you wouldn't want to see dancing on the street ... Act your age, not your shoe size ... "Say It Loud! I'm Black and I'm Proud!" ... How self-absorbed of us!Could I have one just to see what they're like?Could you put the word "further" in there?Cut back! ... What about Silence of the Lambs?


D. David Brooks says, "Think about the traits that creative people possess. Creative people don't follow the crowds; they seek out the blank spots on the map. Creative people wander through faraway and forgotten traditions and then integrate marginal perspectives back to the mainstream. Instead of being fastest around the tracks everybody knows, creative people move adaptively through wildernesses nobody knows." ("The Creative Monopoly," The New York Times, April 23, 2012)David Juda says, "With me, what you get is what you see, but what you see is never all of me.Dead men tell no tales.Deep sea fishing.Delmour Schwartz says, "Let your conscience be your bride." ... The world is a wedding!Destroys everything ... Take 'em all off! ... This is the time to do it.Diamonds are a girl's best friend ... They're socially challenged ... The wish to live is inside you ... Listen to the wish to live calling up to you ... What's weak and deeply intuitive? ... A squeaky wheel ... A squeaky wheel gets greased! ... You're supposed to do whatever you can to facilitate another person ... The less you put blame on other people, the better you do ... That's what makes the world go around.Did any shoe drop?Did Bugs Bunny die?Did you ever have a Slinky®?Did you ever see Pinocchio?Did you feel the little pea under your mattress? ... Did you hear the tick-tock tock of a grandfather clock? ... Did you hear the drip drip drop of the sink that wouldn't stop? ... Wow! Like Hollywood! ... Wherever you are ... Don't trip! ... Give other people a chance ... A lot of them have nice cushy jobs and know very little ... Some are very sad, and if you're nice to them, they're even sadder ... Why would anyone feel that bad? ... Because whenever they were themselves, people ridiculed them, ignored them, or attacked them ... They die like flies ... Little things ... It's beneath me it's so annoying ... To get along, children learn what goes and what doesn't go ... Tell your father you need to go to a mental hospital ... It depends on what people need ... What they need is to know what they don't know ... The number one killer is the ridicule of intelligence ... You mean the little plane with a propellor on it? ... The teachers can't tell you your parents are assholes, because they'll get fired ... That's because Franklin Roosevelt died seventy years ago ... It's not sad if you don't expect too much.Did you make a wish? ... The magic words.Do it again! ... Do it again! ... That's what I like to hear! ... That's what I like to hear!Do nothing."Do we have a policy on that? ... How do we usually handle things like this? ... Under what circumstances would we normally destroy documents? ... I need to understand the situation correctly." ... Yeah, I'm up and adamant! ... It's never too easy ... You're a car! Jump in with both feet! ... It's like hand-me-downs ... It's automatic! ... You're so strong! ... It rattles all your bones ... No, no, that's a fate worse than death.Do what you do! Do what you do best and keep doing it!Do whatever you want ... I don't care!Do you call it the invisible bathroom? – Get on it!Do you have a choice?Do you have that on toast for breakfast?Do you have to have everything your own way?Do you have to sit in a garage with a dozen mechanics for six years to turn a light bulb on? ... You just turn on the light bulb.Do you know what you get when you cross Alzheimer's with déjà vu? (A feeling that you've forgotten this before)Do you like to sit around and look at pictures for hours?Do you think penguins stand together on the ice floes for the same reason you guys stand together on the steps?Do you understand the implications of what they're saying? ... Make limits, that's it!Do your worst!Does the alligator have a massage parlor?Does this mean that I'm your bitch?Dogs, too ... Strange means new ... After new comes original ... After original comes superb ... After superb comes smashing!Don't be just stodgy – Try to be creative.Don't criticize things or expect anything.Don't ever get chewing gum in your eyebrow.Don't forget mattresses.Don't go to Notre Dame ... You won't like that either ... Don't be getting any ideas ... When you get your Master's Degree ... You know, that's the sign of the Vampire.Don't hurt yourself.Don't kill yourself ... I'm an upstart ... a parvenu.Don't let anyone blackmail you.Don't look at things! – It might hurt you ... Get a new one! I'll pay for it ... Just let me know when... In the arts, there's no hope in making money ... Go to Church a lot! ... An unholy alliance ... What good is believing in God if he doesn't help you? ... That hurts me when you don't value my work – I guess I know where I stand.Don't read anything ... The Secrets of the Dead ... Each independently?Don't take it so seriously.Don't take shit from anyone.Don't talk about money – It's distasteful.Don't talk to me that way ... I'm just a person ... I'm an American.Don't tell anybody at the FCC!Don't tell me not to do what you do all the time ... I don't know what to say ... You can't say, "There's nothing wrong with me, you're an asshole." ... I could go to Utah and dress up to be your grandmother.Don't think you can't do it – It's ridiculous not to – You're good at that.Don't touch 'em! That's the first thing you have to know about plants. Don't touch 'em!Don't try to outshine the teacher; they'll just argue with you.Don't worry about it.Don't worry about it ... Because you're snap, snap, snappy!Drag me to hell! – You read maps?Driven.


E. Each in their own way.Each way.Eastern philosophy: Be in the present. Western philosophy: Open the present ... The trouble isn't that people aren't conscious ... They don't know how to connect up with it ... They think it's about running around a mountain with little fur hats ... They want to be better than other people and know things other people don't know ... You're good already ... So you don't have to try to be good ... Try harder to be bad ... (You can't be good – You can pretend to be good.) ... You could look at the birch trees and feel sorrow ... You could be like a Russian ... What's inside? ... I don't see life as a gurgling raging thing to share with anybody ... Just be as good a person as you can, and help everyone you can ... Jump up and grab the little toe of God ... Before you jump, you should say, "Good-bye, cruel world!" ... Are you a bird or a person? ... And the answer is?Easy money, huh? ... Just the best parts!Endless focus groups.Enormous potential! ... Or not! ... Smoke signals ... That's plenty! ... You know, after all these years, I ask myself the same question ... Oh, joy! ... Men age like wine, women wilt like flowers.Enough is enough. Don't do too much.Especially for people who are living by the skin of their teeth.Especially if the food isn't any good.Especially me.Et sui culpae! ... (Latin: "And it's our fault!")Even the dog is laughing."Even though the crisis put us through some very tough times, the American people are tougher – Folks may have gotten knocked down some, but they got back up." (–President Obama)"Eventually, we're each going to die, our species will go extinct, the sun will explode,and the universe will collapse. Existence is not only temporary, it's pointless. We're all doomed, and worse, nothing matters." (–Calvin & Hobbes, June 25, 2003)Ever hear of mouth corners? ... Stick to little things!Ever! ... She's in room 237 ... On the edge of skid row ... Something ... You just have to go real slow at first ... Did you ever hear the radio program, Lights Out? ... You tried once, forget it! ... A big fat no on that one ... Something came up ... It's like the circus – Eventually it will leave town, and I will go back to being nobody ... Very tender ... He's so jealous ... because I thought of something nicer to say ... Walt Disney stole Snow White's mother! ... I don't know anything at all about that ... My hands are cold ... Nothing bad will happen to you if you tell the truth, and nothing bad will happen to you if you lie ... "Torture? Never." (–Israeli High Court Chief Justice Aharon Barak) ... "I just dressed like a hippie to get fucked." (–Frank Zappa) ... This discussion is getting everywhere ... That's all you get ... Many people get together to fight and make each other miserable ... At some point in life you learn that being happy has to do with learning how to be happy ... Buy a nice suit ... Well, I ain't got a witness, and I can't prove it – but that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.Ever since they have cars.Every minute, huh? ... It must be beautiful ... That's pretty hard to resist ... Next time! ... Life knows best ... That's where doves come in ... The Imagination of Nature ... Don't go by what someone says, go by what they do ... They can't do certain things ... Above heaven, God says God – Below heaven, he walks in dirt ... Hints of intelligence carry a person farther than an arrogant attitude ... Love is an action ... Ask yourself if they're on your side ... Don't anticipate negatively ... ... Give it a chance ... I think you might be amazed ... It doesn't matter what you say as long as you say something ... Any trouble you make is good, because it brings light on the situation ... Jealousy is an attempt to diminish yourself in comparison to another person; to try to make another person seem bigger than they really are ... The sun is setting on the bad boy boats ... Relax! That's the whole thing ... If you would be at all interested, greet someone with humility, grace and simple dignity ... You know how it is, some people hate each other ... We just think things and they happen ... I'm sworn to secrecy.Every morning?Every old thing ... All over the place ... Nothing at all fancy ... What better protection for an artist? ... (An insane asylum)Every once in a while ... It's uncanny.Every opportunity ... TOO HOT! ... Very sensitive.Every time you see him he's in a different overcoat.Everybody has everything wrong with them, and if they call it a name, it cements.Everybody has something to conceal.Everyone believed something else.Everyone can use someone who's good! .. Pre-Code Hollywood ... We can always use more ... Too tired to look ... That is a scream!Everyone does.Everyone does when they're totally protected ... The Book of Gods ... Zeus, Perseus, Athena, Electra ... But you come from more grease than I do ... There's many ways to skin a cat ... Wardrobe malfunction ... That's mean, isn't it? ... What a mean thing to do ... Morons ... They looked like Mr. and Mrs. Rock the toad lived under ... You never know, there's little houses with big gardens ... Yes, but it keeps the rain out ... You never know what no one else wants ... I'm going to get one of those ... That's cheap these days ... (Go low with them ... Who is happy when I feel something is wrong with me? ... Who thinks they're better off? ... Until the little monkeys learn to control themselves, you're among friends)Everyone gets angry ... Outrage in you is the engine .. Feelings are like dents in your fender ... You are the driver ... People think what they feel, what they think, and their hungers are them ... (As an infant, if they feel weak, they eat it – their parents' personality) ... What you are is not what your parents did to you ... What you are born with is you ... Everyone, sooner or later, is faced with a little child in a crib ... That child never grew up ... That's where all the talent is.Everyone has it just as bad as you.Everyone has perverted minds – Some people don't show it.Everyone has to have their own lives or they hate each other.Everyone has to treat you a certain way! ... Oh, he's a different case ... We'll see ... You've been wrong before.Everyone who's lucky enough to steal ... Birds of a feather ... They wear you out, don't they?Everyone's cage looks different.Everything but religion.Everything helps.Everything imaginable.Everything is very authentic.Everything like that.Everything revolves and never ends.Excuse me! ... I have to sit next to my mother! ... You can understand that, can't you? ... I have no reason not to die, myself.Eyes open! ... You do the best you can.


F. Fall apart.Far be it from me.Fasten your seat belt!Far different, and strange.Farewell!Fast and furious.First of all, don't assume that I am.Five years, no sex.Flipping it back!For a long time.For keeps?For starters ... Go down to Florida and cry ... You know, they love electromagnetism ... Ageless ... In India, everyone accepts everything ... Some people can do it and some people can't ... No, you can't fit two gallons in a thimble, no matter how fast you pour ... You'll be surprised ... That's what usually happens ... That doesn't matter ... Go kill yourself! ... Choke on your rosary ... When the moment comes to do the right thing, I let those moments fly right by ... I'm an artist, not a criminal ... It wouldn't have happened if the baby had eaten celery and oatmeal!Franchise opportunity ... It might have global repercussions ... What do you call work that has to be redone? (Schlock.) ... You're not big on details, are you? ... It's very expensive to correct ... It's not as easy as you think, and not as hard either ... That's nice, you get used to losing your wits ... Fudge! Fudge is the word! ... That's all we care about ... Do you know anything at all about the internal combustion engine? ... I don't want to say too much ... It's in development ... There's no such thing as doing it right the first time ... I'm hip! ... Would I do it if it wasn't nice? ... Do nothing and repent later! ... If something better presents itself, I'll try that ... No imagination ... When you work, work hard ... When you play, don't work at all.For keeps?For most people it's dreadful – They live in a box and they don't know what they're doing.Forced to live beneath your society.Fresh carrots! ... Confers privilege ... There's nothing dumber than a professor ... You want a little house.From little spoonfuls.From out of the frying pan into the fire, right? ... Maybe this is an approach to orgasm ... Maybe it will improve your position ... He's constantly tricking her into attacking him.Full force! ... NO TROUBLE!Full of fun! ... That's well worth seeing ... Ready to hatch, huh?Funny you should mention that ... I shit on your monthlies, mom!


G. Generally, by being supportive.Get away from this! ... This is for a child! ... We have our ways ... The minute you put something next to each other, it changes – It's a dynamic – Things change each other, or reflect each other ... He wrote a great book called, How to be Rich.Get out of the way, hide ... That's right, hide! ... Vita umbrellis ... Life in the shade.Get ready!Get you! I read you! ... Okay! What's next? ... I don't do diplomacy.Give me four days."Give people a break!" ... Just be a little careful ... Be frightened ... A bully is a frightened person who is bullying other people to feel less frightened ... It's weird. If you consciously try to feel frightened, you won't be frightened ... Watch out for unconscious fear, which would unconsciously "activate you" and make you engage with the bully on their terms ... An adult can simply feel frightened ... "Give people a break, my god! They're working like dogs!"Glad to make it happen.Go join the Moroccan Air Force!Go spelunking! ... Why should anyone else do it? No one else lives there.Go to a gym.Go to bed.God bless him. That's fantastic. Some people just need to be on deck, don't they? There's nothing wrong with that. No, there's nothing wrong with that at all – with being a character.God is not your father – He's your partner, who steals from you.Good day to have a swimming pool.Good dog! Guard your master! ... Sleeping Beauty is calling!Good God! – That's creative.Good luck! ... It's important!Good old-fashioned service.Grab energy from above yourself and concentrate it in your solar plexus.Growing pains ... The only thing that cures mental illness is air and liberty ... Dad always said you should just go through things ... It's just to understand what's going on ... People who can't do that are just out on the streets ... Just what is wrong with me, Adolf?Grown-up, I think, is the word.


H. Half of it dropped in the toilet.Halloween – when the veil between the living and dead is the thinnest.Hands of stone.Happiness and fake happiness.Happy ending ... Leadership skills over the years.Harvard men are best at this.Have faith.Have you ever looked at yourself in a mirror? ... Petty, sniveling, ruthless, horrible? ... No one is consumed by hatred unless they are terribly hurt ... When your heart's on fire, you light up the world.Have you ever put a steel door in? ... Put a new frame in ... It's hinged and everything.Have you seen Junior's grades? ... The more you see, the bigger your mind is.Having trouble already? ... Just do what you're doing; go slow ... Wheelchair 2.0 ... "Whenever a critic says something bad about your work, invite them out to lunch and ask them what they don't like about it." (–W. Somerset Maugham)He realized on his way down that there was really only one thing wrong with his life, and that was, he had just jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.He wants that Soylent Green, man!He's a theoretical Marxist.Heartbreak house ... In each room ... They don't advertise it ... Almost everyone hates their family, especially at the dinner table ... They have maids and hangers-on ... That's why they're jolly all the time.Helping Dad! ... You're too hot to handle! ... Why do I have to do that? ... What's the deadline? ... Why do people have to believe the same thing? ... Good training! ... Stay out the bushes! ... Work harder!Hey! ... Good luck.HEY, YOURSELF! ... WHO SAYS? ... Search me?Hiding out in the basement sharing secrets with your best friend ... Sneaky and happy and honest! ... "Isn't Mrs. Klondike weird?" ... Dollars pave the way to hell ... Why should you have one child when you could have six?His idea.Hold a blow torch on it and then smack it with the blow torch!Hold the questions lightly – Another aimless day.Holy shit!Homosexuality is a symptom of paranoia.House wine, mmm! ... Filled with the sweet sound of happy people!How about that?How come I don't have one?How come? – You're a very flexible person.How could I ignore you?How deep is the ocean? ... Monkeys, yeah! ... We need that water!How do you do? My name is Sebastian? [Claw] ... These people are not on the up-and-up ... They're biased.How do you shake hands with someone who's (1.) milking cows; (2.) sawing wood; (3.) a creepy, crawly spider; (4.) a Roman handshake (Power!) —? ... You're not tired of that yet.How does it feel to be the healthiest person in your family? ... Don't tell me about a bicycle in the basement of the Alamo.How else are you going to know what people are up to?How long would it take to put a new heater in?How many legs does a dog have if you call its tail a leg? (Four)How many years were you there?How to be nice to more people ... You're safe .. I'm sure you'll work it out ... I'm sure we're going to see the burning bush pretty soon!Humor me with specifics.


I. I always get mixed up.I barreled out! ... Life isn't at all boring ... We're not talking about the surface – We're talking about meaning.I can imagine what it costs.I certainly don't want a scar when I salute the Führer!I didn't follow up on that.I didn't say, "Geez, girls, you're growing eight breasts at once!" ... Everybody knows this ... There was only one thing to say ... Guatemala! ... (Not Costa Rica!) ... God makes everything beautiful.I didn't sneeze.I don't believe in change ... A painting of a vase within the flowers ... Really fantastic ... It's just fantastic ... Bad hair day ... Perhaps I was jesting!I don't even want to fool around with them – They're assholes. [girlfriends] ... I'm waiting until I'm in the mood ... Big business.I don't go for that stuff. I don't have enough money to feed my horses ... If we had a horse here, we could feed it carrots! ... And four other places ... Maybe get a pony.I don't ... I'm doing something else ... I'd rather just do creative things.I don't know how you can keep this all straight in your head.I don't know where to begin.I don't know – Who's on first? ... (It's just testosterone) ... No argument there! [They're always trying to start something; you have to learn to throw cold water on it when they're provoking]I don't know ... Why are you asking me? ... You don't have me mixed up with your mother, do you?I don't need that.I don't really have to have one.I don't take that lightly ... Elvis has left the building.I don't tell you what to do, so don't tell me what to do.I don't tell you what to do so don't tell me what to do ... Stop pretending!I don't think it's so controlled.I don't want any of that fifteen-mile bullshit!I don't want people to have fights ... Well, thanks for your two bits.I don't want to encourage you.I don't want to overdo it.I figured out it's easier to write than it is to read.I got caught on that one before ... Just once ... Patently false ... Utter nonsense ... Not true at all ... Let it lie in the sun to rot ... Very unfavorable ... Get it over with! ... It's too expensive ... You see, there's a difference ... That's the mockup ... This is a breakthrough ... Festivities, ceremonies, taboos: That's your culture: True, good and beautiful! ... The perils of wrestling with a pig: You get dirty; the pig likes it ... They're always trying to drag you back into the snake pit ... They never let you go.I got it from you.I guess I'll invest in hydrogen.I guess it's an investment now ... You brought that in? ... They're like a carpet salesman ... They just keep going ... You just don't know the culture ... If we sell everything for a hundred dollars for three months, will it fly us around the world in one night?I guess the other ones, too ... I'll have to check it out.I hate you, therefore I bare my breasts in hopes that the neighbors will see.I have that effect on people.I haven't decided.I hear you get that from washing your ears.I hope Chinese don't think it's racist ... A lot of people have told me that ... A troubled sense of immensity ... You're an angel compared to those people ... Part of it's genetics, too ... It could even be generational ... And what are you going to do when the baby starts tap dancing? ... Children are not responsible for their parents ... The painful public silence on the subject ... It's too late, ma! I'm fully formed! ... And who the hell are you? ... Let's call them just one of those things ... Not many people are taught not to hurt yourself ... Costs too much ... How about cutting your thumb off?I hope I die the way I've lived ... After you!I hope not.I hope you don't let it go to your head.I just don't know what I'm doing, but you never will ... Your mind has a big stick and pokes you.I just listen ... It's less trouble, actually ... Nothing forced is ever beautiful.I know, it's hard for me, too.I know you can.I know you're not allowed to march over bridges ... harmonic waves and all that.I like the esoteric track.I like to feel I'm taking care of myself, but I know it's a delusion.I never let anyone push my buttons.I owe everyone money .... Don't you know what you're doing? ... I'm worth more than the house costs ... So they all joined forces and started a construction company called One Arm ... This is the closest you'll ever come to having a big family ... It snaps! It snaps! It's snappy! ... That's what I want ... Take some pictures, huh? ... No one's slapping her around ... No one's telling her she's wrong ... Of course! It's yours! If it's yours, you can do anything you want ... It took me twenty-five years, but now I'm an overnight success ... Give me some money! I want money! ... Cover your ass and protect other people ... Leave yourself out of it ... Um-hm. It's not just you ... Sign here! ... This is your idea. It may work, it may not work. No one else should get the blame. No one else should get the credit ... I've got a question, by the way ... Oooo! My finger told me! It's behind ... Sure thing, boss! ... Safe journey! ... Glamorous ... What a shock! ... I'm a balloon ... I've got something in my eye ... The best thing is necessity ... If you can buy it with money, then it's cheap! ... Sports is tribal ... When you lose money, you never get it back again ... I always knew you Marines were a rather weepy bunch ... Don't you know what you're doing?I saw that already ... That's just the kind of guy you are.I see the entire picture.I shot the sheriff.I support a long stay in warm weather.I take too much shit already.I taught them everything I know about how to get angry, thinking they'd get over it, and forgot to tell them, at some point, stop being angry!I tend to just blurt things out.I think for Christmas I'm going to get a train from Costco.I think I take enough shit.I think I'll put an ad in the paper, How To Complain ... Just remember, keep a knife under your pillow ... The flowers of mental illness ... This is what you do: You look at the teacher and kick the chair ... Wow, that was a good experiment! ... I'm down with that – Don't worry about – thorough.I think it's easy to tell ... I don't think it's easy to tell ... That's why they go to Church ... They're total rats.I think it's that they're so pent-up.I think that's all.I think that's smart.I think you could set a limit.I thought shit and shining light were interchangeable ... Give up! ... Jesus doesn't even like you.I told you so! ... You never know ... Let it go ... Stick to yourself, what else can you do?I want my balloon! ... Another monster has been let loose! ... What's mine is mine! ... In a body bag!I want to have eight hundred investment properties.I was a man of action as a child.I was in total shock.I was numb all over and the Yale prom was cancelled ... I'm not blue blood; I'm bluish.I was thinking of a swan.I was walking on the ceiling and put my head in the refrigerator ... Proof of liking ... In the flesh ... It's hard to criticize a spark of light ... Small proofs of liking ... Poked me in the eye ... Provisions ... What good is a love affair if we can't see eye-to-eye?I will no longer use my pet's name as a password!I will tell you.I wish.I wish I'd thought of it.I would give up on that.I wouldn't change my life for them.I'd rather be taken for a wolf than a lamb.I'll build you a roof that history avoided.I'll give you mine for nothing! ... Like I have for years ... That's another disease ... The Church – It's an insurance company that never pays – They just collect! ... If in the end, everyone dies, what is the wrong thing to say? ... Does globalization mean everyone's going to eat? ... Maybe my coffin ... You can't! ... It's the pennies that count!I'll look into it ... Okay, I'll check it out.I'll meet you halfway and we'll have lunch.I'll pay for it!I'll pay you four dollars an hour.I'll pay you four dollars an hour ... Can you loan me ten thousand dollars?I'll sleep on it.I'm a fool and I work a little.I'm a great believer in that.I'm a high school dropout – I don't do questions.I'm a total evil liar.I'm a wreck ... My teeth are falling out ... I'm losing my teeth ... You don't want to know any more! ... I changed my mind ... Can you loan me any money? ... I'm in a lot of pain ... Kill me now! ... Was that out loud? ... Finally! After all these years! ... All over the house! ... It's a disgusting place ... It's full of crooks and morons ... It's just today ... The weekend's tricky ... How can it be good if it's free? ... That's a nice suit ... That really suits you ... Can you loan me any money?I'm afraid that's in the past – Way in the past ... No, and don't ask why!I'm afraid you've misjudged me – It's the design of what to say to anybody who tries to ruin the beauty of your life.I'm an American! ... Get away! ... Not in my family! ... Lots of luck ... No one has the right to hurt your feelings or to interrupt you or to bug you ... I shudder.I'm busy! I'm creating The Hulk!I'm getting one with a roof.I'm going postal! ... No, I'm not going to swing from a tree painted blue too much, and I'm not going to be a slave working for someone else ... I'm just going to do what I'm doing ... Don't tell me what to do – Stop trying to scare me!I'm going to get a girl to do it – someone of refinement.I'm going to see how cold it gets this winter ... to save money.I'm here to help you.I'm in a minor rage.I'm keeping my end up.I'm kind of low-key with all that stuff, you know?I'm learning.I'm living in the past – I like it there.I'm not going to do anything just because you're supposed to ... The more honest you can be about your darker side, the happier you are ... It may mean something to you ... I'm not a Commie or a fruit ... I have a very wide range ... You know Stravinsky and Picasso were arrested for peeing on the sidewalk in front of the Vatican?I'm not in with the swim.I'm not taking your mother seriously.I'm not that bad.I'm not trying to win a beauty contest, you know?I'm on a narrow path. On one side of me is sleep, where a friend awaits. On the other side is the world of commerce, busy, busy, busy! Where the path leads is to my daddy of the past, who wanted to sleep, and my mommy of the past, who was busy, busy, busy!I'm so dirty, anyway, what's the difference? ... She looks like a tramp, but she handles like a princess.I'm too dumb for that.I'm too old – Cash only!I'm ugly like a fox!I'm very grateful.I'm WAY off base.I've always wanted a secret closet.I've been working on it.I've given something to people all over the world.I've heard about it all my life.Ideas, experience ... Neither one. That's what they say. Aristotle, thumb up, "ideas." Plato, thumb down, "experience." ... Neither one.If anything.If it isn't one thing, it's another.If it wasn't for him, I'd probably be a little toady in the gothic horrors of goody-goodiners.If my nose itches, it must be true.(If she's worried about you, she's getting you to believe she's important.)If someone starts the music, you don't have to dance.If someone's paying you, they're good.If there is one.If there's anything to pinch ... You can't be careful and be fast.If you can't pay attention to details, you can't drive a car ... If you can't pay attention to details, you can't get a driver license ... Learn something and recite it ... Learn some things by heart ... And you can say it when someone's yelling at you ... Maybe it will improve your inner position ... Let them scream their heads off ... You're just learning something ... "Excuse me, I'm memorizing something!"If you don't know what you're going to find, it's adventure! Try to be the opposite of a juicy target.If you ever leave me, I'm going with you!If you go away, the problem goes away.If you had a wooden leg, you'd be shit on a stick.If you have your own money, what can anyone tell you?"If you know exactly what you're going to do, then why bother doing it?" (–Picasso)If you leave a piece of bacon somewhere along the path, I'm sure a dog will find it.If you like someone, it's different ... Oh, I like children, too, but I don't like them with their heads cut off!If you think you're doing things for someone else, it's hard to do – If you think you're doing it for yourself ... I'm going to have to give you bad lessons.If you want to fool around, lie.If you were a churchgoer, you would understand.If you wish for it long enough, you get it! ... Don't give me a ticket ... I've still got my clothes on.If you work in an office in L.A., you've seen dumbness to its depths.If you're intelligent enough, you don't have to lie ... If a man and a woman talk to each other, does it have to make sense?If you're scared enough, you will ... Ooops! ... Last Person I Want to Touch at Night! ... It took a tricky hop.If your Barbies are bad, do you spank them?Ignore yourself!In a thousand years they'll think this is precious.In any event, I teach uses, not necessity ... Possibilities and uses, not necessity ... A while.In every dream home, a heartache.In front of the opera! ... All at once! ... Just like in the old country! ... Better to start off bad and end up good than start off good and end up bad! ... A little bit of everything! ... It's easy to be beautiful because it's natural.In the blood!In the ice or on a barge?In the middle of nowhere, where no one's ever looked.In the unconscious, opposites are the same thing.In what sense? ... What are you going to do tonight? ... When will it ever stop? ... Have I met you? ... That was totally wicked ... How so? ... Staggering, huh? ... How come? ... Oh, really? ... Well, why? ... Who says? .... Any suggestions? ... Is that clear? ... Why should I forget people are shits? ... Why should I even talk to them? ... Would you rather be a fireman or a flower pot? ... See what you're missing? ... Whoever said cops are good? Or firemen? ... Isn't it strange how if you do what's right for everyone, everything works out? ... Aren't people bad to dogs? ... When you meet someone, ask yourself, "Do they see me, or are they trying to scare me the way my parents did?" ... Don't you realize witnessing these things keeps you away from the rapture?Including time ... Abusive lending! ... It's hard to save money.Infinitely sad! ... Totally unhelpful ... Okay, Kingfish! ... If my dog had a face like yours, I'd shave its ass and walk it backward.Intricate footwork!Irish waitresses with attitude.Is a rake "a long-handled implement to gather leaves," or "a libertine?"Is he in town yet?Is it because of the brown channel in your panties? ... As the residents of New Jersey say, "Come and get it!" ... Many people mistake kindness for weakness, and they mistake weakness for kindness ... So you haven't shot anyone yet, have you?Is that so? ... Now you know.Is that the end? Time just flies by. This whole weekend is tricky ... You know, this whole week is tricky ... I like being bad, and then going home and being good.Is this living? ... Twenty kids, and four are in the in-crowd, something's wrong ... They're clueless and pretending they're cool ... That's a lesson you have to learn ... If they're not nice to you, it's not your fault ... They're just treating you the way they treat themselves ... You have to understand, this happens to everyone ... You just think you're the only one ... Extremely personal ... Backtrack! ... Why go someplace else when I can take a vacation in my heart every day?Isn't that amazing? ... They just can't resist ... They're into bribing, and they don't understand that not everyone does that.Isn't that nice? That's when Christians were Christians ... Let's use tar paper! ... Duck tape! The Mexican toolbox! ... It doesn't scare me, because I never use it.It becomes carelessness.It can't be forced.It could be beautiful, but it's all slums.It does bother me – But I see some other things, too – I see light and beauty around me on the outside.It doesn't bother me to have an army in Iraq. It doesn't bother me one bit.It doesn't matter what you do – It's your awareness – Attention, realization, steady-state awareness, consciousness.It doesn't matter where you've been, as long as it was deep!It gets hotter, I have news for you ... No one teaches anyone that ... It's like a folk tale they tell over the campfire ... Especially if you're holding on to it because you're so embarrassed ... Suddenly Last Summer ... Open, O' Simsim! Hello, Tale of the Sands! ... My wife is smoking hot! ... Show me some skin, girl! ... Convivial pink ... Mexican spitfire!It goes way back.It has nothing to do with sex.It hasn't cracked yet ... Who are your parents? ... Where do you live? It hasn't helped you out in any way I can see. It hurts your feelings to be surrounded by people who think you're something than what you really are ... It's like murder ... Tribal decadence ... Jesus could have had a really good pushcart ... Seek all possible pleasure; avoid all dishonorable pain ... Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ... In a Tucson, Arizona Memorial on January 12, 2011, Mr. Obama said, "We should be sure we are talking to each other in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds."It is perplexing.It makes flowers every year.It means nothing to me.It might be genetic ... There's lots of genetic sports ... Just frolicking!It must have been my mother – She has syphilis.It really doesn't matter.It shows how little they know.It sucks the life out of you, this battle!It takes you over ... Put a little something in ... You'd be surprised how many people have killed themselves or done something stupid just because they didn't understand a little thing ... Dog feelings, right? That's what they're into, "feelings," right? ... You have to be your own friend ... It's good to know you're not the only one, too ... "Feelings" is just one little part of your nervous system that keeps sending a message ... If you identify with it, and think your whole life is that one little part of you, ... It's huge! ... Oh, I'm back home with all the hyenas!It used to take two men to hold one.It was probably fancy once. It'll last forever.It's a beach forest – They have deer, wild boar, and goats, and among other things, they have wild cats ... a spell-breaker.It's a betrayal.It's a big thing to be able to contribute to the culture ... to expand and enrich the culture.It's a little hard to see maybe ... Enjoying life ... Why can't you?It's a lot different than you think.It's a lot easier to make a house than to fix one up.It's a nice place ... I could put it in there.It's a passing thing, I think ... Have you got a story to tell? ... Floods of images ... Next comes the dragon in the toilet, the meat grinder in the closet ... Redundant: That's a good word ... Fortunately, I have a very good intelligence, and I've learned to live by my wits ... And the truck started burning ... I'll bite! ... Are you afraid something really bad is lurking inside you? ... Someday you'll see it: the invisible dog ... There's no flies on me ... That's what I say, there's no flies on me ... I am delighted to be here ... Thanks a lot! ... Bah! Humbug! ... The bear frightens me ... Naturally ... I was born very intelligent and I learned very early how to live by my wits ... It's like millions of dollars to anyone else ... Motto: Use money to help people.It's a poor person's idea of what a smart person's like.It's a scandal ... Now you know what the Marx Brothers' mother felt like ... It's no big deal ... If you have faith.It's a stitch – Far from me!It's a surprise how big you are! ... Looking forward to it! ... What are you up to?It's a very dark house – You have to have a lot of sparkles in a very dark house.It's a very strange town, isn't it? ... There's a half-Saint every two hundred years.It's a whole family.It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.It's all murder and sex – You might graduate to slaughter ... It's all in your mind ... There's no such thing as bad ... Your mother makes you pay for everything.It's all right to be ashamed of things your wife said.It's always been that way.It's another world.It's attention better spent elsewhere.It's better than I thought.It's better to have this than to get in trouble with other people, to "act out," as they say – This is something you can count on – Gurdjieff said it's all over the body, the emotional center – Now it's beginning to center.It's better ... Unsettled ... I wouldn't call it rain ... A few drips isn't gonna hurt ... Way before the rain comes ... Can't kill you ... They never know ... We'll see ... Don't think it won't rain again ... You can't stay angry; you can't change the weather; you can't go back and get something you never had.It's Bible study computers! ... They have that already ... Is this disgusting or what? ... Pretty intense ... That's not going to save the world ... I don't have to do it, and I'm not going to do it ... Very concerned.It's called a Danish sense of fun.It's called taking a back seat.It's cheaper than going out to dinner ... Just be yourself ... You don't seem too unhappy to me ... Any gold? ... Maybe times are changing ... Is it the evil little scientist that wants to invent the death ray? ... How do we know what he wants to do? ... How do we know? ... The mystery is not solved ... By accident, right? ... The door has opened to the inner sanctum ... Absolutely fearless ... It's coming out slowly ... Maybe it's your broken heart ... Well, we don't know what it is ... That's how Martians sneeze! ... Fuckoff! Fuckoff! ... Besides that, how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?It's chilling.It's convenient.It's deplorable.It's different every day.It's double what it was.It's easier to write than it is to read.It's effortless.It's either chew gum or kick ass!It's for anyone who likes to have fun.It's getting squirrellier and squirrellier ... If you think about it, a squirrel is just a fancy kind of rat.It's good for kids ... What difference does it make what kind of salt you put in a chicken? – It's salt ... Well, how did you like the answers?It's good to know it's not just you.It's hard for me to talk, too."It's hard to believe that tunnels that can fill a foot per minute with floodwater could be safer than aboveground Vegas, but many homeless people think they are. No outsider is going to attack you down there in the dark." (–Matt O'Brien, a Las Vegas writer who runs an outreach group for the homeless) ... Unfelt or unconscious or invisible conditions, containing intelligence, perception, memory, instincts, aggression, enjoyment, resourcefulness, or all of the above, are also inside us, along with very real physical or emotional pain, somehow locked up in a memory, lock, stock and barrel, so as not to be felt ... One unconscious memory buried on top of another unconscious memory leads to impulsive teenage behavior ... Motivated by thrill ... Anything to avoid feeling bad.It's hard to say.It's impossible.It's Jersey velvet, they call it ... Made in New Jersey.It's just called being alive.It's just more so and more so! ... You can't explain it ... They're looking for some kind of computer device that will allow them to fake having a mind.It's just there.It's learning how to get away with being yourself, whether anyone likes it or not.It's like a distraction from the pain.It's like a little difference ... It's massive ... It should slip right in.It's like a reflex ... It just gets to you, doesn't it? ... Why not feel better? ... It's just rampant ... That kind of thing ... I guess you could reverse it! ... Behind the morning glories, behind the arbor, behind the falling fence.(1.) It's like saying whale shit is more important than a lightning bolt ... (2.) It's very fine-tuned ... (3.) Both are good ... (4.) Ideas are bulletproof ... (5.) (You attack yourself because people are beating you up. The first step is to stop beating yourself up. Don't look for results. Just keep doing it. The idea is not to feel good – The idea is to fight back) ... (6.) That's a very good sign ... (7.) "Well, you've done it again. Your mother just went in for a gall bladder operation." ... (8.) Really old-school.It's like sticking a stick into me ... Poke's the name, get the point? Is this too hard for you? Am I bo-ring you? Stick around!It's like the most decrepit National Park on the earth.It's like the time of Edison, but to the thousandth.It's ludicrous.It's money down the drain ... It's a pity ... Must have been trained to do whatever people tell you to do ... I'm not in first grade being pummeled with stupidity ... The minister can chastise anyone with total annihilation.It's much more intense.It's my life – It's my life to live.It's never perfect ... Live from yourself! ... Need I say more? No, I needn't.It's nice to go slow if you want to.It's not my fault ... I tried.It's not recommended ... If could damage the vehicle ... Our company doesn't allow it ... It'll burn out a three thousand dollar computer ... Call Triple A ... Lightning bolts! ... I'm not nice at my own expense ... Not anymore.It's not the theater.It's not the worst ... You can't tell time.It's not what happened, it's how it was treated ... It's good to laugh about it, but it's very brutal.It's not what they say ... They're just egging on your Id, or egging on your Superego. You tell your Id, "You're not going to do that – You're not that stupid." You tell your Superego, "Don't tell me what to do, you stupid asshole!"It's not wild, and it's not strong ... They enjoy themselves immensely ... Little do they know ... It's just like a parade ... A Macy's parade.It's of no use to me.It's okay, I don't turn down money.It's only an alarm clock ... They've got a little chip in the back of their head ... Maybe you can de-zombie zombies ... It'll get 'em! every time! ... What's next? The French Foreign Legion?It's out of The Arabian Nights.It's pretty easy – Let the facts speak for themselves ... We want someone who can hit the ground running!It's probably an advance in human evolution.It's probably just genetic.It's really homey.It's really nice for people, too.It's really sparkling! ... It's a nice way to die.It's sad, it's murky, it's Wagnerian – They like to suffer.It's scary, because you don't know what's going to happen next ... A sign of the times ... Both of them had it so hard! ... The Art Students' League ... Come on! I'm going to show you how the other half lives!It's subsidized.It's surprisingly deep.It's the pennies that count.It's the people who stay in the monastery who get into trouble.It's time to go! Musicians are supposed to be shaggy – It's part of the mystique.It's timeless ... Trust yourself.It's too late to change now.It's too wholesome ... Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there.It's totally reconcilable with IQ ... You can be a smartie! ... Not disruptive, but to be organic about the whole thing.It's unstoppable.It's very authentic.It's very dangerous, too!It's very hard ... Oh, loud!It's what everyone's falling for.It's where the power of the other world becomes manifest.


J. Joy: It's not a gift of god, it's something you can produce ... What is the pearl washed up on the ocean of existence? ... You don't guard against it ... You understand it ... Then it becomes a minor thing ... The cost of covering it up is a life ... You don't really do anything ... You allow the layers of your onion to fall off ... Until what's left is you ... You shouldn't make fun of someone ... No, I call myself a southern scoundrel ... Southern, right?Just a maddening mother – Very narcissistic.Just an adornment.Just as bad.Just because you think something, doesn't mean anyone else thinks it.Just don't hit me!Just don't put a fountain in my back yard.Just for shade ... Let me know when you settle down ... There were dolphins flying in the water and I thought of you ... She wants a toilet seat around her neck so she can enter the temple ... Sounds like my mother ... I'm telling you, it can get awfully awkward ... Will do! ... Revenge is mine! ... Hot shit! ... I know I got it wrong ... What about your freedom? ... I'll give you five dollars if you set me free ... You must never let them see they can knock you off ... They have a million ways ... You can paint any painting and people think it's good, because they can't paint anything ... What's the difference? ... It's just the idea of it ... Forget about it! ... Your mother must have been big on that ... Your mother's era ... By practice! ... You were brought up not to seek happiness ... If I were you, I would seek happiness ... Deep!Just like a cat ... Now, what color is your light? ... Are you a bird or a person?Just like anyone would ... What about Thursday lunch? ... I'm having trouble with my laser printer ... After that ... It's up to each person to solve their own problems! ... It all depends on how much in a hurry you are ... You have time ... You have to be a little goofy, a little dumb, a little strange.Just lower your expectations ... You know, a lot of us are schizophrenic.Just once, dog! ... It won't kill you ... Most boring.Just some little thing ... You don't have to be there ... They used to call it the treadmill to oblivion ... I don't know why I have to go to the bathroom right now ... Not every reconstruction leads to a happy Humpty Dumpty ... What's next? ... The expert! ... What's this, Night Court? ... What's next, the French Foreign Legion? ... What's first prize? ... You have to throw cold water on it!Just take a minute! ... Don't forget! You can be little. You don't have to be big! ... I've got to take care of a sidecar ... Not right now ... Not this time ... That's a long way from never ... Could you say that a little bit nicer? ... If I was lucky, I'd be dead.Just thoughtless.Just to get away.


K. Karma – It just evens the score – It comes up from behind ... It happens when you're not looking ... Somewhere there is where you are ... Want what you have: It's like a magnet ... Put as much attention as you can into neutral ... When it's in the water, the fish can see that – Everything charged ... Just lay off the fancy footwork and be kind to people ... You don't have to know anything ... The refrigerator will come to you – It's called taking a back seat ... Quiet mind, body. Sense yourself. Just be ... It's a good thing to know ... The bigger the denial, the bigger the truth underneath it – That'll help ... I solemnly swear, I am up to no good ... My inner projector is wishful thinking, a little boy who wants a mother ... Try to quiet your thoughts, memories and sensations, and just be alive. You have the right to just be ... Let that be the greatest of your problems ... Ignore girls as best you can, because it causes them to raise the stakes ... Whatever they're doing, thinking, or feeling has nothing to do with you directly ... The only thing they respect is to be ignored – Until it's too late ... You're not supposed to invest in another person ... There's relations – You can't force things – They're either there, or they aren't there ... The more you act like you don't need anything, the more people will respect you.Keep calm and carry on!Keep it to yourself.Keep it under your hat!Kicking back! ... There's options ... Top shelf! ... I'm waiting ... Did you make a wish?Kill a tree for Christmas.Killed any good animals today?Knowledge leads to food ... Do what? ... I gather coconuts!


L. Laughing at pain.Leave that woman alone or you're going to be hanging by your testicles from the balcony.Let me be the judge.Let me try it.Let's not ... Don't cheat me.Life could be worse, right?"Life in the shade" ... What's the state bird of Kentucky? ... Love to know, wouldn't you? ... He sees what the other kids do ... He sees they don't want to be perfect.Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.Lightning bolts!Lightning bolts! – I charge a lot and don't even use cables ... Friendship does not revolve around favors ... "Good" means "Don't aggravate me!"Like a flower melting in the snow.Like a shark with a suckerfish attached!Like a wizard! ... Someday you may be fortunate enough to smoke, too.Like an animal! ... I hope so ... Then what? ... Let's get with the program! ... What difference does it make what someone is as long as they have a nice life?Like an overcoat of dreams.Like any tool, it's how you use it that counts.Like I'm in the army or something ... It's good for your heart ... If you're going for volume, you wink at quality ... So what's on your mind? ... Boo! ... Who do you want to talk to in the land of the living? ... There's no Boo! here ... There's no boo-boo here ... You can't talk to anyone in the land of the living, oh little ghost ... The room of rising fumes! ... We're not descendants of fearful men ... Very serious ... Except when I'm on the computer.Like in a fire door ... Not in the center, one on each side ... I'm a has-been, going in reverse! ... It's a universal closure ... Push, pull, left, right ... There's two ways you can do it ... We have to figure out if it's push or pull ... It's more a perception than an action ... Don't you know I need new shoes? ... The Last Testament of Dr. Moron ... I don't want people to know there's a door there.Liking someone is liking their consciousness ... Liking someone is not giving them burdens ... Liking someone is putting their welfare on the same level as your own ... Liking someone is not having a severe hatred for their mother's living room furniture ... Liking someone is leaving them alone ... Liking someone is removing obstacles from their path to make their life easier ... You're better off acting like a pirate than acting like your mother and father ... On the inside say, "I am a total freak of nature." ... The more tempted you are to lose yourself in another person, the more you should put your attention back and place it in your own arms, legs and hands. You don't want to achieve psychic control of another person – You want to achieve psychic friendship with yourself, especially your sense of humor ... Around a boy or girl, avoid acting like your mother or father. You are better off acting like a courteous cutthroat pirate ... Girls aren't stupid. The best way to see them is as jealous narcissistic human beings ... They don't like you – They're just little narcissists ... The minute you pretend you're bad, they like you ... They can just turn in a minute ... "I'm never going to turn you into my mother – My father destroyed her!" ... Cruel development ... "Stop saying there's something wrong with you or I'll start to believe it!" ... "And what else is wrong with you?" ... Think about what you want to do – That's the sneaky way to do it ... If you want them to care, act like a Frigidaire ... Don't expect to get something you ask for ... Did you ever hear of someone else? ... This, too, will pass. She, too, will pass ... They will grow old and die ... A good life is the best revenge ... There'll be another ... With gold ribbons ... If a bunch of people came in here that was going from place to place looking for the best bad bar food, what what would you think? ... Misery loves company – Misery is like a magnet ... Would she make my life better? ... Would she make shoppers out of my dogs? ... If you get to the bottom of what's bothering you, you can begin to turn things around – a door, a mirror, a light, a way ... Come on in! Welcome, stranger! ... You know, something stupid ... "Come into my tent!" – I hope you're good! ... You don't have to get all serious about someone you make out with ... Remember to play after every storm ... Treat someone with kindness and respect, the way you would treat a stranger ... If you're alive, you've got something good going for you.Limit your demands.Listen must replace tell – Except every now and then you have to tell.Little by little.Little ghosts.Living from a tiny crushed baby, or from people's expectations?Long range ... Not many people have knapsacks at forty thousand feet.Look down! ... I'm not an angel.Look for something awful when you go, and much, much worse when you're near.Look how long my shirt is.Look, if something I said made you mad, I meant to say the other thing.Looking good!Lordy be! ... Why? ... Why do you think that is?Love hurts.Lower heating bills.Luckily, I could run and laugh at the same time.Lucy's psychiatric help must cost seventy-five cents now.


M. Macho, macho, macho, Mickey Mouse!Magic and sorcery.Magnetism.Make holes in water.Make sure! ... It's obvious.Makes me feel like the X-ray man ... Pull the other one – It has bells on it.Makes me feel relaxed. [$800.00 in a box]Mama has a dead chicken she talks to – Oh, yeah! You should really see that.Many people have.Many wars! ... Isn't it obvious?Mark me down as skeptical ... Even the experts agree, a girl needs closure.Maybe a nice dog could be governor.Maybe I will ... What war?Maybe it isn't worth it.Maybe more.Maybe on a map ... Most people aren't ready for that.Maybe that's your deepest wish ... You have to put yourself first ... You know, there's people who prey on people who don't! ... I wish for you to be open and full of joy! ... What are you telling me? ... Your mind is Moby Dick! One thing after another! ... The Pope approached the toilet: Nothing happened! ... The spirit of liberty is not being too sure you're right ... You know, you don't see candy cigarettes anywhere ... Somewhere in Texas there's a village missing an idiot ... Everything challenged! ... Unbelievable! ... That's not really true but I don't care ... Many don't! ... A little thing may be big! ... I don't want any of that fifteen mile bullshit! ... Is that fair? ... That question is so rude ... I'm an artist, not a criminal ... It wouldn't have happened if the baby had eaten celery and oatmeal! ... The best way is don't! [respond to things]Maybe there's better than that.Maybe you were just intuitive.Me?Mean and deceitful.Mean people can't stand it.Memory retrieved leads to paradise regained.Middle school ... Ninth grade, right? ... Raise your hand if you made it through ninth grade. Midnight special.MISCOMMUNICATION, anyway ... It's just another day in paradise.Money, good cheer, intelligence, attention, light – There's only so much of these things in the world .. That's the way life is ... As long as you have yourself, you're not abandoned.More spiritual than thou.More than this!Most people want to hide ... I don't want to be popular ... Think about it ... Add it up ... You call that being treated like royalty? ... Go beat up a doctor!Most people will shoot past the target (They want to be better than other people) ... They don't want to hit the bull's eye (Be themselves) ... They don't want to admit their parents are morons ... They may know how to make money or something, but they're not that smart.Move along. There is nothing to see here.Moves the hot air around.Murder, by itself, is not a federal crime.My crew will be in touch.My satchel.My secret weapon.My Superhero: Sewer Man! ... The American way! ... The Pursuit of Happiness!Mystery room! ... The last thing you want to have happen is the last thing that happens.


N. Nat King Cole ... Nat-urally! ... For horses, I guess.Nature screamed, it didn't call.Never act alone ... Directly across the street ... Maybe it's because everything's going your way ... Losing your way in your place book ... What credit to England.Never naïve.Next week it's the whole world.Nice material! ... Just hurts! ... Stage directions! ... Where the mouse lives! ... Why aren't you in Bali sitting in a café watching women? ... Why should my brother die when a goat didn't?Nicht nichts! ... That's German for "Not nothing!" ... Nein nichts! ... Just in time! ... Something better! ... The Ta-ta! Department! ... What a boss you turned out to be ... The boss of the whole world! ... Who can say, right? ... You don't have to know!No evidence.No, it's not true ... Listen to me ... Since there's no such thing as a happy teenager, who cares how well he does? ... I just want to give you a heads-up in case you have an interest ... You're an asshole, too.No matter how crazy you are, why not pursue your bliss?No matter how much money you make, God finds a way to punish you.No money.No ... No, a boyfriend is too much trouble ... He's in jail ... He's in jail for a year ... I'm still friends with some of those people.No one else has them ... Mein Feld ist die welt. (German: "My field is the world.")No one is.No one will know ... Who else do you know, and may I use your name?No planning.Nobody can't sleep anymore.Nobody knows their address.None for me! ... I'm not a team player ... Everybody has uncomfortable earrings on.Not a puzzle ... Let me vomit in your ear and see if it comes out your nose ... You're stronger than I am ... Keep it clean and don't call me honey! ... (He has very deep ways of hating.)Not after the Crusades ... That's what he thinks ... They're all into fads ... That's why they go crazy ... Out-of-control happiness! ... It just helps to realize, when you're talking to your mother and father, you're afraid of them ... even when they're dead!Not airline pilots!Not before.Not by a long shot.Not completely – There's no drama! ... What's wrong with someone expressing themselves? ... What's wrong with someone seeing what's inside them? ... It's the opposite of what people think ... It's good to feel frightened, to feel hurt, to feel angry -- because then you get a chance to understand it.Not entirely! ... Not endlessly!Not even the priests can get away with shit anymore.Not everyone.Not for everyone – Just for the multitude.Not for people ... I'm not killing time, I'm doing time.Not for the faint of heart.Not me.Not me! ... He has one foot in his childhood.Not me! – My stock doubled last week.Not my anus!Not so much for this country, but for the whole world.Not that I care.Not that I'm saying they're any good.Not that they have to, but they do.Not what we'd hoped ... You know, they're acute smellers.Nothing complicated.Nothing exciting.Nothing passes his mighty eye.Notice they come here less and less.Now bring me that horizon!Now look, don't be an opportunist! ... Plan! ... Don't just do what comes up ... Well, I'm sorry – My art comes first ... I have my own life ... You have to do what's best for you ... I'm trying to set up a life for myself ... Just because you do it, doesn't mean you have to ... No one can tell you what to do with your life ... Instead of worrying, save your money ... You like the web, but you don't like getting wrapped up in the strands.Now on to other things.Now that's a shock to the artistic mechanism ... Think about it! ... That intensity is good because you realize you've been holding onto it for a very long time and you're letting it out.


O. Of all the things you can get, working hard isn't so bad ... Do good for yourself – Don't worry about anyone else ... If you don't take the approval, you won't give yourself the disapproval ... You're not supposed to wear white shoes after Labor Day ... The real flow isn't the "social flow" – It's the flow of what comes from yourself ... The essential idea of "cool" is being rejecting ... We know we're still wrong.Of course I live near the edge – The view is better.Of course not! ... Why are you saying this to me? ... I'm just a person ... There must be something else going on ... Holy Shit! ... I'm just trying to make trouble! ... Too bad it isn't true! ... Do it yourself! ... Why are you talking to me this way? ... I'm just a person ... No one's caught on yet! ... Stick to yourself – What else can you do?Off limits.Off to the races.Oh, dear!Oh! Delightful!Oh, don't let the pastor hear that!Oh, getting something at a lower price.Oh, I have to go to the bathroom – That must be it [Then go to your room]Oh, I"m going to look for that on the news.Oh, it's you! Sneaking around, huh? ... It's not as bad as it was.Oh, my God! You're unhappy ... Through the wall and everything ... If it bothers you so much, why don't you just shove off? ... They're like battle hardened.Oh, Night on Earth? ... Music? ... It's just black notes written by dead people.Oh, no! ... God knows what's happening next ... THAT's what's going to bring world peace ... Carry a gun! ... Get away from it as fast as you can ... No matter how alert you are, sooner or later you're going to fall and hurt yourself ... Next time I know just what to do ... Wyoming is the asshole state of the universe.Oh, no, we don't have to do that.Oh, yes, the national debt is much too high ... or is it?Okay, have it back by seven!Okay, Hitler! ... Jesus couldn't care less ... They don't want to give that up.Okay, so? ... Did we do anything wrong?Okay! We're leaving on time!Okay, what date is that?On stormy nights.On the news ... It's all right with me.On the wagon or off the wagon? ... No pressure! ... Hitch your wagon to a star!One boring interlude after another.One family's enough.One foot in heaven.One of my best friends is a tree.One person could have changed your entire life.One stupid thing after another.One's enough ... Not averse to doing different things ... It just makes you smarter, right? ... Do they have a plastic fish? ... Plumbing the depths with rigor.Only a stupid person would try to do that (Kill everyone) ... What is the aim of your own life? ... You stick to it, and don't let anyone tell you anything else ... We do one thing at a time ... Go to the bathroom before you play the piano.Only what you've told me.Our Hints ... The Devil Made Me Do It!Out on the open road!Over and over again.Over here ... Beyond belief ... TOO SIMPLE ... It's colossal ... The idea! ... The talent! ... Back channel! ... Full force! ... Without fail.


P. Parts of your mind are trying to submerge you.People can't take in too much at a time.People either get along or they don't – and it's really nice.People have a little mother inside them, and in a day it envelops things you tell them.People ignore their impulses ... They wrap them up in cellophane and tie a ribbon around them ... motivations = impulses ... Most people can't see their impulses ... They just see the results of these impulses going all around.People know, who are in those circles.People want to be liked ... It's so fast you don't even see it! ... You don't punish yourself enough! ... It's very baffling until you realize you're not like them ... That's their aim in life, to be like everyone else ... Or some mad inventor, with some secret workshop ... Who do you know who has a regular job? ... They all have a front ... Well it could be a front ... You don't know the half of it ... They're hustling to get a good deal ... That's what life is ... To make sure no one is embarrassed in any way, shape or form ... A girl trying to find herself a perfect man is like trying to find a lettuce ... Just so people can feel there's something real ... It's really like homework ... If you meet a big pink fish and it bops you on the head, you'll know why ... The more oil, the better ... It's okay! ... Are you lucky! ... Looking for a fish ... You said it! ... You're the big black bear! ... They have no firsthand knowledge ... It's just what they read in a book ... And then it changes ... And then it's that! ... Good! I see your point! ... That's what thrills them, right? ... Just shut up ... They just want to see if you're a complainer ... I think the dog eats it (Pot).People will not give up being big shots – So cheap, huh? – The only thing that cures mental illness is air and liberty – I think it's great for the kids.Pictures don't lie.Playing with danger.Please ... Not the fly swatter!Presidents, Kings – They're just trapped ... I just hope it isn't sex education.Probably with chicken fat ... You're so unfeeling, right? ... You've got ugly you'll never use ... Getting wise to that ... It turns you very brown and you can't wear clothes ... That's the river rats ... Getting manic over running away from feeling bad ... Something foolish ... It's marvelous; it's thrilling; it's mellow; it's beautiful; (Do you like me?) is the secret question ... A farmer found what he thought was a bottomless well. First he dropped a stone in, and never heard it hit bottom. Next he dropped a huge boulder in, and again, heard nothing. Finally, he found a gigantic tree stump and threw it in. Then a goat flew by and jumped into the well! As he was pondering these strange events, a herdsman came from around the other side of the hill and said, "Can you help me find my goat? I had it tied to a tree stump." ... Above heaven, God says God; Below heaven, he walks in dirt .... To be true to yourself is hard work – but it's wonderful work ... Why did the fucking cat fall out of the tree? (Because it was fucking dead!) ... Trained rats ... They've spent every bit of energy they've ever had pretending to be like other people ... Maybe I'll shit on the White House lawn and that's it ... You tend to forget how rotten kids are ... No matter what you do, they think you're a freak ... They're really frightened ... They try to be happy and they don't know how ... If a person attacks themselves, they don't have a self, and they have nothing else of any real value ... Foolish with a touch of doubt – then I'm a leaf in the wind!Problem solved ... Here's the secret: "There must be oxygen on Mars from that one."Protect yourself.Punish the monkey; let the organ grinder go.Pushing flies out the window is easier than catching them.Put down the gun. Don't shoot anybody! What are you doing?




R. Raise someone's welfare to the same level as your own (or greater) ... I'm just a person.Raising twenty kids.Rare moments ... We can't do anything about it.REAL AXE! ... REAL AXE!Real punishment.Real sharp! ... It's bigger than both of us! ... You mistake kindness for weakness ... Just because I'm nice to you doesn't mean I'll let you push me around.Really dark.Really? So?Relax! ... Guatemala! ... Relax! ... God makes everything beautiful.Remember: Stay out of the way of trains – Trains can't swerve.Remember that?Representational acting, for when you're not connected to a light sparkly sensation in your chest.RETIRED! ... NO CLOCK! ... NO PHONE! ... NO WORRIES! ... NO MONEY! ... I think that's enough ... Not enough ... Really intense ... Like children ... I would say that, too ... Better you than me ... I don't see it that way ... It's good enough for me.Richard.Ridiculous! ... Did you hear that? Ridiculous ... I wouldn't say I have anything that really bothers me.Rock and roll!Room 237.Roses come on new growth.Rough landing! ... It takes a while to sink in ... The secret protects itself.


S. Same thing!Say It Out Loud! ... I'm Black and I'm Proud! ... For crying out loud! ... I'm Black and I'm Proud! Scandinavian haiku :: Two little sisters / naked on the stair to show / off what isn't there.Scary, isn't it?Scheisse! ... Icy Fire! ... Icy Fire! ... Scheiße! ... Real Axe! ... Real Axe! ... REAL AXE! ... (What you've just done is say "Shit!" in German, "I see fire!" twice, in plain English, "Shit!" again, in proper German, followed by "Relax!" three times in English. Circle some random parked park until a taxi comes along, then calmly raise your left arm and flag the cab. Taxicabs won't stop if you're being emotional or acting crazy. Don't go back. They've probably vandalized the parked car, thinking it was yours. Stay away from there.)Schizophrenics, Anonymous ... "To Confront Someone is to Empower Them" ... "Our Biggest Mission in Life is to Avoid Boring Fools."Search me? ... God is too big to fit inside one religion.See? They're always one step ahead.See what you've been missing?See you around! ... I really have to get back to work.Seeing is believing ... Isma and the Pirate – The Perfect Crime.Separate the ugly from the confusion.Shabby! What creeps, huh? – Socially challenged.SHAZAM!She is a peach!She probably keeps them in a lower drawer next to her sneakers.She saw the morning light begin to pierce the night – She was discretely silent.She's a propellor of conversation!She's going to end badly.She's the type who screams, "Put the lid down or I'll fall in!"She's very good looking and she's very well-spoken.[Shoot energy up the right side of your spine, wag your index finger and scream, "AS IF!"]Shows promise ... You see the magic of the packaging? ... Or smuggling!Shut up! No,you shut up!"SideBoob the Poor. Upskirt the Rich."Signing off verbally!Sit on a happy face.Skirts ahoy!Slowly.Small ways.Smell you later!So cruel. [See stargate76] • "So embarrassing!" ... They know ... They know who will fit in ... You can see they're just miserable ... "I don't want to be popular, you asshole!" ... And all that ... They really are uneducated socially, most people... Early signs ... The living dead ... All three ... (1.) You wait; (2.) Let things develop; (3.) There's other people; (4.) Nothing forced is ever beautiful; (5.) This, too, will pass; (6.) There's nothing complicated; (7.) Keep it simple.So that doesn't happen all the time.So the Principal told you to cool it?So there can be a place naked women can come and yearn for me.So this could spread – Let's hope it doesn't.So what are you going to do about it? ... Suffer! ... You're supposed to suffer for three days.So you're the one whose been knocking them off the table ... Don't try it at home.Softens things up a bit.Some people can do that.Some people don't even see what's in their mind ... These people can't see anything.Some people try to go around collapsing other people's dreams.Some things aren't like that.Someone else! ... You need a shirt? You should have brought your own.Someplace else ... I thought it would be easier ... Late at night ... So does the dog!Something better! ... Find a dog!Something fancy.Something unusual.Sometimes I wish I was a loud pushy person so you could hate me ... You could think about it that way, too.Sometimes it's paralysis by analysis.Sometimes to be kind you have to be forceful – not often, and not for nothing ... Do it yesterday! ... Not often, but do it every once in a while.Sometimes you just don't want to do things ... Some people can talk their way out of a ticket, and some people can talk their way into jail.Sooner of later they'll figure out their parents are stupid.Soul searching.Sounds like Oklahoma to me, ... or the Wizard of Oz.Special service ... I think it's a little different ... It's a study.Staring at people does not produce food ... It's not how you look at other people – It's how you look at yourself.[Start reciting nice things for the child to learn or to know, such as equations from the multiplication table, passages from the Bible, poetry from Jalálu'ddin Rúmí's Mathnawí, philosophy from Ralph Waldo Emerson, or anything you think is beautiful ...] Eight times seven is fifty-six, nine times nine is eighty-one ... Never give a sucker an even break ... Gather not up treasures here on earth ... Never smarten up a chump ... Eat, drink and be merry! For tomorrow you may die ... A penny saved is a penny earned ... Gather ye rosebuds while you may ... Idle hands do the devil's own work ... What you need to know is very little, but to know that little takes very much ... What you need to know is very little, but to know that little takes very much ... Lower your expectations; you can only be pleasantly surprised ... Preparation is everything ... Life knows best ... Truth is stranger than fiction ... The truth shall set you free ... A Girl is love, hope, sexual energy ... Be careful what you wish for! ... You can't have yourself if you want someone else ... Everyone has to light their own fire ... "Seek all possible pleasure, and avoid dishonorable pain." Samual Butler, The Way of All Flesh ... Intelligence is the biggest handicap a child can have ... It's fun to have a girlfriend ... Nothing forced is ever beautiful ... If you shoot for the moon, you may just land in a penthouse ... Most people fly AWAY in all directions; a wise person flies FROM all directions ... Turn everything upside-down and you'll see the truth ... All happiness is earned ... Sweet are the uses of adversity ... Hitch your wagon to a star ... When you're near tears, you're near the truth ... We're made of our past – The truth is beyond what you understand ... Play dead, escape from cage ... Happy as the day is long ... The way out (of the cage) is to play dead.Stay calm and collect ... There's all levels of intelligence and ability ... Breathe in without breathing out when you're around people ... You stop it before it starts (Holding your breath).... It doesn't matter who they are ... Just deal with your Id, and deal with your Superego.Stay close, boys, and I'll think of something! ... Exactly what those little kids in grammar school hate, that's what you are!Steady, hard work ... Avoid it at all costs! ... For me, it's fun just being part of it.Stop for a minute! I'm going to cry ... Take it easy with that hand – I don't want you smashing people anymore! ... That's very Irish! Get some rest! ... They must be shaking! ... I've done everything right so far ... I'll make it simple ... It doesn't matter what you say as long as you say something ... I couldn't care less ... Do you enjoy being dicked around? ... I know you will find this hard to believe, but I couldn't care less ... Do you like confrontation? ... Do you really like being dicked around? ... Sorry, I lost my camel ... He's afraid to crush his aggression ... Up front and dumb ... THAT's the secret ... Something small ... They hoard nuts, chère ... With no help! ... (When I was a kid, they didn't say much, you know what I mean? Where I lived, no one was too obvious. Next time call the police.)Stop shaking your head! It's your brain wobbling.Stop talking or I'll put you back in the trunk.Stop trying to get other people to be more important than you are!Stuck in my heart! ... N.I.N.J.A. – No Income, No Job or Assets.Successfully dumb and good at it, too! ... It's not my fault ... No one told me.Sure! I always do.Sure, Jack! ... It's terrible!Surely you're joking!Sycamore and elm.


T. Take a bottle of Jesus juice and shove it up your ass ... No exaggeration!Take heart!Take that and run with it!Talk to my lawyer.Talk to the hand!Tell it to the Pope! ... They have an expression in Italy: "The Pope is dead, so find another." ... Don't have kids until you can afford a Mexican maid full time ... Monetary shortfalls ... One family's enough ... Anyway, five dollars won't really help us out.Tell me! ... That's too mechanical ... You can ruin it ... There's no feeling in, What's wrong with you? You only do what you like to do.Tell me another!Tell me who you run with, and I'll tell you who you are.Tense and critical? Wait. ... Do things from relaxation and kindness ... Do everything from relaxation and kindness ... That's a huge experience ... No one can learn that in school.Terrible consequences.Thank you for saving me.Thank you! I'll have a little more Jesus on my toast.Thank you so much.That azalea is really doing good, isn't it? ... It's really strange, isn't it?That bad, huh? ... Look at all the money we spent on bombs and what good did it do? ... They're totally envy and jealousy fodder ... They hate themselves and everything they do ... There's nothing you can do about it ... It's the way you lie; it's catching up to you ... Be careful ... You can do a big job beating yourself up ... Back yourself up! ... That's what my suggestion is, go easy on yourself ... You feel alone and unneeded in a way ... You're just stuck with living with yourself ... Let those creeps drop dead.That came off really nice!That costs a lot.That doesn't bother me.That doesn't mean anything.That explains a lot – It's so hidden.That has nothing to do with me!That isn't very Christian ... You're good already so you don't have to try to be good ... A given ... I'll take your advice to counsel ... I'll have to review it with an attorney.That might come in handy sometime, to give up your right to kill yourself.That one must be in the bedroom.That rubs off.That should ease or assuage a lot of pain.That was good and it didn't cost anything.That was the best part of the day.That's a little more information than I need. [Use a soft voice, especially if they're yelling at you.]That's a loaded question!That's a lot of real estate.That's a selling point ... Fugitives from justice ... That's the nice half of the family ... Conserve your strength ... That's right on top! ... The devil never sleeps ... (Without looking ... which you buy into) ... I don't make mistakes ... The mushroom style of management: Stay in the dark and pile on the shit.That's all you can have on this earth – the desert wind and the tinkle of the camel bell.That's been asked by the greatest psychoanalysts.That's Christianity to a T.That's evasive.That's good enough for me.That's good to say.That's how they suck you in.That's like saying, "Hitler never got to heaven."That's news to me ... How can people who don't have any money buy anything?That's nice to know ... There's a permanent adversarial culture in this country ... It's best not to say too much ... Lay low! ... Stay out of the way ... Fluid economy.That's part of your commitment to excellence?That's proof.That's right! ... Keep your head up! ... Thanks for the visual!That's still going on.That's strange, coming from YOU.That's strange, coming from you ... There's very good old movies ... A totally different person ... As a matter of honor ... I know you don't like it, but that's it.That's the best we can do ... That would be too easy ... You heard it here first ... There's the latest thrill.That's the way you see it.That's the way you want 'em! ... This American life ... Don't ask me to carry any crosses ... Put the spotlight on yourself! ... The spike! ... Divide and conquer ... Try to look at the big picture ... It's very third world ... History is lies agreed upon ... Who knows? ... They're not talking ... What don't they tell people ... It's rude to talk about religion because you never know who you're going to offend.That's what everyone in New York says.That's what God says ... Don't forget that.That's what I get! ... What did I tell you? ... Well, okay! ... Bus driver's holiday! ... That's all nothing! ... "Oh, sorry, I didn't know ... It looks completely different." ... I'll leave it to you in my will ... Thanks for telling me that ... You don't have to do anything ... I do want to, but I don't want to put up with abuse ... which is a killer! ... After fifty, everything shows up, all the bad things you're done ... They don't want to know they're assholes ... But everyone else is! ... Well, let's let it go.That's what most people do – They're just like girls with dolls ... or little boys with machine guns.That's what people do.That's what the mother always says.That's what they call the liberty of the slum – They'll try anything.That's what they say – If kids aren't around other kids, they go crazy.THAT's why ... I have a joke for you: Three statisticians go duck hunting. The first statistician takes aim, fires, and shoots one foot ahead of the duck. The second statistician takes aim, fires, and shoots one foot behind the duck. The third statistician says, "We got it!"That's why people stop smoking eventually.The Adventures of Bone and Tuck ... No one would THINK of going there. The best way to kill yourself is old age ... Part of you is like a salmon, struggling upstream, for the past; Part of you is like a hummingbird, alighting upon memories, for the present; Part of you is like a spider, spinning a cocoon at night, for the future ... It's such a great advantage to admit what's in you.The big city!The Bluffer's Guide to Getting Human Beings to Believe in God ... Where is your Santa Claus Registry?The bottom fell out of the quail market.The cell phone age is even worse.The deserving poor.The dumb ones have no trouble ... It's easy for them to adapt ... You can get used and unused to things very fast ... Emotions are so untidy ... I'm not in trouble, I'm just a kid! ... Who knows what's going on and I don't want to have anything to do with it ... I don't want to get mixed up in it ... No one comes with a bow and arrow and shoots people ... No one invents radium, either ... It's deliberation, they call it ... I'm so sorry! ... I left you high and dry ... Your money's no good here ... Are you hungry?The elephant in the room no one talks about ... The Dancing Queen.The family curse, if you know what I mean.The final vomit is coming out of the beached whale! ... Things are falling in! ... The unconscious is powerful and clever! ... Most poets are screwballs! ... If you're insane, you can say anything you want, right? ... You have to be kind to people ... You have to do your work ... That's bad! ... Now I'll really open up!The first time ... Design: Intelligence made visible ... You can do anything with your mind.The future influences the present ... How about selling money?The glamour ... The guy gets to you after a while ... He's a recessive anal compulsion – All he's interested in is dark shit ... You're going to love it.The good thing to do is get a sense of humor about your parents – That's the shortcut.The hard road to the soft side.The heat's coming on.The Italians have a great expression: "Don't shit in your own back yard." ... Now you know why.The Kotex that would not burn ... The lending industry term for people such as myself, with seven cents in the bank after a financial train wreck, is "Ruthless Defaulters." How did this amount of money get thrust upon someone who was unemployed? We're not angry; we're beyond all that! We're just dirt poor! [See David Streitfeld's article, "They're Not Paying Anymore," The New York Times, July 26, 2009]The last remaining seats ... Cherchez la femme (Fr: "Look for the woman") ... Almost always behind the misadventures of men.The last thing a person will give up is their suffering.The master knows how to improve these situations ... Of course I do ... What do you think, I'm stupid?The mind is like a jungle, and there's a little clearing, and every now and then a little animal darts through, which is like a buried experience from childhood, and you feel things.The more chaotic things are, the more a decent person can get by with a nice life ... Everyone who wants to can have a good life ... If you're clever, you can get through things ... The whole place is pink! ... Thank you for coming.The more life is an illusion, the better it is.The more you understand how you attack yourself, the more you stop, and the more other people stop.The murderer always returns to the scene of the crime.The natives hear the drum.The new persuaders ... It's the mental industrial complex.The one with Technicolor and music?The only reason I would go would be so when I meet people, I can go, "Boogie, boogie, boogie!" ... I know where the cops hang out ... Any trouble you make is good, because it brings light on the situation ... When someone attacks, what they're really doing is enflaming their fear.The Other.The person who made my molds probably attacked me.The place we like it.The prodigal son ... For many years.The reluctantly smart thing to do is nothing.The rest of your life.The return of the market ... Anyone else?The skeleton of a bulldog walking.The secret protects itself.The secret protects itself ... Earned achievement leads to happiness ... You don't know how much trust matters until it's not there – It's hard to repair ... If you hold a question now, someday you will realize you have lived into the answer.The secret tunnel ... You know, sniffing begins at home.The secretaries of God ... I know as much about God as you or anyone else."The ship I'm writing about ... A crack in its hull ... I'm going fishing." (–John McPhee, "Draft No. 4," The New Yorker, April 29, 2013, p. 38)The store is closed ... Is this a fishing expedition? ... This is getting really heavy duty ... Who can bear the shame?The student has outshone the master now.The talent!The thrill is gone.The time for that hasn't come.The trouble is, my trouble is too much fun!The truth is something else! ... I'll never be strict enough for my mother! ... You can do whatever you want, but you should know what you're getting into ... The facts of life! ... Heaven is a taxi to the toilet in Berlin! ... If he comes home drunk on the back of a fire engine, we'll find out ... I wouldn't know anything about that ... Are you drug free?The truth is what is – The truth isn't what your parents are telling you the truth is.The Upsons! ... The Ups and Downs! ... What do you care? ... It's nice to have it floating out in the air ... Never hide.The whole class.The whole way out is a sense of humor.The words aren't important, and how you feel isn't important – just let it come out – if you dare.The younger generation ... on the way up! ... Most people don't get it ... And if you're not careful, you'll start smoking, if you don't control your appetite!Their whole existence is to prove their parents weren't morons.Then I suggest you go in for boxing ... Someone hit you.Then they go out of business ... I would be in trouble ... That's how it starts ... Next you're going to have a baby ... Wait forty years and it'll be free ... The Marine Corps always takes care of its own.There ain't nothin' in Room 237. But you ain't got no business goin' in there anyway. So stay out. You understand?There are easier, quicker solutions than that ... Here's somebody who wants to take you away from all this! ... "Is he walking on the ramparts, a little depressed?" ... Fear of someone dying is often a cover-up for wishes to murder someone ... There's always this resentment ... That's good if you're anxious or in a panic, because you can admit what's inside you ... Don't worry about me, worry about you.There are short burials and long burials.There goes the neighborhood.There is a certain underworld, of which everyone is familiar ... Sleeping with one eye open ... In the overworld you can find the culture of aggressive people, who laugh and break all the rules, and the culture of suspicion, people standing aloof, watching to see who breaks the rules ... There is a middle world, what people call their emotions, populated by a Nazi and a limo driver, both sticking to you in their own way, one trying to lead you into the world of Perfection, the other watching your every move, studying you, steering you to the more expensive items ... You don't need the Nazi or the limo driver ... A Nazi clown, devoted to perfection, throwing cloaks of fantasy over everything, and a resentful limo driver, shadowing your every move ... They're idiots.There you go, a modern woman ... I have a shaver just for her ... He's just trying to get by on charm ... When I'm dead, you can sit in this chair.There you go: human oil.There's a difference ... You're not the walking wounded and you're not a big shot.There's a force that's been turned loose.There's a great brain drain – To someone with half a brain, it's really something.There's a lot of people like that ... I see it on the news ... They're tough! ... Oh, don't give me that filthy stuff! ... The ones nobody wants ... Go play!There's a lot of unknowns around now ... Tell me the street ... No, you have to be more specific ... No, tell me the number ... No, that's not a direction ... No, call me up and tell me the number ... It's like a sham or something, one of those Marin things ... When you get there, call me up and tell me the number ... I feel too insecure when you don't tell me where you're going to be ... A lot of times when you think you should do something, you just let your mind do it.There's a nut that's missing.There's a part of me that really wants to go there ... They sewed my head back on! ... Love isn't always on time! ... Wild hearts can't be broken ... Creepy just means honest! ... A certain irreverence (Or spark!) enables me ... I'm going to start a Society for People Who Say Most Awkward Things ... You can have anything you want, but you better not take it from me!There's a place I like halfway up the stairs, halfway down the stairs.There's a reason for it ... Don't go there!There's an awful lot of people doing it, huh?"There's an old saying, 'If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the stage.'" (–Denzel Washington, quoting Fred Franklin Findlehoffe)There's more ... There's lots of things ... It's really good to be around people who see certain things ... All these things are happening because you're not dead.There's no doubt about it.There's no real reason to lock your car up, especially if it's new – What are they going to steal?There's not much to do.There's nothing that repeats itself – Suicide is not an option here – You know what's in your best interest ... Bliss = mirror ... Hard work = door ... Sexual energy = lamp ... Simple human = way ... Focused energy goes up your spine into your vision, and goes into the center of your chest ... Always keep a little for yourself ... And not in filigreed religious way ... (1.) Piss. (2.) Shit. (3.) Get rid of negative energy ... Just burn some off ... Get out anger! ... (4.) Living off mother's milk ... Everyone's a blood sucker ... It feeds on people's deepest wishes ... Everyone has a little cannibal inside them ... Whatever anyone's afraid of is inside them ... Only smokers like it ... Everyone's hungry ... I don't even try to figure it out ... (5.) Continue feeling bad ... You're supposed to feel bad and realize everyone does ... Feel bad and you'll get over it and realize how silly it is ... Just go through it and you'll see you feel better ... Stick with it and you'll begin to understand what you're sensing ... (6.) That's what you're like ... The other is what was done to you.There's options."There's something in a person like a great cathedral, where people are kind to each other, or at the very least, polite and civil. A person should learn how to defend that place even on the street." (–David Daniels)These clothes just don't get us!These men don't concern us.These people are living in the service of their illness ... "I'm not serving your illness!" ... "You're just doing this to serve your illness!" ... You want to make sure you know what your life is serving ... First of all, You Should Serve You ... Second, if you serve other things, you should know what they are ... Don't serve other people's delusions.These things are hard to put together.They always put me in the dummy class.They certainly don't like sparks of light in the emptiness, do they?They don't try really hard to kill anyone.They go on and on, in lounges and toilets.They go to Church and say, "Thank you, God, for taking my job away and letting me starve." ... It depends who you are, right? ... Many thousands of people making many thousands of dollars ... It's hereditary ... Not even Indians ... You have to be someone who's really weird, or someone who's popular.They have a never-ending cage of tests.They keep pretending they're this and this and this, and then you see what they really are ... It might be a little psychotic ... And here's where things get really weird ... Because not only was I diminishing my own input under certain conditions, I was also reaching out, somehow, to diminish other people's input ... I was the wrong-way escalator guy! ... who always gets to the other side, through sheer determination, though in appearance, totally outlandish ... It's not exactly like a lever, because what you do is turn and go into the anger ... or turn and go into the fear ... or turn and go into the pain and somehow permeate them, searching for the sentient creature inside, which is yourself, suddenly finding yourself a witness to a "white, or unfelt memory" ... Just as a footnote: Marijuana and all that stuff is totally blind to these things, because it makes even the gateways into the invisible, invisible ... You've got to have a gnawing suspicion, inside yourself, that's alive and kicking. It's funny, because as interested and compassionate toward yourself as you are to get in, what's buried inside you wants to get out, and from what I can tell, meets you way more than halfway ... I've heard people say that those who have arrived, or "woken up," or "become enlightened," which I haven't, don't have teeth. And it's true. If you can reach into a belly pouch and pull out a Kimber .45 semiautomatic pistol and simply shoot someone with deadly accuracy, whether you're looking at them in the outside physical world or not, or have subtle effects on people by running energy up your spine, who needs teeth?They say a person is as big as what makes them angry ... Hey, if you were Jesus, you'd be shit on two sticks! ... if shit was electricity, you'd be a powerhouse!They say Jesus never laughed.They say they're cheaper by the dozen.They trick people into hating them ... to cheat people, to save money ... You get people to hate you, and before they know it, you've cheated them out of having a nice life.They use aggressive verbal dirty tricks (propagated from one person to another) to hijack the theater of your mind – It's your birthright to take back your own awareness of the here and now, and to reestablish a strengthening connection with the part of you that dreams at night, no matter what Paul Allen says. Just like subatomic particles, life is an energy field; it starts in the womb with mitosis, including an empathic connection with your mother; every dog knows this. Much of what passes for artificial intelligence comes from lying, one way or another, and it's very easy to trip up a liar. Life is an experience. How can you simulate experience, or qualia, without lying? You'd have to send the damn computer to Dartmouth, teach it windsurfing, and so forth. Here's how to pass the Turing test: Have the computer make muffled sounds and play a tape of a baby crying in the background, then call 911. If the police come, the Turning test will have been passed, showing a simple computer simulation is indistinguishable from an actual human cry for help. Then you can go directly to prison where you can use their exercise equipment, which has been designed to be stronger than you are, to create a quiet or imposing musculature. So, too, with creating a quiet mind. Pursue any book or dynamic intelligence that helps YOU smarten up. While in prison, stay away from rats.They want a dope, because what can he do?They want to keep control over people.They want to live large.They'll clear it up sooner or later.They'll love that, right? ... Very pleased.They're all wound up like a rubber band because they're such liars.They're not rolling in happiness, are they? ... Hidden scars from the depression.They're not too bright or capable and that's how they make a living ... They're like rats ... Maybe they have a Nish-Nish Department ("No! No!")They're on a fake ocean liner going to a fake heaven.They're fiends.They're kicking sand in our faces!They're really bossy, aren't they? ... Those people have no sense of humor ... What size is it?They're separate.Things are disguised – People are stuck at a preverbal level.This guy has what you call delivery! ... For no reason at all they're very serious about certain things ... When it's over, it's over!This is a real one, isn't it?This is like levels of rich people.This is really Australian farm stuff.This is the mystery of my life ... Like Homer Simpson with a cruel streak ... Do you have any patents? ... Do you want to trade patents? ... The irresistible resistance.This is the story of my life.This may be the only idea he's ever had in his life, and he may not understand, some ideas aren't good.Three kinds of people, those who can count, and those who can't.Things change each other ... or reflect each other.This is a definite Winnie-the-Pooh with a white penis ... Born free!This is another level ... Ready to go!This is the sign of a good writer – someone who takes pains.This is what I can't figure out – I must have done something wrong – Maybe I played naked hockey.This one has the ghetto stare.Three of the greatest Wednesdays of my life occurred on Tuesday.Throttled chickens in the social milieu ... Tell 'em to get softer floors ... I'm not going to buy that ticket! ... I'm not going to get on that train! ... I don't want to get mobbed.Throwing stones at the devil!Time is fleeting.Times are changing! ... The coast is clear.To annoy my neighbors ... TO MAKE THEM PAY FOR THIS! ... It's not going to do you any good to be too civilized ... You have to pay a lot for dwarfs to take small steps – in Berkeley ... Frightened is a tool you have – It's like a thermometer of intelligence ... "What good is learning about a problem if you can't learn about solving the damn thing, am I right?" (–Andres Vachss, Heart Transplant, Dark Horse Books, Milwaukie, Oregon, 2010)To give something like that to someone like me is really criminal.To keep the society going.To kill people who don't do their job.To rattle people's cages.To the house of sleep and death where nothing will ever bother you again!To the nth degree ... It's a matter of degree ... There are levels of being an asshole ... All a person seeks from their parents, or from a small circle of friends, is warmth, love and affection.Too bad, Gringo! ... The hand of Death will brush your wing ... Greed and fear run the world! ... Don't get into bad habits ... Poke out is better than poke in! ... Love knocks! ... I'd tell ya, but then I'd have to kill ya!Too bad more people don't do that.Too emotional.Total obedience ... and love!Totally destroyed! ... Really punishing! ... What a slurp! What a cherry lifesaver she is! I haven't seen anything that nice in a long time ... WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME THAT, NEIGHBOR HANS? HAST THE DEVIL GOT THY TOE? ... That's pretty heavy, isn't it? Pretty heavy duty ... Nobody smart does anything like that ... THAT'S NOT CRICKET ... It's different ... YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR WAYS ... You have to pay someone ... The Maharishi, 'The Little Man Who Lived With the Monkeys' ... In northern India ... Read The Wolf Man.True colors.Try to be fair.[Try to look serious...] – Just a finger! – [... because they're the bosses!] ... This stuff is nothing ... I get it! ... Satellite ready! ... Money breeds money ... I do everything right, believe me ... Wheel me off the roof ... Feces unite! ... Huge amount! ... I'll get some strange toilet, something really weird.Toilet training special – Do your duty!Tomorrow I won't even know.Totally different expectations from people.Trust me.Try me! ... Go home and kick your mother! ... Some people make a federal case of it!Try not to be too happy ... She's very strong ... She takes your cause as her cause ... She's got causes of her own.Try to seek the essence of honey in yourself if you want to be yourself.Two Chinese and a Hindu.


U. Uh-oh – Poison Jell-O ... You're going to give us bad dreams.Unless it's a special thing ... Well, how about bank holdups?Unless money is your middle name.Unless you work more than you have to ... S plus S equals S ... Sweat plus Sacrifice equals Success ... Shit plus More Shit equals More Shit ... There's a difference between seeing the light, and someone saying they're seeing the light ... I can usually do it without hurting anyone's feelings ... Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom .... I have diarrhea today.Unthinkable, unimaginable and, for Irish dead-enders, unspeakable ... "These are guys who would take the eye out of your head and say you'd look better without it." (–Maureen Dowd)Unto himself! ... I felt like a mushroom ... I was left in the dark and fed garbage.UNTO HIMSELF! ... THAT'S PUTTING A GOOD FACE ON IT!Upon meeting someone for the first time, approach with very low expectations, sense your lower abdomen, and adhere to beauty inside yourself ... Quiet your mind and Listen to the other's narrative, even if it sounds as crazy as, "No one ever heard of a third of a bird!"


V. Very awkward.Very few people are smart enough to be proud of where they come from.Very religious.Very upsetting ... Lay off!Virginal with a child is very rare.


W. Wait a few months, right? ... Hatred, they want you to. Anger, burn it off. Sadness, it was. Fear, turn it off. Greed, what's next? Jealousy, your own path. (Greed, jealousy ... Both indicate you hate what you have.) Worry, it all depends who your mother is.Wait, I want to hang onto my wallet!Wait until you don't have any.Wait until you meet someone better.Want my advice? Don't start anything ... I'm feeling a little weak. Could you carry me?Way up! ... Did you ever see the play, The Man Who Didn't Come to Dinner? ... Only the wealthy know ... The fifth world.We ain't wrong! We ain't sorry! ... It's probably gonna happen again.We all have these things in us.We all have to start somewhere.We can do that anytime.We can go home at night proud of ourselves!We can put cement there ... Solid shade.We don't want anyone to know.We get along great.We have a lot in common.We have a small group of intelligent people ... I'll be okay in just a minute ... Did they ask you what time that was? ... Look, I'll be long gone ... small businesses, small states ... East San Jose ... the working class mom ... a beautiful daughter, a child ... a Black history ... a loving mother ... a struggling artist ... a small voice ... a five-speed bike ... I don't think you've spent a lot of time with soldiers ... You're not based in California ... Wearing pajamas for two or three weeks ... Mitt Romney.We like people for their qualities ... We love people for their defects ... At a certain point that's all you can do ... Let her go and see what happens ... I'd like to take a worm for a swim ... Every time you get rejected by a girl, you're lucky ... Because do you want to end up with someone who doesn't like you? ... A soul-mate-who always-attacks-you and you attack them ... Oh, you're lucky! ... Short and sweet is what they used to say ... All it did was make you free ... Don't say things. Think things! "You need help taking that off?" ... The ones who are in real trouble are the ones who were never rejected ... Stand up straight! Don't put your finger in your nose before you touch my letter! ... Look how things turn out if you leave things alone ... You just have a nice life and see what happens ... Double it and add a million! ... You should take a bigger view ... You should see yourself against a bigger landscape ... When you see yourself too close, you get too narrow ... Against a big landscape you're doing all right ... It's a good way to be angry: Vote with your feet ... Take the broad view ... Don't get sucked into a barren view of things ... Don't even worry about it ... Just have fun ... Do what's good for you, what's good for your life ... I feel bad because of the way I was treated when I was little ... Feeling bad is an illusion ... What's hurting you is not believing it's an illusion ... It's not something to do ... It's an effort and a direction ... That would help a lot ... Is that the way to love someone, is to criticize them? ... My parents did not like me ... And it's very hard for me to express love, because I never saw it ... Well, no one's ever liked me ... I felt very hurt ... No one's making you feel hurt; you're pre-hurt; don't transfer your hurt onto outside objects ... You have a mind – You have outer reality ... It's free – It's in prison ... It's clean – It's dirty ... Don't mention it ... You saved me a lot of trouble ... Thanks for telling me I'm a good person ... Once today, twice tomorrow ... With some people, no matter what you do, you're the bad parent; with others, no matter what you do, you're the good parent ... If you don't take their father's shit, they hate you! ... You can't be friendly to those people, and you can't say anything that's real.We'll just be living in a jungle of orange trees.We'll see what happens.We'll see what's left ... It's the circumstances around it ... That's real business, right? ... They're real geniuses ... It's amazing all the things you can get if you assertively and authoritatively demand it ... to carry you away! ... What are you going to call your baby? ... Practice? Vacation? Serious?We're all animals ... Monogamy is not natural ... Maybe because your mother didn't die ... I wouldn't be surprised.We're all drips from the same cloud.We're not descendants of fearful men.We're not Disney ... No boundaries.Wearing short pants makes you feel vulnerable.Well, anyway ... Why would you lie?Well, anyways, your sailboat is yare!Well, good, let me think about it.Well, Jesus would still be alive if he did it.Well, sure! I knew that! ... That's the way it is, and no one's going to tell me any better ... (Totally officious ... Worse than me! ... Because what that really is is a panic)Well, who told you not to be? – Ninety percent is under water.Well, you are in your own way ... I don't think anyone will ever know ... Nobody tells you what to do.Well, you could dream.Well, you know how bad things are.Well, you went to grammar school.What a comedown ... I'll have to start declaring them if this keeps up ... You can read what I do ... I'm the world's first evil genius who can't be tricked: I already know I'm going to die.What a powerhouse, huh?What a tootsie! What a spitfire! What a firecracker! ... A leading intellectual light.What about, even though you don't understand something, sooner or later you will? ... Most people can't take it ... They'd rather be frightened to death than see something for what it really is ... (It's like catharsis of pity and fear – They don't have to be afraid of their mother and father – They can be afraid of George Bush) ... They think you can't deal with things directly ... inside you ... They think you have to deal with things indirectly ... which is bullshit ... Just tell your unconscious to turn on the adrenaline ... Come on! Turn up the adrenaline ... You can only be happy if you suffered, and you stop suffering.What about me? ... Don't be so humble ... You're not that great.What about stealing things? ... The gold standard.What about snails? – A little at a time.What about you? ... The traits that correlate most powerfully with success are "attention to detail, persistence, efficiency, analytic thoroughness and the ability to work long hours." (–David Brooks, "In Praise of Dullness," The New York Times, 19-May-2009)What am I, a mind reader? – A dream within a dream ... It's killing you, right? ... It's the greater fool theory ... With her serpent tongue ... It feels weak ... You just have to pamper it.What am I going to do next?What am I going to do with it, buy a cloud? – It's not even worth it!What an extravagant place – Now I can die happy.What comes next? Nobody knows, huh?What could be better?What did Marie Antoinette say? (Quit while you're ahead)What did the Chinese say? One order leads to ten thousand ... It's like making holes in the ocean ... You can just make gestures.What do you mean, mentally? ... Whatever the genius cooks up ... That stuff is nothing! ... It pays to be ignorant.What do you say when you're abandoned? ("I am my best friend.")What do you think happened to you?What do you think I am, a sack of potatoes?What else do you think it could be?What else? ... Kill those Commies! Kill the fucking Commies!What for? So they can tell me what's wrong with me? I know what's wrong with me by this time.What happens when it rains?What I don't understand is, why aren't they all multimillionaires?What I really want is a beer and sandwich.What I'm looking at from the future.What if there were Playboy Bunnies on the moon?What if you don't have a suitcase?What is the right use of emotions? There is none!What is there to know? ... You just let people be themselves ... I should have added that.What others only dream of.What should I do if I get an urge to kill my mother?What should I do? ... Plenty of omissions, misdirections, exaggerations, unjustified optimism, lost documents, unclear explanations, grey areas, and tactical ignorance ... Nothing is important.What time does the train pull out?What were we saying?What would Scooby Doo? ... Something mysterious ... There's a bunch of creeps!What you have to figure out is not how to solve things, but how to get out ... People are into provoking because it's free ... The first rule is, dodge! ... No one works for a rat ... Everyone should be very careful about being a hero ... You have to be very careful about punishing yourself.What to do about robotic people — (1.) Girls: "There's a lot to learn!" (2.) Money: "You didn't give me any money!" (3.) Life: "Get people to be themselves." (4.) Improv: "My mother called it lying."What would I do now?What'd you come out here for? ... What up unto now!What's first prize?What's it like?What's this all about?What's wrong with being free? ... They laugh their troubles away! ... Do you know what the Tree of Hope is? ... A stump ... Now it's a stump.WHAT'S WRONG WITH GETTING ANGRY? ... (1.) You could hurt someone's feelings; (2.) You could go too far; (3.)  You could say too much; (4.) They could retaliate, threaten, and punish; (5.) It's uncivilized or barbaric ... WHAT'S MY FAULT TODAY?What's your name?What's your name? ... I'll have my people talk to your people.Whatever it is, we'll see ... I don't know and I don't care and I don't ask ... That's a good case.Whatever makes sense ... No fruit is forbidden ... Right in the middle of the floor, right? ... Who gets the scrap rights? ... Palms are much cheaper ... It goes hand in hand.Whatever the task, be it doing your laundry or getting a girlfriend, see that as a cherry in a bottle – Let it go and pay attention to your freedom.Whatever you do, don't go up into the hills and get snow and make ice-cream.Whatever you have has to be good, believe it or not.Whatever you say, man! ... I'll never be as good as Dad!When a parent likes a kid, everyone likes them.When are you going to Mexico? ... Smart people start their own businesses.When I heard that, my whole life changed.When I'm dead, I'll take time off.When people start acting like assholes, just duck!When the sex goes, the marriage is over.When they do it once, they'll do it again.When you find your ego, and the bottom falls out, you find happiness.When you're a problem because nothing's wrong with you, that's really deep ... Anyone who attacks you gets your obedience ... If your mind is empty, they can't attack you ... Call my lawyer!Whenever I want to feel small.Where all the good restaurants are.Where are they now?Where I come from that's not a bad joke at all.Where is all the treasure buried?Where were YOU in the war?Where you are is heaven – Wherever you are – Right around the corner – You finally wised up, huh? – Maybe it's good to stay home for a change, huh?Where's Mickey?Wherever I am at two a.m. ... Why do you ask? ... I want you to do something unusual for me ... Just anything!"While evil men and impostors ... go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived." (–2 Timothy, 3:13, New International Version, 1984)Who are you?Who can you hate now?Who cares? ... Who cares? ... I don't want to be intelligent! ... WHO CARES? ... So sad! ... Nobody cares ... Nobody wants to tell you ... Nobody even wants to talk to you ... You're confused ... Deeply concerned ... So cheap! ... That's you! ... Really punishing ... So WHAT? ... Infinitely sad! ... Really perplexed ... Crossed wires ... On score, offshore!Who Framed Roger Rabbit?Who knows? What I think is nothing ... You don't want to give people too many choices.Who knows what's going to happen? ... Escape from the building and run away, no matter what anyone tells you to do! ... "If you can run away reasonably safely, that should always be your first move. If not, you need to hide and barricade yourself. And if you come face to face with a shooter, then you need to fight for your life." (–Wikihow)Who says you're not?Who wants that?Who would want to run around in the street for nothing?Who's it for, for me or da-da? ... People live in weird pockets ... What does it matter what you say about people? ... Take your gun to bed with you.Who's paying you?Who's they? ... the little people in your head?Why be like your parents? – Be like George Gershwin, Bernard Shaw, Eugene O'Neill, Shakespeare, Sigmund Freud, Federico Fellini.Why blame it on light?Why did you say that?Why do I feel like a baby when I sense myself?Why do people have vague conversations? ... Makes things complicated ... Vortex of energy.Why do they cheat people? They do it to knock off people. It makes them feel important. They think that's sharp. They're very small insecure people, so the only way they can feel secure is to cheat people.Why should I tell you if you forget?Why should I walk on bugs?Why suffer?Will you come over and do my laundry?With a carpet bag with huge amounts of money.With a short temper! ... Every atom in our body was once a part of a star.With no obligations whatsoever.Without asking."Wooden men can perhaps be manufactured that will serve the purpose as well ... They have the same sort of worth only as horses and dogs. Yet such as these even are commonly esteemed good citizens." (–Henry David Thoreau, "Civil Disobedience," originally published as "Resistance to Civil Government," 1849.)Work harder!WORK HARDER! ... NOTHING LESS! ... NO TROUBLE! ... IT'S ICE! ... NO FOOLING! ... Knock it off! ... Get away! ... Don't ask! ... SMARTEN UP! ... THERE'S LIMITS! ... JUST UNBELIEVABLE! ... WISE UP! ... Beat it! ... Keep going! ... EVERY TIME! ... BACK OFF! ... WHO CARES? ... MANY TIMES! ... TOO BAD! ... THAT'S NOTHING! ... OUCH! ... WHO'S COMPLAINING? ... WHOA! THREATENING! ... Now isn't that bizarre? ... Isn't that bizarre? ... Hang tough!Work, win and kill yourself.Working hard at nothing all day ... I'm self-employed.Worse always comes to worse.Would you like to smoke a cigarette?Would you like to share a cigarette with me?Would you rather smoke two joints or do your homework?Wow! What a kid! ... The night is young ... And whatnot! ... She's just had it with grownups ... Very modern ... Tight as the bark on a tree! ... People have tutors – Piano teacher, tennis coach, cheap films ... Why not mind tutors? ... "You don't want to run around all the time like a little doggie!"




Y. Yes, but send me a contract ... Gird your loins and ask for a contract.Yes, I am ... We can see it!Yes, it's before your time.Yes, Sir. ["Quiet politeness is Rule No. 1 in surviving an incident in racial profiling. So is the frequent use of the word 'sir.' ... It is unwise for anyone of any race to raise their voice to a law enforcement officer." (–Al Vivian, a diversity consultant in Atlanta, who is Black)]You always have energy ... You always have energy to do things you like ... If you fix your attention on something, you don't get tired.You are so cute that everyone just wants to give you a kiss.You assume a certain posture and that's it ... That's how actors do it ... Your posture can affect how you think ... That's why they call it the slump – "the depression."You attract what you are, and you cultivate what you attract.You bet! ... Something magnificent ... Twice a week now ... Really rudimentary ... Where else?You can have a show, My Early Life ... Like I'm in the Army or something ... There's all different kinds.You can run out of rationale, but they'll never run out of crazy.You can say anything you want.You can see why nobody goes there.You can't be wise and in love at the same time ... There are two kinds of dogs – lap dogs and hound dogs – I just don't have any lap dog genes ... Are you plotting in front of my back?You can't control the whole world.You can't do everything at once ... Cut back!You can't just be alert – You have to have some understanding.You can't play The Star Spangled Banner without the white keys and the darkies!You can't see me, you can't feel me.You can't talk to anyone in the Land of the Living, oh little ghost.You don't do that, do you?You don't have to.You don't have to get your shit together – Your shit is together!You don't have to go through all that shit.You don't have to pretend there's something wrong with you.You don't have to say that.You don't have to say what you think.You don't hear about it.You don't keep a winning streak alive just by chance.You don't kill us, we won't kill you.You don't know what a solution is if you've never seen one.You don't mean that.You don't need a mother or father or a government.You don't see India complaining ... People, down deep, are murderers ... They're insane ... Kill, kill, kill! ... Not there ... The more you leave them alone, the healthier they get ... They just fight in their silent way ... They don't like these refined things ... They like to rob people of their time ... There are at least fifty field theories that are correct ... It's nothing to worry about ... It's not so simple ... There are certain things you want to know are there, but you don't want to name things ... A person can be present to themselves, and a person can be absent from themselves... They're just trying to feel secure ... They can't see anybody ... People don't know what's important ... Most people are too busy trying to pretend their parents weren't stupid ... Presence to self, Absence to self, They never teach that ... They might teach presence to God ... Big news! That's never happened before ... HEAVEN HELP ME! ... Who knows what they look like? ... PLEASE DON'T BREATHE ON ME! ... Presence ... I've seen people roll their eyes, but I've never seen anyone roll their eyelashes ... That's fancy ... Blinding! ... For high maintenance friends ... (1.) "It's warm in here!" ... One piled upon another ... (2.) "I'll live tomorrow!" ... (3.) "It's too late!" ... (4.) "I'm from the old school! You got it, you spend it!" ... (5.) "I never did!" ... (6.) "I have to think of everything!" ... (7.) "It's very artistic." ... My dog's hopeless, and I know it! ... Some of its aims are bad.You don't want to be in an unwritten play with no form or words.You get a ball point pen and go to work!You guys missed everything.You hang tough!You have a very good sense of humor.You have plenty of hope ... Put your eyeball back in.You have to learn how to tone down your strength ... An eyeball on the sidewalk.You have to pretend you're a soldier of fortune, or an insect-eating rogue.You have to stand up to temptations.You have to think of the other person ... for if it doesn't work out ... Experience is great: Use it! Don't let it use you ... There's too much at stake ... It can go just one way – We can be simple ... For ever so many years.You have to understand the instrument ... La, la, la, la! ... You practice ... To open the door to your unconscious, so your unconscious sees this ... Oh! ... Your unconscious says, "Oh! ... Someone is saying hello!" ... It's just more quiet and subtle.You just do things with no idea how they'll turn out.You just don't know.You just plead ignorance.You know about the negative transference, huh?You know, Bambi's cute ... Try to resist.You know, I don't believe in God, lighten up! ... This is small-talk survival! ... You never had a brother to teach you the fine art of pussy smuggling! ... Too painful!You know, I'm beginning to see why people drink ... You go here, you go there ... The Knights of the Mystic Sea.You know, it's native intelligence – One ear back, one sideways ... Art is skill in the outpouring of the human soul.You know, Larry Bird used to sleep three hours before every game.You know, like a step up.You know there's people like that; they're just good at what they do.You know what 'extradictionary' means? "Consisting not in words, but in realities."You know what? I'm not your guy ... I hope you don't feel too bad ... I don't want to hurt your feelings and I don't think I did ... Everyone has their own way ... Do you clean out fireplaces, too? ... Nothing wrong with it ... Being human ... No deep shame ... I can't ... Its not so easy to do ... Thwarted again! ... Only with crappy stuff and lots of it! ... Hope it doesn't hurt your feelings ... They should have a central clearing house ... Well, I know how you feel – I don't have any money – I go around barefoot ... Now you know how God feels ... Jump up and grab the little toe of God!You know what isn't going to happen ... All my questions are answered ... Giving us a break ... It could be anybody, right? ... It's like blood feuds ... Parents are tyrants.You know what it's called – turning over the Queen of Hearts ... (to reinforce her family's conditioning) ... You know that family ... If it's not one way or another, they get you!You know, when the witches' spells don't work, they get angry ... We have no name! ... It's like having your own German engineer, in the basement ... Sounds like your parents!You know, you never know ... Really intense.You lack understanding – When I was very young I felt no one liked me, so I didn't learn to like people.You may have to move to Mars.You mean, window dressing? ... There's nothing under it! ... Through a set of signals, converge on a meaning.You might learn a little bit more as an adult.You need closure here! ... Not cheap! ... It's good when you're taking bows on the concert tour ... Don't tell!You never know.You never know what someone is like until you see what they do.You probably feel no one has the right to talk to you this way.You should find something you believe in or like and do it ... Whatever it is ... A lot of energy can go into attacking yourself ... When you're not killing little people with bowls and rags, what are you doing? ... Having a nice life ... So it is said and so it shall be written ... A sense of humor helps, and honesty ... It all depends on what you expect ... Well, naturally you feel cheated ... Buddha nature = things go by & you touch them & understand them ... A Buddha nature, a red bug ingestion and Novocain and nothing will touch you ... You may not get over certain things, but you have a handle ... Like you go to Mount Rushmore and they don't talk to you ... You just have to keep facing it ... I don't walk around town like a midget with a lantern saying. 'The King just had his bath and all is well' ... It's really clever, though ... It's not for everyone ... All the teachers do is limit what the kids learn ... That's what you go to school for – to find a racket ... Your knowledge is worth more than your labor ... Pretty soon I'm going to start living off my knowledge instead of my labor ... Would an iced tea help you? ... Just like you would read in a book ... Trash talk was considered ignoble ... TV is very annoying ... They puncture anything that's captivating ... Rest: Let the world go by ... People have a right to live ... I felt like a painted person in a painted ocean ... Ask me anything ... Over night ... Che lives.You should understand the value of a human brain.You think I was wasting my time? ... An arm and a leg for walking in ... The competition is fierce ... From out of nowhere! ... Out of this world ... The things you own end up owning you.You want someone who's nice to the kids ... (If nothing else, it'll keep 'em off the street!)You want to start off on the right foot.You'll do all right ... You're not a kid anymore ... I'm an American! ... Everyone has something wrong with them, and I stink! ... Maybe there something going on that you don't see ... Always butting in.You'll have a stone around your neck for the rest of your life.You'll pay for this!You're confused ... It's upside down ... Upon encountering another human being, drastically reduce your expectations, sense your lower abdomen, and adhere to a sense of beauty in yourself.You're going about it the wrong way. You're not supposed to go up the ladder. You're supposed to go down the ladder ... It's a little tricky.You're hurt – You're hurt badly.You're just supposed to be the one at the front of the plane.You're not bothering me at all, sweetie pie.You're not going to die here – I don't think.You're not supposed to do something ... You're supposed to occupy a space .. If someone needs you, they'll find you, and if they don't, you're lucky!You're on your own.You're stronger than you think.You're supposed to be doing what you do.You're the one who knows what the earrings in the ears mean ... Using free samples to stir up demand.You're trying to hurt our feelings and ruin our fun! ... No interfering! Get away! – Don't interrupt us! – We're doing something important! ... I'll take my chances!You're turning your back on people ... They're all different ... You just have to look ... Believe me, you'll find out ... Here, you steer! ... You have to have something for yourself ... Cultivate, nourish and use what you have, and it will become more.You're way ahead of most people."You're worthless, your brother is wonderful."Your best defense is to have a good life ... That's what your job is – to make sure no one takes over your life ... You want to give that up.Your future ex-wife! ... As somebody once said ... Delay, deception, and denial.Your Id is like a rat. Your Superego is like the Pope. Reason is clear perception of the truth: That's what's called horse sense, or common sense. Id: "Devour the entire world!" What does an animal know about putting money in the bank? Superego: "Kill you!" People are just little robots acting out the plan of their unconscious. This is the end of the line for do-gooders. What's funny is when the lid of repression is lifted. People are like neurological thickets, and they simply slip from one activation to another. Heaven and hell are right beside us on earth. The part of you that dreams at night understands energy and has abilities.Your pain is your fortune when you understand it, because you can see it's in everyone.